109 Days at Sea

10days sailing at sea/celebrating my bday on the Pacific! =)

by Alyssa | December 6, 2009

Sea Day 1- Today started our 10day journey from Japan to Hawaii! Gosh this is going to be a long ten days filled with homework and papers and homework and studying and ugh! – so today I awoke around 1030 as I was to be tutoring the dependent children at 1100. From 1100-1200 I worked with the kids, pretty much did not due to much because they were very antsy and did not want to do any homework. At noon I headed quick to lunch. After lunch I relaxed for a bit and then at 1335, I went to class till 1450. After class my day sort of ended and the work started for the time being. I had within the next week to do: Two essays (6 and 9 pages long) for economics of tourism, one presentation for interpersonal communications along with a test, one final paper for world cinema along with about three movie reflections, and lastly STUDY STUDY STUDY for global studies. – I did work till at least 1900 or so and then went to grab a quick dinner. At 2000 I went to post port on Japan which was pretty good, I enjoyed listening to everyone’s stories. After post port, 2100 I worked for Charis till 2130 when beverage duty was canceled! Woo thank goodness! Afterwards I just went back to the room to start back up on some work for the time being. I headed to bed around 0000 or so, – time change AGAIN, but of course did not fall asleep till at least 0230 ahhh or 0330 for that matter I guess.

Sea Day 2- B19- Happy Turkey Day! today I woke up at 0730. Ugh way to early for me! AGAIN! – I went to breakfast and then world cinema at 0800. We finished up watching some movie, Ran, on China. Pretty unentertaining. At 0930 went to global studies, woo – only four more classes of GS! After global studies I lied down for an hour before I had to go to interpersonal communications at 1215. After class I went to lunch 1345- don’t know why because its terrible always! Whatev. After lunch I could not even keep my eyes open so I ended up lying down for a little bit since I had to work (job work) from 2000-0000 that evening, I figured id get an efficient amount of work down there. So I napped for a little bit and then got up did some work. At 1730 I headed to the dining hall to meet my extended family for what we all thought was going to be a disappointing thanksgiving meal. It turned out amazing- I mean the food wasn’t that great but it was much better then usual. The chef made carved turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. it was really nice. For desert there was pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. Sooo yummi! It was a nice little/big thanksgiving meal, but it was nothing like home. I was a little sad that I wasn’t home for thanksgiving, but its okay cause I know my mommy will make me a fabulous meal when I return! =) After dinner I came downstairs for a little and then headed back up to the dining hall for work at 2000. Work now consisted of ‘monitoring’ the dining hall since it was now a quiet studying area after dinner. I had to do that for four hours, ew! But I did get to do some work while there so that was okay- I got a paper done and some studying done! Wooo! – I got into ed around 0100! Bla not fun at all! I got to sleep a little after, finally I fell asleep within a good time after getting in bed! But unfortunately we were due for yet ANOTHER time change! One hour advance! Ugh! – Well Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sea Day 3- A20- Sooo I did not have class till 1335 but I woke up around 0700 to call home to talk and say Happy Thanksgiving to the fam! – when I called everyone was over Auntie Bern’s house so I got to talk to everyone as the phone was passed around. I got like 1minute talks in! haha fabulous! It was nice to talk to everyone though, again, it made me a little sad that I wasn’t there with everyone… But in the long run, I am traveling the world, andddd I will be home with them in less then two weeks! Wow that’s crazy! – so after I spoke with everyone I headed back to sleep (of course) for a little longer, at least until like 1000 when the roomie woke me up… blaa. So I ended up getting up and just studying for the exam that I had to day at 1335 AHHH, it was a lot of information to take in and study for! So I went to lunch and then class – totally not enjoyable, it was a pretty difficult test! After class I went to my room and began to work again on one of my big papers! I wanted to at least get a few out of the way! I started to work on my 6-page paper until dinner at around 1800 or so. After dinner I just sort of did some more work until around 2000 when I went to an explorer seminar. The explorer seminar was from 2000-2100. After the seminar I just proceeded again to do more work. Homework has taken over my life! Ahh – bed came around 0200 or so! Boo

