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Spain is Calling

by Morgan | December 5, 2011

I can officially say that my mom’s next assignment is Barcelona Spain! I am so excited!!!! Three years in a beautiful paradise. Finally my mom gets an assignment that is not a hardship post! That only took 18 years. I am really happy for her, its a great assignment, and a great location. My mom asked if I wanted to join her in Spain and I jumped at the opportunity. I am so excited that next summer I am moving to Spain for 3 years!Right now I am looking into getting certified to become a middle school science teacher so I can possibly teach at one of the American schools there so I am not a bump on a long for three years. I grew up in American international schools so it would be great to give back for a few years and then come back to the US to do what I want. I’m so grateful for the education I got overseas along with the teachers that inspired me to love subjects I originally thought I hated. And really, how horrible would it be to be teacher in Spain for a few years? The food is amazing, the culture is great, I could travel all over Europe in my free time and I’ll still be near the beach!

I’m thrilled that my mom asked if I wanted to join her on her tour. I’ve always been with my mom on all her previous tours before I went to college and we had a lot of fun exploring other countries and cultures. I’ve never lived in Europe before so it should be a very interesting adjustment. At least I get to bring my two cats with me.

So yes, I am ready to move to Spain! Don’t get me wrong, I love Boca Raton, but I’ve been here for a while now, the longest I’ve ever been in one place, so I’m excited to explore a new place. I’ve enjoyed living in Florida and now I have a new adventure to look forward to once I finish my masters. 2012 is looking like an amazing year already!

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Oh to be unemployed yet again

by Morgan | October 31, 2011

So… a hard topic to write about. I lost my job. It’s not something that is easy to admit. I was in utter shock when it happened and I cried for about 3 days and I personally hate crying so everyone around me knew I was every upset. It was a huge surprise for me since I was just told I was doing very well. To say that I am still confused 2 weeks later is an annoying reality.

Lets just start off with, it royally sucks. To say that I feel like a failure is an understatement. But I try to remember that I read a few months ago before graduation that my generation is to have an average of 12 to 15 jobs in our life time made it just a little better. Previous generations would average 3 or 4. I’m not really sure what that says about this day and age.  Either my generation cannot make up our minds or there is something wrong with how companies operate, but I digress.

I’ve been hiding from society as much as possible the last two weeks. Mostly out of frustration and embarrassment. I cannot even qualify for unemployment to make things a little easier till I find a job because I was 2 weeks short of the amount of time needed to work to be able to claim which felt like a slap in the face to find out. I’ve basically been getting up every day the last two weeks and jump hunting all day. Is it so much to ask for an entry level job opening in the science field? It seems all the managers all up and ran off leaving hundreds of those jobs to fill, but nothing available for entry level. Anyway, I am out there looking like crazy.

My friends and family have been so supportive, its been almost unbelievable. I didn’t want to tell anyone because was pretty much ashamed to have lost my first serious job that I loved so much. To quote Cristina “You have nothing to be ashamed of because you were a great employee and they told you that you were, the laws in this state just suck!” Oh what would I do without my best friend? My mom said we will make it work. She’s whipped me up two new amazing resumes, a general one and a science one. My aunt seems to really understand how I’m feeling and it’s great because I can talk to her and it’s like getting a big hug through the phone.

When it first happened I cried to my mom on the phone for 4 hours. I didn’t tell Cristina for a few days, because well, I was trying to hide under the covers and pretend it was all a bad dream, and trust me it didn’t work. I couldn’t sleep for 3 days. Cristina had to remind me that it is ok to break down every once in a while. She has been an amazing best friend the last 2 weeks. She knows me so well and knows what to say. She reminded me that I am a hard worker, that I am passionate about what I do, and this doesn’t have to be a negative impact on my life, that good things happen in what seems to be a bad situation. My sister Michelle was the one to actually get me out of bed, showered and out of the house on day 4. She can be quiet and shy, but she can also be very strong a little bossy. She ordered me out of bed and we went to dinner… for 4 hours. She started talking to me about the business that I would love to start and we just created this whole 10 year plan we want to do now together. Starting with me getting a job so we start paying for this 10 year plan. She’s my yin to my yang when it comes to science and business. I loved ecology, she thought the class was personally sent from the devil to torture her. She can sit and play with wires to make a board light up for hours, I cannot stand it. She just allowed me to dream of where I want to be and helped me make it a more organized vision with steps. My aunt seemed to understand my exact emotions and had such great empathy that it felt ok to feel everything that I was feeling.

