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New Apartment, New Stress

by Morgan | February 11, 2010

At the end of January, I moved into my first apartment. Needless to say, its been keeping me busy. Going from a one room dorm room to a one bedroom apartment that needs furniture, plates and forks, and well, things to help me cook all my meals now, I’ve been busy. Its a lot to buy and a whole lot to think about. Now I have to make sure the rent is always paid and all the other new bills that have come along with the new apartment.

I’m still waiting for my sofa and at the moment, I am sleeping on an air mattress (an amazingly comfortable one by the way, I never want to get out of bed now, it’s a problem.) and my patio furniture is temping at my dinning room set at the moment since there is a snow storm up North that is causing great problems all around. My mother is snowed in, its day 6 and for a workaholic, its torture. I on the other hand would be living it up, not havin to go to school for 6 days  due to the weather.

So far I am enjoying my new apartment. It is fun and exciting. It is def an adjustment but it is one I love having to deal with.

Well, I have to run. Once I finally get my apartment all set up, I will post some photos. :)

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