Sea Day 4- B20- (take notice today is November 28th) -I awoke for class at 0730, went to breakfast and then to world cinema. World cinema was boring as usual- we began to watch a movie called “Hawaii,” I know I’ve seen this before I just don’t know when! Ah- after world cinema I headed to global studies, I actually really enjoyed the topic and everything that the Prof was talking about today. After class I lied down for about an hour before heading to class at 1215. Class as pretty simple, it was our actual last real class so we ended up discussing conflict and then watching a movie. It was definitely an interesting movie except I don’t know the name of it. hmm … after class I proceeded to the room to sit there for the next few hours and do my papers. I luckily was almost done with the six page economics paper so then I would just have the nine page left for that class. I decided to finish up some work for world cinema before proceeding to my next economics paper. I pretty much did work till dinner when I went around 1845 or so. After dinner, at 2000, I went to an explorer seminar on SAS Jeopardy! Woo it actually was a lot of fun, I was one of the three contestants so I got to actually play the game- that was enjoyable. Unfortunately not one of us knew any answers to the questions asked haha it was amusing… I got a SAS bumper sticker as a prize! Yay! – The game ended around at 2100. I ended up just heading to the room to do more work (again, school work has taken over my life) — and headed to bed around probably 0230 with the time change AGAIN ugh… well we don’t have class tomorrow so that’s okay!

Sea Day 5- READING DAYYY! – so today again is NOVEMBER 28th… we did not have any classes- today was our 2nd November 28th as we were crossing the international dateline and gaining one day back- so they decided we were getting a day of work off as we did not need to do repeat the day- so it was a nice break in-between being at sea so long. But to day was the day of the annual auction- silent and live. – Well I ended up waking up at like 0700 and just laughed! I was totally not getting out of bed this early! I ended up falling back to sleep until 1400!!!!! Oh it was fabulous! Fabulous to sleep for some of the day! I do miss my normal sleeping habits and actually being able to sleep the hours I want to sleep! So when I woke up I showered quick and then ran up to see what things were going at the silent auction. There was a good variety of things ranging from snacks to things from the countries we have been to all the way up to trips to Bermuda and the Chzec Republic- and let me again just tell you this was the silent auction. They had award winning bunt cakes going for $50, a personal porter to carry your stuff off the ship, seats at the captains table for the ball, autographed things, gosh they had everything. I bid on one thing that had a China bath set and some snacks but unfortunately at the end of the day I didn’t win- its for the better, to much money on nothing! – well after looking at the stuff at the silent auction I headed downstairs to do some MORE homework, I was tempted to get some stuff done. I went to dinner around 1800 and relaxed for a little bit before headed to the life auction at 2000. Now this was a treat to see. WOW! Let me just tell you- in one night just on the live auction- a LOT of money was raised for the annual fund for SAS. I Am going to give you a little summary of how the night went: (s means student, p means staff/life long learner/or anyone else purchased) -It started off with first item:
Steering the ship for 10minutes $1000 P
1 week condo stay in Colorado $630 S
Breakfast in bed – (deans bring breakfast to you) $125 P
Angel’s Tickets $225 S
North Carolina Beach House (2 were sold) $1700each P
Blow Ships horn coming in to San Diego $700 P
Bed-time story with Dr. Dave $175 S
Christmas in Manhattan in a Studio apt. $1200 S
Be an actual character in Farkus’s book $550 S
Blue Ridge Mountain-Charlottesville $325 S
Stage Coast Music Festival $485 S
All Inclusive Minnesota fishing trip $350 P
5course dinner at faculty house in Colorado $750 S
Paris Homestay – 6N/7D $1900 P
Chance to look like the captain $50 S
Weekend stay in Bailey, Colorado $275 S
Kentucky Derby package $725 P
Condo in Northstar- Tahoe, CA 7D/6N $2150 P
Duke bbal package (1 home game, tour of stadium) $900 S
Week in Rustic 1880’s (Southern Colorado) $2200 P
Private Balcony Dinner (on ship) for 2 people $425 S
Puerto Rico Home stay (weekend) $475 S
Backstage tickets to Saturday Night Life $2600 P

CAN YOU JUST SAY WOW???? Freakin unbelievably crazyyyy!!!! That’s a lot of money! – the auction ended around 2330 or so. I ended up heading down to the room and did a little bit of work for about 30minutes or an hour or so and then was off to sleep around 0100 or so. Woo

