A Fresh Look

A Blackout Kind of Game

by Morgan | January 11, 2010

This weekend, Lynn University played Tampa University in men’s and women’s basketball. During the second half of the men’s game, the power went out. It was strange and funny at the same time. We are all into the game, screaming so loud Cristina and I are half way to losing our voices, when suddenly, the power goes out. All I could make out the¬†first few seconds¬†were the basketball players scrambling to not hit each other in the sudden darkness. The two teams made their way back to the locker rooms until the back up generaters turned on and the gym had a decent amount of light on. Some people began to leave while the die hards waited patently for the power to return. Security announced that there was a campus wide blackout, which my microwave later comfirmed with its flashing of “please press clock.” The game continued once all the lights were back on and Lynn dominated the court! You bet we won! All they needed was to warm up again for a minute or two and they were ready to finish the game. I must say, the power going out did spice up the game, at least for us in the stands.


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