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10 years later… We will never forget

by Morgan | September 11, 2011

Today is not an easy for many people. It is not an easy day for this nation. 10 years ago today… a great evil happen to this country. I remember looking at the TV screen in horror, just coming home from school in Oman, confused at what was happening. I was just 12 and the world I knew was changing before my very eyes. I didn’t understand much and for that I am grateful because if I understood half of much as I do now, I don’t think the little 12 year old me would have been able to handle fully understanding the magnitude of what was unfolding in front of me. I remember calling my mom and she told me she was in a meeting, I yelled at her and told her that her stupid meeting could wait and to turn on the TV since there was a plane crash in New York. She turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane crash. I really don’t remember much of the conversation after that. I just remember sitting there watching TV with the maid/nanny and wishing my mom would come home. I don’t remember when she came home, I just remember that once she was home, she had lots of orders that were given out to all the embassies. We were on lock down and that scared me. I thought it meant we were going to be continually attacked for days.

10 years ago was a very scary time. I had only been in Oman for a few days, I hardly knew anyone. I was so far away from home, far away from a nation suffering and it felt strange and isolating. It was extremely disconnecting to see everything unfolding and not being able to help, not being able to give back.

Today, I’ve been watching CNN and all these different programs on TV for the anniversary. It’s hard not to cry hearing all the stories, hearing the names being read out by surviving family members. To say I am proud to be American today doesn’t explain how I feel. I am just so…. proud. The stories, all those brave people. To take on a terrorist first hand and say no, you will not attack another building. Or the brave men and women who ran into the towers before they fell to save lives. Oh my goodness, just listening to the stories all day. We were attacked and we didn’t run, we didn’t cower, we stood up and did what we do as a nation, we open our arms and help. We are an incredible nation, a selfless nation, a nation full of people ready to do the right thing at the darkest hour.

I won’t lie, it feels great to know that we as a nation got the leader behind the attack. Bush said we were going to get them and we did. It may have taken us a while, but we didn’t forget our mission.

Today we are all New Yorkers. Today we all say thanks to those on flight 93 who said no, you will not hurt this country anymore. Today we give thanks to all the brave men and women that day who went above and beyond the call of duty. And today we support those children who were too young or not even born who lost a parent that day and we comfort them. They are not alone.

Lynn had a memorial service tonight that I could not go to because I was at work and I had homework to do once I got home. I wanted to go and I’m sad I missed it. At the end of the day the most important thing to remember that we will never forget. That day and the days following I saw a new side of America, one that I will never forget what all those images on the screen taught me then and still to this day. This is a great country full of great people.

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