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Mission Complete!

by Nat | December 8, 2009

       Well my advisor, Dr. Wolf in the education department, observed the lessons I taught yesterday and seemed very impressed! It was a good feeling to hear positive feedback and constructive criticism from a professional who has been teaching for many years.

        On top of the many reasons I love the education program here at Lynn, the professors have so much experience in teaching so many different grade levels that they are able to be such great help in the field. Unlike many schools, the professors at Lynn take ample time in traveling to all the schools, the student teachers are placed in, to observe and give advice in areas where it may be needed. This takes a lot of time out of teaching their own classes at the college as well as office work, but it’s wonderful for the student! I’m looking forward to my last couple days with my kindergardeners, lots of holiday celebrations and activities for the new year!

     Also, later this week I heard Lynn is bring 2 tons of real snow on campus! I’m sure it will make all you northerner  Fighting Knights feel right at home!….a little preview before we go on break next week! During exam week the cafe also tends to pick certain nights to open for breakfast and snacks around midnight for students up late studying for exams….now that’s a reason to stay up late and study!

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Natalie's Mom 12/10/09 10:51 pm

Congratulations, my girl = your first Senior semester is winding down and you’re getting ready for the semester of GRADUATION!! Keep strong, stay focused, be positive, and smile that gorgeous smile! ILY, Mom xoxo