It still sucks that I am out of job, and this time I was let go. I left my last job because of the amazing job offer I was given which now kind of seems like a cruel joke. Cristina says everything happens for a reason. My mom says that it just means I wasn’t on the right path for my life. That’s all fine and dandy, but that isn’t going to pay the bills and student loans till I get a new job. I wish I had actual savings left. I had to use a part of my savings for the move to my wonderful new apartment because I could afford it and have savings at the end of the month, plus family could visit me way more often since I would have space for them. Ugh, I had a plan to have my savings back by Dec and then some. Life is funny in a cruel way.

So I am currently looking for a job… again… for the third time… in 2011. I really hope 2012 is just a little financially secure and stable. Thank goodness for friends and family. I probably wouldn’t have been back on my feet in 4 days without them. I’ve gotten a ton of good advice, so much love and support, and I got to reminded of the amazing blessing I have to have these great people in my life. I also realized just how close I am to Cristina and Michelle, I let them into my life more and more each passing year. You really do meet your friends for life in college. I know they make me a better person. And I know they a part of my support group now and that says something. I really hope I find a good job soon. I really did love my old job, I enjoyed waking up in the morning to go to work which makes this whole situation a little harder and a little more painful.

Well at least I have my master classes to distract me and Itunes. Been playing Rock Bottom by Pablo in Hurricanes a lot. Mostly cause I like the song. Heard it on Grey’s Anatomy last week and been hooked on it ever since. Plus I know I am working hard to find a job that would suit me and hopefully be a secure avenue for me. Lesson learned, in the state of Florida, you are at your employers whim. They basically can let you go for basically any reason and they don’t even have to tell you why really. Who ever thought up this law is…. anyway…. it’s a reality when working in the state of Florida. I’ve learned that employees have really horrible rights. I guess you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best that they keep you.

Now to get back to my dance party on Itunes and get ready for bed. I’ve got jobs to hunt for… on Halloween! Muhahahaha!

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Welcome to the world Isabella Brooke!

by Morgan | July 28, 2011

The world just got a little more beautiful. A few days ago I mentioned that my sorority sister Carolina is an incredible wife, well now, she’s a new mom! Baby Isabella is finally here, and she’s gorgeous! I cannot wait to meet her.

I feel so grown up! In this month alone, I’ve had a sister get married and a sister have a baby. I sometimes have to catch myself and ask am I really old enough to have friends and sisters who are getting married and having babies? I used to panic like, how did that happen? But with little bundles of joy this cute coming along every 9 months, I could get used to getting older. And my sister Megan looks like a natural holding baby Isabella. She just got married and is still glowing. Speaking of glowing, Carolina just had a baby and she looks perfect. I hate her. lol. Joking. But really, I don’t know how she does it! She’s the perfect wife and mom. I think she should write a book.

I had dinner with Cristina at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh my gosh, we ate so much food and caught up for hours. Her birthday is coming up and so the count down has begun. She’s been hinting her demands the last few days. Lol, oh Cristina, never shy to drop a few hints. Now need to get on my best friend duties and make it happen. I’m just wondering when she’s getting married… I’ve been working on my embarrassing speeches for months now. :)

There is a lot of love in this world. That’s what I love about being a Tri Sigma, there is a lot of love. I am thrilled for my sister Megan who just got married and I am over the moon with Isabella Brooke’s arrival. I cannot wait to call Carolina tomorrow and tell her how gorgeous her little girl is and how many people love her already. I love that I am going to be a Tri Sigma for life. These women are my sisters and I am so happy for them! My Facebook looks like a huge Isabella Brooke fan page. Haha. All my sisters from across the country and commenting and writing about this little girl. She’s the first girl born out of the sisters I was in college with, so she’s definitely going to be spoiled! Carolina’s son already has a bunch of aunts, so he’s going to have to show her the ropes.

In college or out, I’m proud of my sisters accomplishments. Now, to just get some of my other sisters to stop commenting like crazy on old photos from recruitment. My Facebook notifications have exploded and they keep talking about a duck. lol. Oh sisters, what a handful, and boy do I have a lot of them! Got to love summer time, there are weddings, new babies, and lots of Sigma love.

