An Active Knight

Time for a Farewell

by Joshua | May 17, 2012

Well friends, this has truly been an exciting journey.  These four years have been I’d say the best four years of my life. Lynn has given me countless opportunities to grow as a person and push my skills to the limits.  This blog is by far the hardest blog to write just because there are absolutely no words to describe these past four years.  For my fellow continuous readers most of you know as I  had mentioned one of my first few blog posts how I was a shy person.  That has changed.

For those potential students looking at universities and happen to come across this blog take the time to read some of my  past blog posts of my journey.  Being that Lynn is a small university you get the chance to meet and introduce yourself to many to people.  What I had noticed here at Lynn it is a great networking tool to be involved within the university in knowing people.  When I was looking for internships this past semester just because I knew someone it helped me get my foot in the door to that internship and get an interview then finding out that I had received that position.

When looking for schools I thought Lynn was the best fit for me because of the small atmosphere, small classes, teacher to student relationship and of course the weather! Who wouldn’t want to go to school in the best weather for four years!  This past saturday on the 12th was graduation.  Graduation is always bittersweet because you have to say goodbye to all your friends for a while but it is also celebrating your accomplishments in the past four years.

The next chapter in life is going to be a bit scary but I know that as I hunt for jobs my friends and family will be supporting me a long the way with what ever opportunity comes a long my way.

This blogging experience was a great opportunity meeting new faces within the marketing department and getting to expand my writing.

Here are a few tips that got me through my four years at Lynn-

1- Join clubs and organizations that interest you

2- When you join those clubs start to be outgoing because it can help you in the long run

3- And then last but not least having a good group of friends that will eventually become your family after college

Well readers hope you enjoyed my last blog this was a great experience!



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