109 Days at Sea

Code Bravo-Code Bravo-Code Bravo

by Alyssa | November 19, 2009

Day at sea 1- Reading Day- “attention ship’s company, attention ship’s company- crew alert, crew alert, crew alert– Code Bravo, Code Bravo, Code Bravo… Engine Aft, Engine Aft” with a semi panicked voice →  3minutes later “Attention ship’s company, attention ship’s company- crew alert crew alert, crew alert, this announcement is for the crew only- all crew members please report to your muster stations. Crew alert, crew alert.” → 5minutes later ““attention ship’s company, attention ship’s company –crew alert canceled, all crew can go back to the original duties- All passengers aboard the MV Explorer, moments ago we had a situation in one of the engines in the aft of the ship. Smoke was seen and a small fire started. All immediate necessary actions were taken, the fire was put out, and everything was fixed. Crew was sent to the immediate muster stations as all necessary precautions were taken. The situation is taken care of, we just wanted to inform the shipboard community of the situation that occurred.” YES, this is how I woke up!  — so the rest of the day we ended up going literally like 5knots. We went from like 15knots to 5knots- it was sooo weird we were going so slow and you could feel EVERYTHING!! – but anyways since it was a reading day I was definitely planning on sleeping in, but apparently Captain Jeremy decided that wasn’t the case as he made all his announcements! So I ended up getting up, showering, and all that fun stuff.  I did some reading and went up to lunch around noon. I ate lunch with the inter port lecture from China, James Tang, so that was nice. We got to talk about China and Hong Kong and all that. After lunch I ended up bringing my work up to one of the dining halls to do for a little while! Oh gosh work work work! At 1600 I went to the union for a presentation called “Yes We Will- 100 Voyages of Women in Leadership.”  It was really good! It was a panel of “influential women” on the ship – so a lot of faculty/staff and one student. It was a great presentation and it was very enjoyable. I also found out during this presentation that Miranda from Sex and the City is a Semester at Sea alumni! Wow that’s interesting! I went to dinner around 1800 or so, and then went to Vietnam post port at 1900. It was fun to hear everything about other peoples experiences during their time in Vietnam. After post port I went to a C-SI (career success initiative) on networking. That was pretty good. it was just basic networking skills and stuff like that. After the C-SI event I sat in the room with Adair and Carina and watched Mulan  until 0000 so we could sing happy birthday to Adair!! Woo… then I went to sleepies!  We had an advancement on the clocks 1hr so it was really 0100! Ahhh

Day at sea 2-  Well- today was my roommates birthday and an A day! – so at 0730 when she got up to go to class I got up- and the 2nd she left the room I decorated the whole room for her… with toilet paper! Toilet paper because you use whatever resources you have! So I wrote all over strands of toilet paper – Happy Birthday! – it was pretty cool the room looked awesome as toilet paper streamers were hanging all over the room! So I finished hanging all this stuff up around 0800/0815 I went right back to sleep till about 1030 or so!  Woo exciting! – at 1100 I ended up helping tutor the dependent children. Lets see we did measurements in inches and centimeters today! Lots of fun! So after tutoring I went to lunch and then class. After class I came back to my room and just did lots of work-  I did not leave my desk from like 1400-1800!  I had to read a book and write a paper by the next day so I was on it! and of course Mulan was on so that was important to watch because it is such a good movie!!!  But most of the time I had to shut the tv off so I would do my readings and papers! Haha So around 1800 we headed up to dinner. It was pretty good shockingly- it was like pork stuffed with prunes –weird but tasty! I then ran upstairs to the pool bar to grab a frozen yogurt cup, oreo’s, and a kit kat bar to sing happy birthday to! It was great- and Adair loved it haha! After dinner I went to cultural pre port on China – it was actually not a cultural pre port- it was a global studies evening panel on china with three professors and the inter port lecturer speaking. It was actually really good! shockingly! I fully paid attention! That lasted from about  2000-2130 or so. After that I just went to Kham’s room and just hung out with them. I went to bed around 2315 or so! Boo class at 0800!

Day at Sea 3- today was a B-day- I woke up around 0730 for breakfast and class. Ugh in class I felt TERRIBLE! So sick! But I ended up getting past it- after world cinema I headed to global studies where James Tang, the inter port lecturer from Hong Kong spoke. It was pretty interesting – the guest speakers usual do a really good job at keep our attention focused! – well after Global studies I ended up just going to the study dining hall to finish up a paper that was due at 1215! I just had to add some finishing touches to it! at 1215 I ran to class- we watched some of a movie- that was the excitement of the class! – after class I ran to grab lunch and then ran back to doing homework. That is all I did for the rest of the evening until dinner at 1915! They tried to make some Chinese foods but they were a little off- they weren’t terrible though! At 2000 I went to the logistical pre port on China. That lasted till 2100! Right after logistical I went back to doing MORE homework!!! Ahh around 2200 I went to Kham’s room and hung out with Kham, Amanda, Maria, and Rochelle. Kham ended up braiding my hair for me – it was fabulous!!! I loved it haha. So anyways I headed to bed around 0000 or so! When I wake up I would be in HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!

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Auntie Ellen 11/19/09 5:36 pm

Hi Alyssa,
Holy Crap!!! I would have freaked out!!!!!!! Good thing you didn’t have to abandon ship!!!! Must have been alittle scary though. But thankfully all is well.
Counting the days.
Auntie Ellen