Faithful Unto Death.

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A beautiful day

by Morgan | July 21, 2011

Yesterday was wonderful. It was a beautiful day in South Florida and I couldn’t have been happier. Finally, it wasn’t raining all day and the sun was out. It wasn’t too hot like it can get here, where it’s so hot, its like drinking in the air.

I’ve got a new job! I’ll share more about it a little later once I’ve settled in. It may be shocking, but I’m actually super private about my life. I put in my two weeks noticed at my current job and asked for the rest of the day off. I had to fill out paperwork for my new job and drop off my paper copy of my graduate program application. While on campus, I thought I would pop in and say hello to Morayma and Yanatha. I got to see Mo but Yanatha was super busy.

I loved walking around campus. When I graduated I felt like I was finished with school. I never wanted another homework assignment again! No more homework! I felt that that chapter of my life was over. I was finished with school. But yesterday felt great. I didn’t feel as connected, but it still felt wonderful to be on the campus, the beautiful sunny campus. I loved running into Stefano. I still have the email he sent me, letting me know I was accepted to Lynn. The physical letter came later since I was still living in Kuwait at the time. I tried to see newly married Laura but she wasn’t in her office. :( I wanted to congratulate the newlywed.

Oh and the construction has started for the memorial. I thought it might make me sad, but it brought me to smile to see that what has now become the LU6 will never be forgotten. I find myself thinking of Courtney and reminds me to be grateful to have good and bad days. I don’t take my degree for granted. I don’t take my experience at Lynn for granted. I get to come back to a beautiful campus that is constantly developing and enjoy the heat of the sun on a summer afternoon. I get to see familiar faces that I hold such gratitude for all they have done for me.

I truly enjoyed yesterday. A new job, a new chapter at Lynn, and a sunny day in South Florida. I wasn’t very happy for a while after college, but now there has been a change in the air and I couldn’t more thrilled with all the hope for a better new life. Plus, finally I can save a little and get the baby gift for my sister Carolina once her daughter is born. It’s a surprise, a Sigma surprise. Lol. I love my sisters. They are my role models in life. Carolina is so strong. She’s a great sister, and even better wife. I’m so jealous, honestly, I hope that I can be half the wife she is one day. I’m so happy for her and I cannot wait until little Isabella is here! She’s going to have a lot of Sigma’s looking out for her.

Finally, it’s not raining anymore here. After work I’m making dinner and then going to the gym. I’m calling this the summer of me. I’m trying to find myself in this new chapter of my life and I’m trying to improve myself in as many different areas as I can. I picked up a lot of bad habits in college and some once I moved off campus. Now I’m cooking more and working out, plus doing laundry way more often. lol. Oh laundry, how annoying it still is to this day.

Life is good, and I def need yesterday. It cheered me up and just made me feel really good inside. I know part of it was just going back to school and seeing that those relationships you build while in college don’t end. I think I was scared that they would never be the same, that they would never be as strong. They are just different, and well, different isn’t always all that bad. I still can chat with Mo, Yanatha is still always super busy, campus is always full of life and random people I don’t know always seem to know my name. After 4 years and how many blog posts, I still don’t get used to people knowing who I am before I know who they are. I guess somethings never do change.

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Who am I?

by Morgan | July 19, 2011

I know I’ve been MIA recently but I’ve had a lot on my mind. I feel like soon as I graduated, I suddenly had no idea who I was anymore. I knew exactly where I fit in college and I was so happy. Suddenly I had lost my community in a way I wasn’t expecting just yet. I wasn’t an undergraduate, I was a new grad with a job and way too much free time.

In the last month, I’ve realized that I was so busy in college. I was constantly involved with some event, or hanging out with my sisters. Now that I work full time, I have to work to see my sisters, and after work I’m usually exhausted so I don’t want to go out. *sigh* There have been a lot of changes.

Most days I don’t miss having to go to classes and planning events while trying to make it to sisterhood events on time, but there are some days I miss an aspect of it. Today I got a call from both of my BSU advisers and I realized how much I missed them! I had so much support at school. Plus, they were more than just advisers to me.