Sea Day 6- A21 today was back to work. I slept in a little today; well not really 1000 again is not sleeping in! but wutev, so I got up and just did some world cinema homework- it was the extent of my morning haha.. I went to lunch around 1230 before heading to class at 1335. It was a pretty boring class- just some last minute stuff before our LAST CLASS!! After class I did my usual, I came downstairs to do some homework!! (If you couldn’t tell I can’t do work with people around so I end up doing it in my room alone blaa) – Also the total’s of the auction were in: Total raised for silent auction-$12,006 and the total raised for the life auction- $21,515!!!! WOW! That is just crazyilllyy ridiculous! A total of $33,521!! Ugh that’s just crazy! Well anyways… back to my day! – Around 1915 or so I went to dinner, at 2000 I went to an explorer seminar on ‘what to do with your major/degree.’ It was pretty pointless if you ask me- It just seemed to have no help, but wutev, I went to see. After the explorer seminar I headed downstairs quick to grab my bag, and then headed up to the pool deck for beverage duty at 2100. Ugh… at 2115 Tom (security officer) came up to us and said, “your free to go, we are closing, no one is here!” WOO we were pumped! So me and Rachel (one of the CE’s I was on duty with) went down to the union to watch the play that was being put on by a few students –“Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” – it is a version of Charlie Brown when him and his friends are all grown up in high school. It was a play based upon a lesson of derogatory words and such. It was a really good play; I really enjoyed it. After the play I headed back down to the room, preceded to work on some more work! I went to sleep around 0000- well 0100 with another advancement of the clock!!! Almost done with all the clock advances… sort of!

Sea Day 7- B21- my usual morning routine- up at 0730, breakfast, world cinema, global studies! – after GS I lied down for an hour before my class at 1215. At 1215 I headed up to class- we watched some of the first presentations- that is pretty much all we did in class today. After class at 1330 I went to lunch. I literally ate lunch and was done in the room by 1345. Now from 1445 till literally midnight I did not leave the couch in the room. I did SOOO much work! I worked on my six-page paper and FINISHED IT! I worked on my nine-page paper and FINISHED IT! I worked on my presentation for interpersonal comm.. and finished that! I also did some world cinema homework. At 0001 it was my BIRTHDAYY!!! At 0001 I proceeded to open the package/envelope that my house sent me for my birthday- and it has been sitting there waiting for my birthday to come since Japan! Auntie has also been saying Happy Birthday to me for the past probably 36 hours because of the time change and how confusing everything has been! I loved it!! – well anyways so I opened my envelope of cards and oh I loved it. Georgia made cards from everyone and had them sign them which was to cute! And then I got cards from mommy, daddy, nana, auntie! Yep, I cried through ALL of them- literally like sat on the couch filling up a swimming pool… sad! It was really bad how much I cried! Goshhh… I LOVED getting a package with all these cards. I also got the amazing banner in the envelope that mommy sends or hangs up EVERY year! I loved receiving it in the mail! It all was amazinggg.. Well then my roommate came in around 1230, said happy birthday, and I went to sleepies! Well its my birthday!! Woooo

Sea Day 8- A22- ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Yay! I am officially 22! Woooo! So I woke up today around 0930, I didn’t want to sleep allll day since it was a special day! The fabulous day of my birth! So I got up and showered and got ready and all that fun stuff and headed out around 1050 to go help tutor some of the dependent children. I went up there but they really didn’t need any help today, but I ended up sitting outside by the pool with Gabe (7years old) and his mom (Sheri) for a good hour or so watching Gabe make paper cranes and talking to Sheri. It was so sweet. When I woke up and went outside my door this morning, I had a beautiful card from Gabe! It was so sweet! It was a drawing of two people (guessing me and him lol) saying happy birthday! It was so sweet… so they he proceeded to add onto my birthday by making me some paper crane. It was really nice! – so I ended up talking to them for a bit before heading to lunch at like 1215. After lunch I came back to my room and the door had some toilet paper streamers hanging- I proceeded to walk into the room and it was all done up with decorations and streamers and signs! It was amazing… the streamers (toilet paper to be exact) were so colorful and nice. They said Happy Birthday on some, 22 22 22 22 on others, Mickey Mouse and Fireworks on others! It was sooo nice! Adair also cut letters out of an old calendar that said “happy 22nd birthday Alyssa” , a big sign made out of index cards that says “Hope You have an awesome birthday” and oh it was just so nice! Adair also hung up the banner from my mommy that said Happy Birthday! I was so excited! – I loveddd the look of the room! Well at 1335 I headed up to class quick, boo I know! – after class I just chilled, relaxed, and did some homework for a little before proceeding to my wonderful massage that I booked for myself at 1600! The massage was very nice, of course it was very relaxing! After the massage I headed to dinner with – Adair, Carina, Nate, Brittany, Amanda, Amiee, Erica, Robyn, Kham, Rochelle, and Maria! We ate in a classroom (alone which is always nice) to celebrate the big amazing day. After dinner we had a delicious amazing cake that Auntie ordered for me! It was soo yummy! It was chocolate cake with like a strawberry jam between layers, with a vanilla frosting! Yummmii! The cake tasted fresh and pretty moist which is very shocking because normally the cakes aren’t the best! But I definitely lucked out with a gooood cake! The only bad part was that they spelled my name wrong =( but its okay, I was still happy! – It was a fun time though, we were singing Christmas carols and kids songs! It was a good time! – after dinner I had a CE meeting and then I went to a “Celebration of Service” in the union which was a ceremony held for all students (and entire shipboard community) that participated in any type of service visit on the voyage… I participated in Habitat for Humanity and also OSU Children’s Home visit that I can think of off the top of my head… so I decided to go! – after the ceremony I just went back to the room and did proceeded to STUDY now!! STUDY STUDY STUDY was the next big thing on my list, aside from papers. I did some studying until around 0000 or so when I finally went to sleepies! I could have fallen asleep around 2100 but I did not want to waste any minutes of the birthday- even though I was wasting it studying!! Blaaa—Aside from all the on ship celebrations- I got a bunch of emails, which really excited me! I also got a ton of facebook happy birthdays (yes I checked facebook! Crazyinesss!!) I loved getting all my birthday wishes on and off the ship. It was great knowing people didn’t forget about me in the past 3½ months! Haha- well it was a fabulous day!! – ugh and then we had a time change! What a way to ruin/end the evening! hah

