109 Days at Sea

All good Things Must Come to An End!

by Alyssa | December 14, 2009

Well.. It is December 14th, as we just arrived in San Diego.. I know that I have not written my Hawaii blog due to the fact for the past 5days at sea it has been constant studying, homework, tests, and PACKING!!! I will be getting that Hawaii blog and at sea blog out shortly… But in the mean time … I am HOME! all good things must come to an end, .. 109 days flew by but it is still just the beginning of it all! I’ll be writing about it ALL soon..

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Ryan 12/15/09 9:59 pm

Alyssa…are you coming back to Lynn? We’ve missed you!

Auntie Ellen 12/20/09 11:16 am

Hi Alyssa,
HOME!! It was so exciting seeing the ship pull into port. Hearing the students voices as you pulled into port was amazing!! Seeing all the students lining the decks, being on the dock with all the people awaiting the arrival was so heartwarming, but when we spotted you up on deck, that was so emotional!! So glad I was there to welcome you home. You had an adventure that will be a very special memory for you forever.
Welcome Home.
Auntie Ellen