Settling into independent adult life wasn’t an easy transition either. It’s strange, I was living on my own before, but suddenly I had a boss, a job that was exactly the same every day. No classes, no clubs, no sorority meetings. It was a shock at first and I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to go running back to college or to just hide under the covers. But now, I’m used to life after Lynn, at least as an undergraduate student. I’m looking forward to starting my masters in the fall. I know Yanatha and Moryama want me to help the new president of BSU get used to the role. We’ll see, I enjoyed that chapter in college, but now it’s time for someone else to spread their wings in that role.

Life after college changes a lot of relationships. Cristina and I have had to work hard to stay close, but I love how we now have dinner and movie dates. I call it “Girly Date Night.” We are addicted to Wing Stop and last weekend Michelle joined us to watch the last Harry Potter movie which of course as amazing! And like always, the two of them ganged up on me, ugh, they are so alike in the most annoying ways! lol. Still love them.

I need to go to bed. I just wish I could settle and figure out who I am in this big world. There are a lot of roads to take in the real world from career’s to going t back to school, to possibly starting up a business. What to do, what to do…. I finally have full control over all my choices and what path I take, no mom saying not going to college is not an option for you. It’s kind of scary when you don’t know who you are or where you fit. Just because I have a degree in biology now doesn’t mean other career paths don’t interest me.  Enough rambling! I’m not going to solve this tonight.

And I thought college was a confusing time.

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Life After Graduation

by Morgan | June 13, 2011

I’ve been greatly enjoying life after graduation. Something feels different and it’s not just me saying it. My friends who just graduated feel a change too, yet none of us know exactly what to call this sudden change. All I know is that I feel good I feel like I have this little inner boost. This little extra confidence. I haven’t physically and mentally felt this good in a while and I hope this feeling stays for a long visit because it’s great to be a graduate!

I love my job. I’m grateful to even have a job with the economy the way it is today. I love waking up each morning knowing that I have all this knowledge in my head. That 4 years at Lynn helped me build, and it’s not just what I learned in the classroom, but also what I learned hands on as student leader which helped me get a job and do well at it. This may sound funny, but at Lynn, I learned to take risks. I would never have taken on some of the roles or projects in class or even become a student leader without the encouragement I got at Lynn.

In these last few weeks after graduation, I’ve realized just how much my 4 years at Lynn shaped me. I joined a lot of clubs and I took few classes that had nothing to do with my major just for the fun of it. I fell in love with South Florida! The trips I got to go on because I was at Lynn, I got to go to Universal to the Harry Potter theme park. Then there were the guest speakers, coffee in the courtyard performers, concerts, and special movie viewings that made Lynn so special to me. I could learn about something new and outside my little bubble just by walking through campus. Cutting through the Green Center to get to ASSAF I could hear a small group of students from the conservatory practicing. And one of my favorite things was if I had a problem, I could simply ask staff member on campus for help and they would always do their best to point me in the right direction. I cannot recall one time when a staff member didn’t want to help.

Then there were the many people at Lynn who have made an impact on my life. To start off, Moryama who is the head of the Multicultural Center. I don’t even know how to describe how she’s changed my life. She was like having a mom on campus, plus this fountain of information. She always had my back. She was a great support not only as one of my advisers for Black Student Union, but also as a friend. She thought me a lot about how to be a leader and how to work with others. She pushed me so hard and now that I look back on it, I think she could have pushed me harder. She knew I could run a student organization and she knew I could juggle everything that was put on my plate. Mo has this amazing gift that if you walk into her office, she makes you fee like you are her only concern, this all while she’s typing, three emails to three different people, mentally going over check lists, printing out programs for one student organization and writing reminders for later. I used to talk to her for hours sometimes. I could tell her all my problems, from school, to frustrations that a program was giving me, and even personal problems. But the one thing I’m going to take away from her is something she told me once after a program blew up in my face, “You’ll never know how much your boss has fixed for you.” She was right. I learned many times later that little problems or things I’ve forgotten were fixed behind the scenes. My only regret is that I didn’t meet her freshmen year. I have a feeling it would have been a lot smoother.

