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Spring Break 2012!

by Joshua | March 5, 2012

I hope everyone at Lynn and anywhere else that is on Spring Break is enjoying there week off!

My Spring Break is extremely relaxing,  so far I have just been hanging out with my friends.  But today I am back at my internship for my normal work hours!

I figured working at my internship would give me something to do for the week so I would not completely be going crazy with nothing to do even having a car. There are many movies also coming out this week so it is never too late or early to see a movie.

I just recently saw The Lorax and it was a great animated fun filled movie, which I think everyone should go see!

Well thats all for now and I hope everyone enjoys there relaxing spring break because I know I am!


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Sam 3/8/12 3:35 pm

Happy spring break to all! Great time to rethink and recharge.

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lance 3/10/12 4:43 pm

Lorax looks fun. I loved Horton Hear’s a Who.

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