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The Countdown!!!….

by Nat | April 21, 2010

The official countdown to graduation 2010 has begun!!

2 weeks and 2 days and I will officially be an alumni of Lynn University!

I can’t even start to believe how time has flown by this semester. I feel as though I was just starting my student teaching and this last Biology class a few days ago, yet, when I look back at everything that I have crammed into the past 4 months or so, I can’t believe I made it through…ALIVE!

The last of my 15 week journey through Student Teaching is next week and I can’t believe how much knowledge I’ve gained, not only as a student teaching but through personal growth. It has definitely tested my limits and stenghths in ways that I couldn’t have been more pleased with. Like I said before, teaching continues to be a rewarding career to step into day after day but at the same time it will definitely keep you thankful for quiet time, and the need to not have to answer 93742038 questions at a time, with the number one question being “When’s lunch?”. ;)

I finished my last Biology class today which is a HUGE relief! I still have to turn in a couple lab assignments she created for next week but I turned in a research paper titled, “How Does the Body Receive Energy During Extended Exertion” and gave a 15 minute presentation to my class. They seemed to enjoy it as a put a little “spunk” into it! I would be glad to go into detail of my findings but I may bore some of you so feel free to contact me through email or message if you’d like to know more about the topic! I really did find out some pretty awesome stuff out there. I learned how to use “Turn it in .com” for the first time. I guess a lot of teachers are going to use this online source for turning in papers so that it keeps students from plagorizing. 

Other than that I’m still awaiting a reply from my graduate school application, to Lynn, which should be coming any time. I’m also anxiously awaiting news on a possible graduate assistantship at Lynn!

I will be anxiously awaiting the next couple weeks…MAY 8TH is the BIG DAY!!!!!

Until next time, Hope everyone out there is doing well!!


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LU Athletes-Changing the Lives of Children

by Nat | March 31, 2010

This week a few students from each of the athletic teams here at Lynn piled into our Lynn Vans with, Director of Student-Athlete services Sara Quatrocky, our Marketing coordinator Jon Roos, Senior Vice President Greg Malfitano and none other then Big LU himself and headed to the Chris Evert’s Children’s Hospital in Davie to deliver Easter Eggs and stuffed animals. We did this trip in memory of Christine Gianaci’s Children’s Outreach. Christine Gianaci was one of the six Lynn University students and faculty lost in the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti while on a mission trip for the Food for the Poor. Food for the poor was also known on campus as Journey of Hope which brought food, supplies, and heart-filled students and faculty to different suffering countries to help the children and families.

Some of us athletes had the chance to spend time with Christine two years ago after she bought the Big LU party at Lynn’s Blue and White Sports Auction in her initiative to help under privileged children. We brought Christine with us on one of our trips that year to this same children’s hospital and felt that we would do it again this year in the name of Christine, her family, and her foundation.

It really was an amazing experience. Seeing these children and spending time with the families is just another way that Lynn has taught me how to be a good citizen and respectable community leader. It was great to see the HUGE smiles on these children’s faces when we delivered stuffed animals and eggs full of candy. The children ranged anywhere from new born to about 16 years old. We even enjoyed sharing the candy with the staff! Outings like these with my fellow student-athletes is yet another way that Lynn has expanded my college experience beyond words.

Please continue to pray for those we lost in the tragic earthquake and thank you to all who continue to show your support to Lynn University!!


Yours Truly,



Never settle, for anything less than everything!

by Nat | March 31, 2010

Well it’s been a few weeks since I last posted but I have been continuing my student teaching in the 1st grade classroom. It’s going very well! I can’t believe that I’ve already been with my students for 11 weeks! I only have 4 to go..then it’s GRADUATION!! Well….I can’t get too excited because I’m still pushing through my last biology class as well. It’s my first night class and it’s Spring II which means it’s only 8 weeks….which ALSO means it’s a little bit of a faster pace then normal science classes but I seem to be making through. Too bad I’m not teaching ATP and enzymes to my 1st graders or I’d really be a head of the gang for my Bio class!

I’ve actually been doing a lot of thinking and reconsidering the past few weeks and I’ve actually decided to change career paths. Because of my work with the NCAA as the Sunshine State National SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) Representative, I have really fallen in love with college administration. Although teaching is WONDERFUL and the education degree I’m graduating with was an AMAZING course to go through here at Lynn, I feel as though my heart has gone into a little bit of a difference direction as to where I would like to take my career. To be honest, I don’t think I would have wanted to do my undergraduate work any other way. I feel as though maybe if I had gone into a business or a marketing undergraduate, that in the back of my head I would of been wondering about teaching the whole time. It’s a great profession and certification I will have under my belt to maybe use at a later date. I don’t want to settle for something my heart isn’t telling me I totally want to do at this stage in my life..so I will keep going! I am VERY fortunate enough that Lynn is giving me the opportunity to continue my graduate work too!

I will be applying for graduate school in the next week or so to get my MBA! Like I said….don’t settle for anything less then everything…so I’m going for everything! Maybe I’ll just get a degree in all the departments and see what I like best…wait NO that’s a terrible idea! 