Then there was Yanatha, my other adviser for BSU. He taught me to dream big. When I became president of BSU, I had no idea what I was doing and I wanted to play it safe. He was very ambitious for BSU and it rubbed off on me. I wanted to do bigger and better things not just in BSU but with Sigma and in classes, and in life. Now, I’m striving for huge goals for my 5 year plan for after college. Yanatha is an inspiration to me. He sets goals and makes them. I used to look at him like how could you write books, do spoken word, and work full time with a family? Plus he has connections for everything. We had some amazing music groups come to Lynn and guest speakers because he just knows really cool people. Plus, he’s all about the hard work. Just knowing Yanatha has changed how I approach new goals in life. I’m not afraid to dream big now and to go after them.

Not forgetting the 4 long years I made Kimon in SAS suffer. Lol. When it came to the financial side of college, Kimon is the man to talk to.  I first met him during orientation in the gym. By the time I got to the financial station, I was in tears and already ready to drop out of college because I was so sick and tired of paperwork. Lol. It may sound crazy, but I was just so darn over paperwork. I had been in the gym for hours, overwhelmed. I had only been in the country for a few days and I was tired and hungry. Kimon gave me his business card and said if I needed to talk, I could call him. I just remember, but, you handle my loans, how are you going to help me?  All I got to say is… freshmen. *shakes head* Best advice I’ve got is, all freshmen should become best friends with anyone in the Green Center and handles student loans.

I woke up today and I felt great. Beautiful Florida sun was beaming into my apartment and it’s a three day weekend. I got up and cooked for the day and enjoyed playing computer games with no stress. No homework to worry about, no projects or studying. I love Florida. Last weekend I celebrated my amazing and wonderful sister Michelle’s birthday. I won’t say how old she turned because she’s already started lying about her age. Haha. We went to Hard Rock in Hollywood. It was my first time there and everyone was making fun of me. I was so focused on school for so long I missed out on a lot of fun and cool places to party. Michelle and I met up with some fellow recent grads, two of our classmates, Frank and Bruna who also survived 4 years biology with us. We all still cannot believe that we just graduated from college and yet, we all feel this change inside of ourselves. It honestly felt amazing to be with my classmates on week after graduation. We have this bond and it connects us even after all the classes have finished.

Ok so after this whole rant late at night I am going to finish with, tomorrow I am FINALLY going to finish my application for graduate school at Lynn. I seriously procrastinate way too often on simple things. I’m looking forward to see what Lynn can continue to offer me. Although my undergraduate chapter has come to an end, I feel like Lynn will always be a part of me. Lynn made me feel at home for the first time in my life. I moved so much all through my early years and finally, I felt like Lynn created an environment where anyone could find their place and I did, I found a very loving home. I cannot wait to see what my chapter at Lynn as a graduate student will look like this fall. Until then, I’m enjoying  this mini school free faze of my life, starting with Cristina coming home from vising family in Texas. She’s been gone way too long and we are having girls day on Monday. I’m so excited! I miss my best friend!

My mom asked me if I was sure summer before senior year of high school if Lynn was the school for me, and I told her that it was where I wanted to be. I just knew, Lynn was where I was supposed to be and I’ve never regretted my choice. I know there was no other school that was more suited for me than Lynn.

I graduated!!!

by Morgan | May 14, 2011

Today was graduation!!! I’m a Lynn University graduate!!! That’s right, today I am a graduate.

I’m overwhelmed. So many emotions, just this huge rush. Today was perfect. It was beautiful. The tradition, the pride, the whole ceremony was perfect. Out of all the many people graduating today, it still felt like my day.

Graduating from college was nothing like graduating from high school. I am so close with so many professors, staff members, and students at Lynn. I feel connected and I feel so much pride that Lynn will be my school forever. Lynn changed my life and I have to thank all the amazing people who came into my life starting the day I interviewed the summer before my senior year of high school. I just had to hug Stefano when I saw him today, I interviewed with him and he told me I had been accepted. To him I am so grateful. He was a huge support that first year at Lynn. Now he’s a great family friend. My mother loves him and his wife and adorable son.

I just cannot explain in words the feeling I had walking to the gym with my fellow biology majors. We were singing and dancing, laughing and hugging. Smiling like crazy wouldn’t even cover how many teeth I saw today. I got to sit across from Michelle and we kept making face at each other, smiling and telling each other, this is OUR graduation. WE did this, WE got to this point!

