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It is the morning of the debate!

by Morgan | October 22, 2012

Good morning Lynn University!It’s debate day!

Finally, after months of preparing for this amazing day, the day has arrived! I received my credentials yesterday afternoon and I am thrilled, over the moon to just be a part of this once in life time chance to be a part of history. The days are ticking closer to election day and it is exciting to know that in the big picture, I got to be a tiny part of it all.

Tammy and  I spend the day yesterday getting phone numbers together for the different media groups as well as handing out laptops to the guys to test equipment around campus. It seems that everytime I turn around, there are even more people with badges, needing something, looking for something, or lost. I took a look around the media center which looks pretty darn cool if you ask me. To think that a little over a year ago I was graduating in that space and to see it now is remarkable. The stage also looks ready to go and it is strange to think that millions of people are going to be viewing that one stage.

Well I need to get running! I know my chance of seeing the President or the Mitt Romney are basically zero, but still fretting over my hair and t-shirt and jeans.

People want to view us as the underdog hosting the debate because we are a small school, but I cannot wait for Lynn University to show the world just what we can do.

Let’s do this fighting knights!

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