109 Days at Sea

Well Clearly You’ve Never Been to Singaporeee =)

by Alyssa | November 9, 2009

Wednesday 10/28 at sea- today was ‘picture day/reading day.’ We didn’t have any classes today; it was more of a day to get some work done and such… along with taking your home school and ship organization photos. It was a pretty good day. My photo was at 1030 so I was up relatively early. Of course the other 5students that go to Lynn got there 10minutes late, so I at first took a photo by myself since no one was there.. and then when they showed up we took another group one. After my photo I pretty much just did some work till lunchtime. The work is slowly adding up. My next photo was later at 1630, this photo was our RA/CE photo, after the photo we had a quick meeting regarding the Halloween celebration. After the photo Adair and me just watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Good movie!! We headed to dinner around 1800 or so. After dinner we just sort of hung out and watched Harry Potter again, it replayed like 5times! But I ended up at least getting like three papers finished that night so that was pretty good! We headed to bed around midnight or so- we also had to move the clocks ahead 30minutes! Boo not fun! But wutevv! – I’m going to be a pro at working with day light savings and different time zones when I get home!

Thursday 10/29 at sea- today was a Bday so I awoke mucho early for class (well you know 0730!) I was up to breakfast by like 0740 blaa! So in class we watched more of Lagaan- even though the film professor/director in India that we met with told us what happens in the end! Sad! He ruined the movie but I guess it was predictable! After world cinema I headed over to Global studies… this was definitely interesting, the poor professor got like chewed out but half the students in class today regarding the midterm exam (no easy at all!!!) after the whole discussion about the exam we began watching a movie on Vietnam and P.O.W from the Vietnam War. It was a very good and interesting movie! After class I just relaxed for about 30minutes or so and then headed up to lunch. I ate quickly (delicious tomatoes of course) and ran to my interpersonal communications class at 1215! This class was good… same as usual, fun but informative! After class I ended up falling asleep from like 1430 till around 1715 or so. I just really wasn’t feeling well at all- I was all congested and so stuffed up still. Eww! I ended up going to dinner around 1730/45 because it was Amanda’s birthday and we were going to be having cake! After dinner I just did homework… woo! Around 2230 or so Nate decided to knock on the door saying “I’m bored!” so of course he came in and Adair, Nate, and myself watched Harry Potter again! But this time it was the 2nd Harry Potter! I realized they were going to be playing all of the Harry Potter’s before we arrived in Vietnam so I’d be able to finally see them all! So exciting haha… well this evening I did not fall asleep until like 0300 ugh! And I tried to fall asleep starting at 0030! So not fun!

