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Tough times never last, but tough people do…..

by Nat | November 7, 2009

Never in my mind did I prepare myself the last game of my college career but just like that, everything has to come to an end at some point. Now that I have had a little bit of time to collect myself after losing in the quarter final last week in double overtime, the competative athlete in me has settled down and I have been able to take the last few days to think about all the wonderful memories I have experienced with these teammates/classmates/sisters/bestfriends for the last 4 years.

Words can’t descibe how lucky and blessed I feel to have known and played the sport I love with these girls at Lynn. We weren’t 13 short this year, we were 13 strong and surpassed peoples expectations by a long shot.  Sure, maybe we didn’t win a conference title or a National Championship like some of my old teammates from high school, and club ball can brag about from their colleges, but I’ll tell you…none of those materialistic things can come close to matching up with the memories and friendships that will be with me for the rest of my life.

It’s hard to find a school in college where everything goes perfect in sports. I realized that when you get to this level, no team is easy to beat, and there’s definitely not an easy championship to win, but what makes everything worth while is what happens before and after the whistle blows. My life revolved around 1pm every afternoon when everything had to be cleared from my head to perform at practice. I knew that all my school work had to be done by the afternoon of most Thursdays because I knew it would be hard to get it done on the road during games. Traveling with the team were some of the best memories of my life and I will never forget all the funny and crazy things that would happen to us on the road and days before home games.

As all of these things go through my head and I think, what do I do now? I just closed a chapter in my life that was 17 years long. As time goes on I find more and more positive aspects coming out of the closing of the season but the inner athlete voice in me still wants to fight one more time on that field. I’m sure I will feel that way for a long time but for now, I will concentrate on enjoying the last few months with my team and doing all the fun things off the field now.

What’s it going to be like being a regular college student?! Actually, once a student-athlete, ALWAYS a student-athlete. You will always be looked to as a role model to young children and even some adults. We will be admired for the hard work and dedication we brought to Lynn University’s athletic program. Now we have grades and degrees to receive, that will hopefully, make a positive impact in the world around us. So as I start my new journey, I encourage you to follow along and maybe even help me though some bumps and turns…..after all…we’re all a family at LU!

ps..hey mom! I love you! ;)

Best wishes,


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Natalie's Mom 11/9/09 11:37 pm

You have always been my shining star! I love you, my girl!!! xoxo

Nadia 11/14/09 7:24 am

great story

Victor 12/21/09 6:02 am

what a nice story Nat ;)