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Let the Semester Begin

by Joshua | January 31, 2012

Well it’s the second week of the second semester and things are already starting to get into full swing.  This past week the second semester has started with taking only three classes and my internship, which is at United Way of Palm Beach County.

I am taking Intro to Advertising and PR, Advertising and Society and Online and Print Journalism better known as iPulse, which is the universities student run newspaper.

Also along with those I am also involved with the University as well.  I am working in the Office of Student Involvement, involved with ZBT, Knights Activities Team, Relay for Life Committee and as well as being a student blogger and also being involved with the Jewish Organization Hillel.

People may wander how I juggle everything but prioritizing and keeping organized is key to living so you don’t get flustered with so many things.  Also people that know me know that I already am organized so that isn’t hard.

Starting my internship I thought I would be extremely nervous.  Everyone at United Way was extremely welcoming and friendly that it felt like i’ve already been working here for a long time.

There are many things coming up for clubs and organizations, one thing is the activities fair which is on Wednesday, February 1st from 11-1 in the Perper Plaza.  One other thing to get involved in that might interest people is KOR, Knights of the Round Table.

KOR is a newly renovated system based off of SGA, giving more students the opportunity to take a stand and speak their mind.  KOR meetings take place in the Henke Wing on Mondays at 1.

There will be so much more this semester to look forward to so keep a lookout for exciting blog posts!

Day of Caring, January 12, 2012

by Joshua | January 11, 2012

As tomorrow January 12, 2o12 approaches we remind ourselves of the Six Lynn University members we have lost in Haiti back in 2010, the four students and two faculty members.  Lynn University will be hosting the Day of Caring, where students, staff and faculty come together to go on different service projects.

Being that I am a peer mentor for Professor Watson’s environmental class we will be going farming and picking crops to distribute to those in need.

Remember don’t forget to pick up your Knights Unite shirts today in Residence Life!  Wear your shirts proud tomorrow and remember those we have lost in Haiti and think about what they wanted to achieve and act upon that to do something great.  What are you doing January 12?