109 Days at Sea

Three Days at Sea – well 2½ ish…

by Alyssa | November 27, 2009

only 2½ days at sea till our next port and so much work to do! ugh not fun at all!

1 Day – So we departed out of Shang Hai around 1400 or so. We were off to Japan! Throughout this day, like I said in my China blog, I did not do much at all. I did homework and I studied for my global studies exam all day ughh! Totally not fun at all. That evening I went to the China post port at 1900, which was pretty interesting of course. And I was in bed probably by 2015! The ship was SOOO rocky it was TERRIBLE! You could feel every movement on the water possible. So it was quite an early evening for me! Ugh

2 Day- Rockyyy! – Today I literally studied ALL day!! From like 1100-1850 my friend Caitlin and I sat in the dining room on the 5th floor studying for the exam at 1900. This was literally like an all day affair of studying. We broke for class at 1335-1450, but other then that it was studying. We studied during lunch and we studied hardcore during dinner! At 1900 was the global studies exam! Ughhh!!!!!! SO NOT FUN, it was terrible omggg! The exam was from 1900-2015ish. At 2030 we had logistical pre port on Japan. It was okay, nothing exciting but hey whatev. After cultural I did some work and then headed off to bed! We were advancing the clocks one hour tonight so that was a bummer!

3 Day- I woke up at 0730 for breakfast and world cinema at 0800! Still way to early. So class 0800-0920 and then global studies 0930-1050. After global studies I worked on a project outline that was due for my class at 1215. I went to class, ate lunch, and sat and relaxed outside in the cold frigid air watching the beautiful ocean. It was nice to just relax and observe. Other then that most of the day was doing some homework. We had logistical pre port at 2000. That was okay, but it really is a majority of the same information that is repeated at each pre port which stinks. After pre port I went to Rochelle and Kham’s room for a bit, then went back to my room to watch I Love Lucy! Wooo it was playing on the ships circuit television which was exciting! Unfortunately it was just like the ‘greatest clips of I Love Lucy’ but hey it was still good. I went to sleep around 0000 or so! Japan in the AM wooo!!

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Auntie Ellen 11/27/09 5:49 pm

Hi Alyssa,
Sorry you have to study during your round the world trip, you poor thing(insert sarcasm here)LOL.
Missing you
Auntie Ellen