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Time for a Farewell

by Joshua | May 17, 2012

Well friends, this has truly been an exciting journey.  These four years have been I’d say the best four years of my life. Lynn has given me countless opportunities to grow as a person and push my skills to the limits.  This blog is by far the hardest blog to write just because there are absolutely no words to describe these past four years.  For my fellow continuous readers most of you know as I  had mentioned one of my first few blog posts how I was a shy person.  That has changed.

For those potential students looking at universities and happen to come across this blog take the time to read some of my  past blog posts of my journey.  Being that Lynn is a small university you get the chance to meet and introduce yourself to many to people.  What I had noticed here at Lynn it is a great networking tool to be involved within the university in knowing people.  When I was looking for internships this past semester just because I knew someone it helped me get my foot in the door to that internship and get an interview then finding out that I had received that position.

When looking for schools I thought Lynn was the best fit for me because of the small atmosphere, small classes, teacher to student relationship and of course the weather! Who wouldn’t want to go to school in the best weather for four years!  This past saturday on the 12th was graduation.  Graduation is always bittersweet because you have to say goodbye to all your friends for a while but it is also celebrating your accomplishments in the past four years.

The next chapter in life is going to be a bit scary but I know that as I hunt for jobs my friends and family will be supporting me a long the way with what ever opportunity comes a long my way.

This blogging experience was a great opportunity meeting new faces within the marketing department and getting to expand my writing.

Here are a few tips that got me through my four years at Lynn-

1- Join clubs and organizations that interest you

2- When you join those clubs start to be outgoing because it can help you in the long run

3- And then last but not least having a good group of friends that will eventually become your family after college

Well readers hope you enjoyed my last blog this was a great experience!

Almost time

by Joshua | April 25, 2012

The time has almost come to walk the stage. It is starting to become more and more of a realization to me.  Come May 12th, 2012 at 10am it will all be over and time to go to the real world.

Seeing and typing these words out is a hard subject to know that my undergrad will officially be over.  For those having difficulty in looking for jobs there are multiple websites that are extremely helpful and easy to use.

These websites inclue, Monster, CareerBuilders or even craigslist to name a few.  Also utilize the help of the Career Center Services located on the side of Trinity Residence Hall. 

I can’t believe I only have 5 more days left with my internship here at United Way and I can’t believe graduation is just 17 days. 

For summer my plans are to relax, continue looking for jobs and I will be working at Pine Tree Camps ‘Kampus Kampers’ here at Lynn, so even though I will be gradauting I will still be at Lynn for the summer and then after that time for work. 

These past four years have been a great experience being able to have work-study and work in various departments on campus has made me be able to meet amazing people, being active in greek life and different clubs and organizations has helped me with multiple leadership opportunities that I know will help me later on in life.

Well as time comes closer to graduation there is a few more events that I will be posting about so stay tuned!


by Joshua | March 29, 2012

Well some of  you might be wondering what is the ASWER2!  It is admissions Admitted Students Weekend Experience Round 2!

This year there is about 90 students coming for the experience.  It is great that admissions came up with this initiative because it gives potential incoming students a chance to see what Lynn is really like and get to experience faculty and staff at first hand.

They even get a chance to register for fall semester classes early! Now what can get better then that!

I am hosting one student for this weekend and am looking forward to this experience because I couldn’t get to do it last year.  It is a great way to meet new faces and get the opportunity to help with making that persons decision in coming to a school for the greatest four years of their life!

Spring Break 2012!

by Joshua | March 5, 2012

I hope everyone at Lynn and anywhere else that is on Spring Break is enjoying there week off!

My Spring Break is extremely relaxing,  so far I have just been hanging out with my friends.  But today I am back at my internship for my normal work hours!

I figured working at my internship would give me something to do for the week so I would not completely be going crazy with nothing to do even having a car. There are many movies also coming out this week so it is never too late or early to see a movie.

I just recently saw The Lorax and it was a great animated fun filled movie, which I think everyone should go see!

Well thats all for now and I hope everyone enjoys there relaxing spring break because I know I am!

Kick Ball Tournament: Sponsored by F.A.N.

by Joshua | November 15, 2011

This past Saturday, November 12th, Lynn University hosted it’s annual Alumni kick ball tournament.  This is a great event the Alumni Association puts on because it brings the Lynn Community together for a fun game of kickball.    The kickball tournament is always open to all Lynn University students not just alum.  I was on the ZBT and Sigma Alumni team.  Even though I’m not an alum yet they needed someone so I was there to help.  Our team came in 2nd place, we came up just short ending I believe 4-3.  Even though we came in 2nd place I think everyone had a great time.


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Past and Future Events

by Joshua | November 9, 2011

On November 8th, 2011 Lynn University hosted it’s annual Health and Wellness Fair on the Christine Lawn next to the Perper Plaza.  Students, faculty and staff joined together to raise the awareness of having a healthy lifestyle to the Lynn Students.

Clubs, Organizations and different departments around campus had options ranging from Tri-Sigmas table of taking a break to relax and color to Hillel’s table where you can make your own healthy snack mix to name a few.  Also there were vendors from Tasti D-Lite giving away free small yogurts and coupons, to a local massage company, where students could get a massage right on campus and having the opportunity to sign up in getting a free 30 minute massage.

This Thursday, November 9th, 2011, students might be wandering why their are local high school students roaming around campus. Well, they are coming for the Jim Lehrer event, that is taking place in the Wold Performing Arts Theater. Tours will be given to the students before hand  to see what campus life is like whether or not they attend Lynn University.

Through out the tour at three different specific stations the International Building, EMLYNN Residence Hall Lawn and the Perper Plaza, these students will get to learn from faculty members about the different subject areas that go a long with that department, listen to Jon Volpi one of the Area Coordinators for Housing and Residence Life about Residence Halls from living space to laundry and then go to the Perper Plaza and listen to Annie Weaver about how to become involved here at Lynn!  At the end of the tours the students will then listen to speaker Jim Lehrer.

This is a great way to get potential incoming students involved listening to different areas of the university so they get a feel of the campus from their tour guides but as well as the faculty and staff from different departments.

Presidential Debate 2012

by Joshua | November 3, 2011

For those that don’t know yet Lynn University is hosting the 2012 Presidential Debate!  This is extremely exciting for Lynn University.

The official Lynn University logo for the debate!


The debate will be held on October 22nd, 2012.  I am saddened that unfortunately I will not be able to attend the debate but hopefully alumni will be able to join in on this exciting experience! “Being an undergraduate or graduate student here on our campus when such an historic event takes place will provide a singular and unparalleled educational experience,” Lynn University President, Kevin M. Ross, said.

Even though Founders Day was sad that it was my last one it was great to know that the Lynn community was also celebrating something more to look forward to in the future! :)

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