Friday 10/30 at sea- A day! yay so I sorta semi slept in- it’s really not that easy to sleep in when you have a roommate→ my sleeping in is classified as sleeping in till like 1300 or so, it doesn’t work like that→ here it is like sleeping in is classified as like 1030 or so lol but wutevv… so I got up and did some cleaning of the room→ we tend to do that a lot. I headed to lunch around 1230 or so and then was off to class at 1335! Class ended at 1450 and after class I went to meet with my professor to discuss the upcoming papers that were due. Ugh so much work in so little time! … I then just relaxed for a little bit before going down to the doctor AGAIN! So sick of going down there because they are just so helpless! He ended up giving me a medication to help with my cough woo hoo! I then just went to dinner, didn’t really do much that night. Adair and me watched Harry Potter 3 haha of course! and I did some homework… I was in bed by about 2300 but of course I did not fall asleep until like 0230!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Saturday 10/31 at sea- its Halloween! In the middle of the ocean! Woo be jealous! So today, for the first time I did not go to class! I have been having a really tough time sleeping lately, and I did not fall asleep until at least 0530/0545 in the morning!! I watched the sunrise from my bed! It was just terrible! So at 0730 when my alarm clock went off just sat there miserable and a mess. I felt so sick so I said forget it… I ended up going back to sleep until around 1150 or so. I showered quick and then ran to class at 1215 so after class I went to lunch quick, they had pumpkin soup! At least something was a little bit Halloweeny. I was sad because I had missed mom’s special Halloween dinner and my FAVORITE dinner of the year! – beef stew in a pumpkin! With pudding graveyard! I wish I could’ve had it! it’s what I look forward to every year! But hey I guess I am traveling the world haha…after lunch I just went upstairs to the pool deck to do some work and to get some fresh air; I finished up two papers thank goodness! Gosh work work work! Totally not enjoyable! So at 1700-1830 was trick-or-treating for the kiddies on board. So some of us (if we chose to) purchased candy in India for the little kids to have some sort of Halloween. So they dressed up and went trick-or-treating to specific cabins that signed up. It was lots of fun seeing how dressed up and excited all these kids were. They came to my door at 1815 and then I headed off to the union to start setting up decorations for the Halloween celebration. Since the RA/CE’s were putting on this celebration dance we had to set up. Unfortunately only half of us showed up to decorate→ but it came out amazing! we used so much random stuff→ toilet paper, sheets, little random decorations that we found lying around; it looked awesome though! We ended up finishing decorating at like 2055 and then dance began at 2100! → at this point it was only me Brittany and Katie decorating, everyone else left ugh… so we all ran to our rooms to get ready, I ended up just throwing on random clothes as a costume→ I was a white crayon because that it the only colored clothes that I had that matched. It was Crayola Winter White! Hahaha… the dance was pretty fun—there was a “Thriller” performance, which was nice to see and also a costume competition→ some of the things people came up with were amazing! The dance lasted from 2100-2300! At 2300 I got really aggravated because the CE’s that did not set up were supposed to tear down and like three people stayed and left after 15minutes; they did NOTHING. It was so aggravating because the crew, Charis, and myself cleaned up pretty much everything→ leaving the union at 2345 at the earliest! It was crap! After the dance I went upstairs and got some soup because I didn’t get to eat dinner, I also then watched an amazing lightning storm over the water! It was sooo pretty!! I ended up going to sleep around 0045 or so… it was a good day though for the most part.

Sunday 11/1 at sea- well we weren’t really at sea→ We were bunkering in Singapore which was pretty cool. We went allowed off the ship though which sucked. But it was pretty cool to see Singapore. It was so pretty! It was so green! And so just like little haha. It was like separate little islands in a way and then the mainland! It was cool. So I got up semi early just to do some work. I didn’t have class until 1335 so I was a pretty blaa morning and afternoon after class. I just did some work, that was the extent of my day. Later that night we had our cultural pre-port. That was eh okay I guess. After cultural I went to play BINGO in the piano lounge. I love bingo, except I stink at it! I never win! After bingo I just went and hung out with Carina, Rochelle, Louie, Amanda, and Bill→ we just sat in the dining hall and talked for a bit. I headed to sleep around 0000→ we gained an hour of sleep so that was pretty nice! → as I was heading to sleep I looked outside then on the television to realize we were going about 25 knots!! That was crazy fast, the fastest it has been on the voyage so far… I guess they wanted to get away from a the little boats around us… hmm

Monday 11/2 at sea- it was a Bday so the same boring schedule applied; Wake up at 0730, go to breakfast and class woo. We watched a Vietnamese movie; I had ABSOLUTELY no clue what was going on. After world cinema I went to Global studies. It was a pretty good class. It was a student/faculty panel discussion on Vietnam. It was very interesting and sad at the same time. After class I just sat in the union and finished up a paper until class at 1215 and then headed to interpersonal communications. That was a fun class; we watched half of a movie called “Ordinary People.” After class I went to lunch quick and then just did some final work to give to my professor before we arrived in Vietnam. At 1700 I headed back to the classroom to watch the end of “Ordinary People” (It was sad!) and then I headed to dinner quick. After dinner we had logistical pre-port! woo we were almost in Vietnam and I was very excited for it! – after Logistical I just watched some of the tv series “Weeds” with Carina and Adair before heading off to bed around 0000. When we awoke we would be in Vietnam! Very exciting!


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Auntie Ellen 11/9/09 9:23 am

Hi Alyssa,
Sorry you missed the Haloween Dinner at home, but as you said, traveling the world,right!! Funny, when I tell people about your trip, they do not realize that you also have alot of studying/schoolwork to do. They think,cruise/party. But, if you have to study, being at sea isn’t such a bad deal!!
Auntie Ellen