When I first got to campus, I had to give Cristina’s mother my extra tickets and then I rushed to the green center to get ready. I was so nervous and frustrated, (because the day is actually very stressful) Cristina had to actually help me into my cap and gown. I was so nervous, I just couldn’t rap my head around the day and it seemed that half the graduating class was stressed and the other half were at an after party, but once we started walking to the gym, it was all excitement from there.

Seeing all the professors walk after the graduates was amazing. Suddenly, I had so much appreciation for them all. Even for the ones I’ve never met. Then to hear the speeches, always got to love when President Ross speaks, the excitement kept building. All I felt was pride that this was my day, and it couldn’t have felt better. When my row was headed to the stage, I saw all my classmates. These are the people that were there on my first day off class and we went through it all together. We are a small group biology majors, but we stick together and we are strong. We are all so close and I couldn’t have been happier to walk to the stage with anyone else. And of course as I was going up the steps Michelle and I were saying out loud, “Please don’t trip, please don’t trip.” Lol. We didn’t trip.

Before my name was called, Dr. Cox, my dean was standing next to me, joking with me, and all I could think was, how many times did I see you? How many times did you support me, support my class, just showed us that you cared about each of us students? You know our names and you’re the dean. Then my name was called and I couldn’t be happier to walk across that stage, headed to President Ross. He smiled and said “Graduating and you have a job.” Yup, that’s right, I’m graduating and it feels great. I was so proud of myself at that moment. It felt even better because over my 4 years at Lynn, I’ve gotten to know President Ross, and he’s a pretty cool guy so when ever I get a moment with him, its an honor. He has shown me such kindness over the years and I’m very thankful and grateful so to stand on that stage and shake his hands after 4 years, can’t explain in words how that made me feel.

As the graduation was coming to a close, I realized that they never told us how we were leaving, so I thought it would be the same way we came in, two by two, but actually, all the professors line the sides and we individually walk down to thank them and to be congratulated. I will say it took FOREVER but that moment when you walk down starting with President Ross, the deans, and then the professors, you just see the pride on all their faces. I was excited to see all my professors to say thank you as I exited, it seemed to start with my freshmen year all the way to senior year, but of course it wasn’t on purpose. I hugged Professor Ahmed and Professor Villa who were two of my three main professors for 4 years and then when I saw Professor Villaverde, I burst into tears. She was my adviser, my professor, my support, my shoulder to learn, my strength and so much more. She believed in me from day one and she said that if I listened to her and followed what she told me, she would get me through. And even when I wanted to give up, she told me I couldn’t and I didn’t because she believed in me. She’s not just my professor or my adviser, but she’s an amazing woman. She’s strong, and independent. She’s a cancer survivor. She’s a mother. I cannot say thank you to her enough. How can I ever thank her enough for what she did for me? I just hugged her in that line. It felt like forever, but it felt like I couldn’t hug her enough.

Once out side, it was a mad house! Finding anyone was crazy. Cristina’s dad found me first and told me that she was looking for me. Then I found her and we were hugging as our heels sunk into the grass. Then finally after forever, I found my parents. Annoying picture taking of course came next. My dad met my boyfriend, always… awkward. I was melting under the Florida sun in my gown and was trying to rip it off as fast as possible. We headed to the caf so my parents and boyfriend could meet my professors. I was rushing for them to meet with Professor Villaverde, I just had to introduce her to my mom and once they met and I took a picture with her, as far was I’m concerned, graduation had concluded for me.

We rushed to lunch at Chili’s after that, I just wanted to keep everything simple, relaxed, and fun. My boyfriend held me hand under the table after we ate. I was freezing in my dress because I’m not use to not having sleeves on. My parents were talking so fast and so much I about stuff I didn’t care about, I just started to focus on anything but being there. Just back at graduation, holding onto the moment. I just wanted to remember how amazing it all felt. My parents paid the check and I waited outside Chili’s with my boyfriend as I warmed up under the sun and he was telling me how he plans to cook dinner for my family tomorrow night so I’m excited.

I’m thrilled, I made it, I’m a college graduate. It feels amazing. I had my best friend Cristina by my side, my amazing partner in crime Michelle, my classmates, my professors, and my family and boyfriend there. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better graduation.

Class of 2011, we made it!