I’m REALLY looking forward to finishing up my student teaching and Biology (more so biology!! ;) )to start my new journey!

On top of  changing future career paths I will be hoping for a Graduate Assistant position at Lynn as well! I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and really motivational administration in the Marketing Department who seem to be as enthusiastic about Lynn as I am. This would be great if I could learn all about marketing not only under the best in the business, but helping represent what I think is one of the top schools in the country! I could never see myself choosing another place to do my graduate work and for the opportunity to completely change gears on career paths and have the ability to still succeed greatly at the same time is really great representation as to why Lynn is so amazing. 

So for now, I will continue to update you all on how student teaching finishes up and let’s hope I can make it through Biology without too much trouble as well :) I’ll also let you know how the process goes on getting Graduate school applications together and sent in, as well as my hopes of gaining the GA position on campus!

Remember : “Never settle for anything less than EVERYTHING”- If you find something you’re just not sure about…keep searching, your heart will never steer you wrong!

My best to everyone!

Yours Truly,


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Coaching—-to—> Teaching

by Nat | January 31, 2010

     After yet another awesome week of teaching I have realized even more how thankful I am to have such a rewarding job! It’s so funny how every Sunday I feel so excited and ready for the week ahead after having felt SOOOO exhausted Friday afternoon! I’ve never felt so excited to sleep in on weekends but I definitely miss my little ones by the time the weekend is over.

    Teaching remindes me so much of coaching and I really feel so lucky to be a model for these young students, as I had hoped to be when I coached. The positive and fun energy that they bring out of me every day is something that I’m grateful for because it really does make me a better person. I love relating school subjects and “boring” school work to fun sports stories that the students can relate to. They love hearing about when “Miss.Feller” was a college soccer player and the silly things I would do. It brings me so much joy and it remindes me of the amazing memories sports has made in my life. Sports shaped who I am today and I only hope that I can share inspiring stories with my students so the enthusiasm of sports will spread among all youth.

   Have a Happy week everyone!! Stay safe, and continue your prayers for my fellow Lynn student’s and profs family and friends who are still suffering and hoping for the best for our friends in Haiti.

“live for today, because tomorrow is never promised”


Not giving up hope….

by Nat | January 19, 2010

As many of you have been reading, tragedy struck Lynn, as members of our institution family were greatly effected by the earthquake that happened in Haiti a few days ago. Many fellow classmates and professors were working on a food mission trip, Food For the Poor, when tragedy struck the entire Island. Our campus has been a media frenzy with sadness and hope in the atmosphere. Administrators and faculty have been working hours off the clock making sure that students feel calm and keeping spirits high and hopeful. There is a crisis team made up of head staff who are sending planes and faculty to Haiti to help bring our members home safely. There are also many people on campus who have family and friends living in Haiti that they have not heard anything from so I hope that you join myself and the rest of my Lynn family in keeping them in your prayers. 


I hate to even bring up anything else other then mine, and many other’s main concern but I thought that I would share with you all where my blog will be taking us the next couple months. I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve kind of been getting myself in order in where everything is going. I’m now doing my full time student teaching still in the 1st grade and loving every minute of it. In about a week I will be taking over all subjects and creating all my own lesson plans. I have an amazing cooperating teacher who I am learning more then I could of imagined from and I’m definitely taking advantage of being under her wing.


As for soccer it’s definitely weird not going to Spring training and I never thought this semester would come where I’d be done and working full time but I guess that’s life. Even though I can’t be on the field, with my schedule, I think about my teammates and coaches every day at 1pm when I should be lacing up my cleats and ready to run my heart out for Spring training. 

As for now please continue to keep Haiti and our Lynn Family in your prayers…… And to my family and friends who often read my postings, I’m forever grateful to have you all in my life and it’s unfortunate that it takes times like these to make us understand how precious life is….I’m so blessed.


#22 ( I can still put this, it makes me feel better ;) )

Mission Complete!

by Nat | December 8, 2009

       Well my advisor, Dr. Wolf in the education department, observed the lessons I taught yesterday and seemed very impressed! It was a good feeling to hear positive feedback and constructive criticism from a professional who has been teaching for many years.

        On top of the many reasons I love the education program here at Lynn, the professors have so much experience in teaching so many different grade levels that they are able to be such great help in the field. Unlike many schools, the professors at Lynn take ample time in traveling to all the schools, the student teachers are placed in, to observe and give advice in areas where it may be needed. This takes a lot of time out of teaching their own classes at the college as well as office work, but it’s wonderful for the student! I’m looking forward to my last couple days with my kindergardeners, lots of holiday celebrations and activities for the new year!

     Also, later this week I heard Lynn is bring 2 tons of real snow on campus! I’m sure it will make all you northerner  Fighting Knights feel right at home!….a little preview before we go on break next week! During exam week the cafe also tends to pick certain nights to open for breakfast and snacks around midnight for students up late studying for exams….now that’s a reason to stay up late and study!

