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Senior Salute!

by Joshua | March 14, 2012

Well it is that time of year to start thinking or have already thought of what you want to do with your life.  Today and tomorrow from 11-7pm is senior salute in the green center!

This is extremely important where you receive your caps and gowns, graduation information and of course your graduation tickets!

It still amazes me that graduation is only less then 2 months away time is flying by.  So if you haven’t done something that you wanted to try do it now before time is too late!

Remember don’t forget to go to Senior Salute!

Almost Ending

by Joshua | November 26, 2011

Now that Thanksgiving Break is sadly coming to an end, reality is kicking in that first semester is almost over and finals are just a few short weeks away!

For seniors like myself this is a crazy thought because that means we only have one semester left in our college career, and for some that means graduating early in December.  Remember to take nothing for granted in these upcoming  weeks or months, because college is suppose to be the best four years of your life, so live it to the fullest.

If you haven’t done something yet that you’ve always wanted to try at Lynn or just even in the Boca area do it because who knows you might not get the opportunity to do it any time soon.  So try to make the rest of the year count and make it great!


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