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Not giving up hope….

by Nat | January 19, 2010

As many of you have been reading, tragedy struck Lynn, as members of our institution family were greatly effected by the earthquake that happened in Haiti a few days ago. Many fellow classmates and professors were working on a food mission trip, Food For the Poor, when tragedy struck the entire Island. Our campus has been a media frenzy with sadness and hope in the atmosphere. Administrators and faculty have been working hours off the clock making sure that students feel calm and keeping spirits high and hopeful. There is a crisis team made up of head staff who are sending planes and faculty to Haiti to help bring our members home safely. There are also many people on campus who have family and friends living in Haiti that they have not heard anything from so I hope that you join myself and the rest of my Lynn family in keeping them in your prayers. 


I hate to even bring up anything else other then mine, and many other’s main concern but I thought that I would share with you all where my blog will be taking us the next couple months. I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve kind of been getting myself in order in where everything is going. I’m now doing my full time student teaching still in the 1st grade and loving every minute of it. In about a week I will be taking over all subjects and creating all my own lesson plans. I have an amazing cooperating teacher who I am learning more then I could of imagined from and I’m definitely taking advantage of being under her wing.


As for soccer it’s definitely weird not going to Spring training and I never thought this semester would come where I’d be done and working full time but I guess that’s life. Even though I can’t be on the field, with my schedule, I think about my teammates and coaches every day at 1pm when I should be lacing up my cleats and ready to run my heart out for Spring training. 

As for now please continue to keep Haiti and our Lynn Family in your prayers…… And to my family and friends who often read my postings, I’m forever grateful to have you all in my life and it’s unfortunate that it takes times like these to make us understand how precious life is….I’m so blessed.


#22 ( I can still put this, it makes me feel better ;) )

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Natalie's Mom 1/23/10 1:21 am

I love you, my girl. Thank you for your heartfelt message about your school mates and professors and about being mindful of your own blessings. Always remember that when you lay your head down on your pillow at night and another day has passed, that in itself has been a good day. Blessings come in many different shapes and sizes and all it takes is a second to stop and recognize them. You are my greatest blessing. Take care of yourself. I’ll see you Monday – I’m counting the hours to be with you. Mom xoxo