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Martina McBride in Concert

October 12th, 2008 at 3:10 pm by Jana

Last night, Martina McBride (she’s a country singer, in case you’ve never heard of her) performed in West Palm Beach and Jess and I went to her concert!! Jess bought the tickets (both my Christmas and my birthday gifts) and we got to sit in front of the front row! It was so amazing. The Warren Brothers and Jason Michael Carroll opened for her, and both performed really well, but nothing compared to Martina herself. I never realized she was so little! She has the biggest voice and can hold a note forever, but she is absolutely tiny. She received three standing ovations, and everyone could see how absolutely flattered she was by it. Jess and I both have a little bitty signed guitar pick. Here are some pictures, so you can see how close we were:



He moved around too much for me to get a really good picture!


 Thank you Jess!!!!

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  1. amber Says:

    post something else already. i know something funny must have happened to you or at least interesting. like today i went to an RA meeting, the lady asked where i was from i said mass, she ment which dorm was i from…….. see funny funny…entertain me?