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Happy Birthday Cristina!

by Morgan | August 11, 2010

Yesterday was my best friends 21st birthday. After three years of friendship, I finally was able to throw her a party since we were both in Boca Raton this summer. Her roommate/ childhood friend Nicole and I set up her apartment with candles, cupcakes, all kinds of pink decorations, and 21 decorations, plus tons of presents. Perfect way to start the night. Her mom sent me all her presents from her family so they would stay unopened till her birthday. (Ya, we are all on to you Cristina….) The apartment looked awesome! Nicole and I had so much fun decorating it. We were really excited to show her all the stuff we had been planning for weeks. I’m not very big on birthdays and my 21st birthday was a disaster to say the least, but I knew how much Cristina loves birthdays so I went all out for her.

Still dressed in my scrubs from my internship, I changed at her place and we got ready to go to Blue Martini, which was kind of dead on a Tuesday but we had a drink ( I drank water, I was doing the driving for the night. We know how to party right, always have a designated driver!) The food was surprisingly good for bar. Wanting to have the best night, we headed to Fort Lauderdale which was awesome! We went to Off the Hookah which I had never been to and I loved. I went straight to the bar and asked the bartender for something sweet for the birthday girl and we started our night in Fort Lauderdale. I finally feel like I am in college! We danced, we sang, they drank. I taught some boys how to actually smoke hookah. Hey, I grew up where it was invented, it was embarrassing watching them, someone had to teach them.

Ah to be 21 and in love with life! We have a great time, I got home at 5, and then was up at 8:30 am posting photos of our awesome night. A girl only turns 21 once and Nicole and I had to do it right. We danced, laughed, sang, and had a good time. Plus, we made our mommies proud because we were very responsible, no one drank to much and I was the designated driver. We know how to party and have a good time, BUT we do it responsibly. Best night of summer by far.

I love you Cristina! So glad you are finally 21 so we can go to clubs in Miami now.Yah! I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as I did!



I’m partied out, now back to internship, studying for the GRE, and school work. I got to feel like I was an average college kid for the day, one that had fun and didn’t study or work all the time!Every once in a while I have got to go out and enjoy my 20′s not behind a text book!

Remember to always drink responsibly. You only live once so do it right!

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Sammy 8/15/10 12:57 am

Haha!! Teach them boys to smoke it! I want Hookah so bad now! I am gonna have to find a hookah bar around here!