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There are no words

by Morgan | January 15, 2010

I am lost for words. We thought that four more students had been found only to find out 12 hours later, that three are still missing. We had bad information. The pain that Lynn is in right now is great. We want the remaining six to be found and brought home safely.

I just came back from a prayer session in the student center. My sister Carolina’s mother spoke tonight, trying to comfort and share motherly wisdom. It is getting hard for the students to stay strong, not knowing has been the hardest hurdle. The pain on students faces, knowing that their friends are still missing, it is hard to see. As a fellow student, it is hard to see all the suffering from not knowing.

We are worried about the remaining six but we are keeping hope strong. We want to see our family back at Lynn. We have eight but that is not 14. We want them all returned to Florida safely.

Lynn as a community has been hit hard. The staff look as if their children are missing. There is constant pacing in the presidents office. We are all waiting for good news. Tonight was just a set back, we will get all our people home soon. We are the Fighting Knights.

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