Until next time,   



by Nat | December 7, 2009

well kind of… :)

 I won $100.00 in “BLINGO” tonight. For those of you who don’t know Lynn puts on a type of Bingo knight called “Blingo” and it’s a chance to win a bunch of money and prizes. The price for the bingo card was only 1 dollar or a can of food for a food drive SGA was doing. It was great to spend some time with my team and fellow students in the dining hall..even better that I won!!

ANNDDDD I won $40.00 on a scratch off I got for my birthday……oh ya, My birthday was this past Tuesday! Maybe I should play the lotto this week!

I’m sure you’re asking what I’m going to do with the money….I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! haha Just kidding But I was joking around with my mom as I was walking there, on the phone telling her I was going to Blingo and the only way I was going to be able to afford to get her a Christmas gift was if I won something so guess what mom….it’s your lucky day!! Oh yah butttt if you’re reading this mom….it was actually only 5 dollars I won so I’ll make sure and not spend it all in one place for ya ;)  for everyone else..yes it really was 100 bucks!

Tomorrow I have my Practicum Teacher Advisor coming into critique 2 lessons I have prepared for my kindergarten class! I’m not nervous as at all…I hope that’s not bad :/ I feel so prepared and I’m so lucky that I’m in a classroom where the teacher is really guiding me in a great direction! I love my little kids but some days I do feel like changing my name after having heard it called 4897598 times in 6 hours!!

Well off to bed for a busy day of teaching and final exam reviews!! Have a great week everyone!!


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My first snow fall!!

by Nat | November 30, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! I know the week went by WAY too fast for my liking but it was great to be home with the family!

This past week I was able to fly to Ohio for a couple days to see some extended family and I saw snow fall for the very first time!! After growing up on an Island in Florida, where it very rarely touches below 50, it was quite exciting!!  It’s going to be a very eventful week coming up in the kindergarden classroom I’m doing my practicum teaching hours in on top of two tests but I’m counting down the days to Christmas break!! I have also decided that so many funny things happen in the classroom I’m teaching in not to post and share so be looking out this week for some posts I think you might get a kick out of!!

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Tough times never last, but tough people do…..

by Nat | November 7, 2009

Never in my mind did I prepare myself the last game of my college career but just like that, everything has to come to an end at some point. Now that I have had a little bit of time to collect myself after losing in the quarter final last week in double overtime, the competative athlete in me has settled down and I have been able to take the last few days to think about all the wonderful memories I have experienced with these teammates/classmates/sisters/bestfriends for the last 4 years.

Words can’t descibe how lucky and blessed I feel to have known and played the sport I love with these girls at Lynn. We weren’t 13 short this year, we were 13 strong and surpassed peoples expectations by a long shot.  Sure, maybe we didn’t win a conference title or a National Championship like some of my old teammates from high school, and club ball can brag about from their colleges, but I’ll tell you…none of those materialistic things can come close to matching up with the memories and friendships that will be with me for the rest of my life.

It’s hard to find a school in college where everything goes perfect in sports. I realized that when you get to this level, no team is easy to beat, and there’s definitely not an easy championship to win, but what makes everything worth while is what happens before and after the whistle blows. My life revolved around 1pm every afternoon when everything had to be cleared from my head to perform at practice. I knew that all my school work had to be done by the afternoon of most Thursdays because I knew it would be hard to get it done on the road during games. Traveling with the team were some of the best memories of my life and I will never forget all the funny and crazy things that would happen to us on the road and days before home games.

As all of these things go through my head and I think, what do I do now? I just closed a chapter in my life that was 17 years long. As time goes on I find more and more positive aspects coming out of the closing of the season but the inner athlete voice in me still wants to fight one more time on that field. I’m sure I will feel that way for a long time but for now, I will concentrate on enjoying the last few months with my team and doing all the fun things off the field now.

What’s it going to be like being a regular college student?! Actually, once a student-athlete, ALWAYS a student-athlete. You will always be looked to as a role model to young children and even some adults. We will be admired for the hard work and dedication we brought to Lynn University’s athletic program. Now we have grades and degrees to receive, that will hopefully, make a positive impact in the world around us. So as I start my new journey, I encourage you to follow along and maybe even help me though some bumps and turns…..after all…we’re all a family at LU!

ps..hey mom! I love you! ;)

Best wishes,


Back on tour..

by Nat | November 2, 2009

So I woke up this morning at 6am….maybe because of the time change but probably because of all the excitement of getting on the bus to play one of the most important games of our season thus far. We leave for Fl.Southern this evening for our game at 7pm tomorrow. Everyone can listen on the Lynn athletic site to the battle for the conference quarter final. Although we had a tough outcome last game against Southern we’re bringing back a full healthy team with a winning mentality like you wouldn’t believe!

We have had one of the best weeks of practice (not to mention a 7am practice the morning after Halloween) and all we have had on our minds is a BIG “W” on the score sheet! Life isn’t so bad on the bus…I’m on my way now to pack my bags, and a must…..charge my ipod! LET THE POST SEASON TOUR BEGIN!……….

Now let’s see how much focus my Statistics professor can grab from me for an hour and 15 min :/ haha

Follow the team tomorrow night at 7!!


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