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by Nat | January 31, 2010

     After yet another awesome week of teaching I have realized even more how thankful I am to have such a rewarding job! It’s so funny how every Sunday I feel so excited and ready for the week ahead after having felt SOOOO exhausted Friday afternoon! I’ve never felt so excited to sleep in on weekends but I definitely miss my little ones by the time the weekend is over.

    Teaching remindes me so much of coaching and I really feel so lucky to be a model for these young students, as I had hoped to be when I coached. The positive and fun energy that they bring out of me every day is something that I’m grateful for because it really does make me a better person. I love relating school subjects and “boring” school work to fun sports stories that the students can relate to. They love hearing about when “Miss.Feller” was a college soccer player and the silly things I would do. It brings me so much joy and it remindes me of the amazing memories sports has made in my life. Sports shaped who I am today and I only hope that I can share inspiring stories with my students so the enthusiasm of sports will spread among all youth.

   Have a Happy week everyone!! Stay safe, and continue your prayers for my fellow Lynn student’s and profs family and friends who are still suffering and hoping for the best for our friends in Haiti.

“live for today, because tomorrow is never promised”


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Natalie's Mom 2/9/10 10:20 pm

You’re the brightest star, Natalie! Shine, shine, shine :)
ily, Mom xoxoxo