Black History Month

by Morgan | February 18, 2011

The last two weeks have been exhausting. I’ve been so busy with planning events for Black History Month with Black Student Union and Crush party this past weekend. I can’t wait for a peaceful weekend where I can catch up on some sleep. *yawns*

I’m really excited that the Black Student Union’s Welcome Back Block Party went so well. 80 people in attendance! I was thrilled that after weeks of planning it went of beautifully even with the rain delay and relocation because the Lake Side Patio was flooded. (Thank you mother nature. ) I can’t wait to get the recordings from the National Broadcasting Society so I can watch the performances from Sassy Singz and Said Yapp. The lead singer of Said Yapp is Cedrica graduated from Lynn University last year. She also wrote the school’s fight song which has created great school spirit during the basketball games. We get a little excited when it comes on during games, we are proud to be Fighting Knights!

Then there was Crush Party which is hosted teach year by Tri Sigma and Alpha Phi Delta (APD) around valentines day, which I was in charge of as my one event for Tri Sigma. It sounded like a lot of fun and something I wanted to do at the beginning and then I realized how much work it was, I had to ask, what was I thinking? February is BSU’s busiest month. Couldn’t I have just done a simple sisterhood night? But once the night started and the guest started arriving, it was a lot of fun. I love when the Greeks put on parties for the Lynn community. It is a fun way to recruit as well as meet new people.  Cristina even came out and we had a lot of fun dancing and snacking on valentines themed treats.

Classes are getting harder and the closer I get to graduation, the more I just want to graduate and get it over with. Not really a good attitude, but in reality, I am very over college. I just want a job, start making my own money, and the end of homework. Can’t wait to leave my work at work. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I could just do event planning but then, they don’t let you go to college and just do events all day sadly.

I’m sad about no longer being president of Black Student Union in a few months. Really I could start counting weeks, but I think that would be even scarier. I’ve enjoyed my time as a student leader while in college. Now I guess it’s off to be a leader in the real world. At least I have a few events left before I walk. Tomorrow is the comedian Coco Brown and we have a movie night this Friday where we are showing American Violet. I’m excited. Sometimes it’s not so easy planning, I get frustrated, I get tired, or things change so much I can’t keep up and would love to just cancel the event and wash my hands of it, but I have two amazing advisers that have shown me sticking with things is the best way to go because the rewards at the end of the day by far out way the negatives that it took to get there. I would never guess that 80 people would come to one of my events, but it happened!

Even though I may be over the college experience, I love Lynn. So much so that I don’t think I can leave just yet. I might be getting my masters at Lynn in emergency planning. It’s all online which is great because then I can work during the day and do my homework at night. Plus, I won’t be on campus too often which might make me sad that I won’t be an active part of Tri Sigma after graduation or running BSU. It also might be that I am secretly not ready to give up my blog… :/

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Girls Rule

by Morgan | September 19, 2010

What would girls do without best friends? Cristina told me that I needed to get some sleep, just… sleep. I told her all the stuff I had to do and that my mom kept reminding me… frequently… of all my responsiblities, and she told me to just let it go, ignore it, and go to bed! Guess what, she was right! I slept most of the weekend and now I finally feel like myself! I have the energy to focus on all the things I have to do and I feel ready for this week.

Right now, I’m planning a Tudors night with Michelle, my favorite sister. Ya girls night in! Soon as all my applications to veterinary school are turned in on Oct 1st, I am enviting my girls over and we are going to have a party to relax.

Senior year has been greatly stressful. It’s almost like being a freshmen all over again. My classes aren’t that hard, but the stress of adjusting to my new life and the new situations thrown at me are complicated. It seems all my friends are in the same boat again, we are confused about what we want to do with our lives, we question if our majors are right for ourselves (kind of late now huh?), I still have roommate drama, but its now the furry kind (the best kind in the world if you ask me. :) ). The only difference is that I want to party all the time and now I really can’t during the weekends. Well, not until mid Oct. Ah the joys of being older and living in in South Florida. Now I can party like a sophisticated adult and then in the morning, stay in my Pj’s and watch Sunday morning cartoons. God I love college.

Dinner time and then study time! My future is coming at me fast and thankfully, I have awesome women in my life, my mommy, my best friend, and my awesome sister!