Sea Day 9- B22- So my sleeping habits are sooo fudged up. I woke up at 0530 today! 0530! That’s not me, and it keeps happening ugh. So I just lied there until 0730 when I got up and went to breakfast and class. We got out of class about 30minutes early! Wooo! Which was amazing, so I decided to go and lie down until global studies… well that didn’t work so well. Global studies starts at 0935… at 0925 (I didn’t sleep at all I just lied there) but at 0925 I looked at my clock and said “okay, I have about 5minutes till I need to be upstairs.” I was doing good, I didn’t think anything of it… well the next thing I knew it was 12:10 and I had my 1215 class in 5minutes!! I have NO clue how, but I fell asleep in the matter of 3 minutes before Global Studies… and so did my roommate as she had a book over her face reading… It was ridiculously crazy and bizarre! I just liked passed out! woopsies! I missed the last global studies class lol… but I didn’t miss much, it was more just a student panel talking about the class… at least I got to my 1215 class!! After class I bypassed lunch and just decided to go outside, lie on a lounge chair, take in all the amazing fresh air, observe the beautiful deep blue sea, get some sun, and STUDY! I ruined it all by the study part… well I ended up lying out there going over my notes for about three hours! Pretty long time! – I went to dinner around 1730, studied a bit, and then went to the Global Studies review session with Kham and Adair and studied there (listening and watching and taking notes on the review) and then after the global studies review session I proceeded back to the room to study some more!! AHHH!!! Global studies exam is honestly one of the scariest exams I have taken and I am MUCHO nervous about it! – I ended up studying till about 0100 with Lucas as we quizzed one another on questions constantly for about literally 4hours or so! It was crazy how much studying and cramming we did! I finally went to bed around 0115 as I was exhausted!!!! Ew test tomorrow!!

Sea Day 10- B- Big Global Studies Exam!! – I awoke today around 1030 or so and went right to studying! I ended up just going outside and lying out on the back deck just getting the fresh air in as I studied. The big test was at 1430! AHH I was SO nervous! So I pretty much studied right up until the time of! – After the exam I went to my room for a few and then headed up to cultural pre port at 1615-1700 or so as I then headed up to dinner. After dinner I just relaxed for a little and then went to logistical pre port for HAWAII at 2000-2100. After pre port I ended up playing UNO with two of the dependent children until around 2200 and then headed down to the room. I did a little bit of writing and then was in bed by like 2330! And I fell asleep rather quickly! It was fabulous! But we were also getting woken up at 0600 by the announcements announcing that we were BACK in THE UNITED STATES after almost 4months!!!! We would be in Honolulu when we awoke. IN HONOLULU when we awoke! SO EXCITING!!!


Auntie Ellen 12/6/09 5:36 pm

Hi Alyssa
Glad you got all your papers done,and all your tests taken. Do they make you walk the plank if you get a bad grade?? LOL 7 days and counting.
Love Hawaii for me!!
Auntie Ellen

Auntie Nikki 12/7/09 5:12 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Glad you still had a nice bday even though you missed your family (no idea why you miss all of them but “whatev” as you would say) :-) ~

xoxo, nik