Oh before I go! Speaking of sisters, my sister Brittney has been a huge support to me this year. She just graduated and she’s helping me through the whole process and emotions of being a senior right now. She is currently living in DC and so when my mom colapsed at work, Brittney was really supportive and said she would get anything my mother needed and check in on her for me if I wanted to make me feel better. I feel even closer to her this year then ever and I am so grateful for our sister bond. I call her once a week now to just ask her how she felt when she was in the same position last year and now she handled it and she’s been giving great advice.I love you Brittney!

What can I say, having a bunch of sisters is awesome! Becoming a Tri Sigma is probably one of the best choices I made my freshmen year…. lord knows I made a ton of bad ones. lol. I mean I was perfect. Oops. No really, I made my mistakes freshmen year, and to be honest, I’m glad I got them all out of the way that year! Now I feel like as I approach graduating that I have no regrets. I tried something new and now I have a bunch of wonderful sorority sisters for life, I stepped up and took a leadership position and now I’m president of Black Student Union. College isn’t easy but it isn’t always hard. I’m glad I came to Lynn because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be the young woman that I am now. All the opportunities available at Lynn has helped me get to the point where I am ready for graduate school and for life. I have the best friend in the world, crazy sorority sisters who keep my life full of adventure, and I’ve gotten really close to my mom since I’ve been in college.

So much to look forward to right now. I guess if I want to see it happen I should stop blogging and start studying huh? Ya, I guess so too.

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From My home to His Foster Home

by Morgan | July 21, 2010

My apartment has gone from my home to my home where I am now a foster mom for kittens I have my first foster here with me and it feels great. His name is Bobbie and he’s about 8 weeks. He was dropped off at the shelter yesterday by a young man who found him in his yard. His four dogs were about to use the kitten as a chew toy so the man grabbed Bobbie and brought him to us. He said he was a really big animal lover and wanted to make sure that the little guy found a good home since he’s such a sweetheart. Bobbie is a little sweetheart,he follows me everywhere I go and wants to constantly play. He’s looking for a home but for the time being, he’s chilling with me and my cat Krystal. I got no sleep last night since Bobbie had me up at 3 am till 5 am. By the time 7 am rolled around I was exhausted. Oh the night life of kittens. :) He’s keeping me busy and on my toes but it is worth it. I like knowing that I am helping animals while I’m still working towards my goals.

I have to say, my internship is the best. Where else do you get to play and take care of animals all day, find them loving new homes, and sometimes, take them home with you all while learning and getting college credit? Bobbie is coming in with me next week so he can get a check up and his next set of shots. He’s been with me for a day now and he looks pretty happy. Every time I pick him up, he falls asleep in my arms. He’s eating all the kitten food and he’s fast! All I see is this dark blob zipping around my apartment, randomly catching some of his light blond highlights. He looks like a bob cat which is where he got his name. If he slows down tonight, I plan to try and get some pictures of him, but its kind of hard since all he wants to do is play or sleep on my lap while I try to use my laptop.

I signed up for the GRE test. AHHH how am I a senior planning for graduate school? When did that happen? Suddenly now I am grown up and need to plan for graduate school.  I still find myself asking how is this possible. How has 3 years of college gone by already? I haven’t had enough time! I surly haven’t been to enough parties since I’m always in the lab. I find myself sometimes wishing for another 6 months where I can just enjoy college without all the work…. well at least a little less lab time. I am truly enjoying my summer in Boca Raton since now I can explore the city a little more and take my time. I’m not rushing back to my room to study. I’m glad I got the chance to explore Florida for a summer. Nothing beats having my first apartment, my car, and loving sweet animals all summer long. Tomorrow we are going to play on the patio, take in some of the Florida sun while I plan what flowers I want to grow out there.

I’m glad Cristina is in town too Finally a summer we don’t have to worry about the time difference! She’s not in Spain, but actually down the street. We saw a movie today with her mom, sister, and roommate. Her mom and sister are in town which is awesome because I love Cristina’s family. Ana is starting college this fall which is crazy, that means Cristina and I are getting old and def out the door, well at least the college door.  I’m planning my trip home around my GRE test. I want to see my mom and my other cat Soccer who lives with my mom in DC before school starts up again. Plus, who doesn’t love being spoiled by their mother for a week?

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