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LU Athletes-Changing the Lives of Children

by Nat | March 31, 2010

This week a few students from each of the athletic teams here at Lynn piled into our Lynn Vans with, Director of Student-Athlete services Sara Quatrocky, our Marketing coordinator Jon Roos, Senior Vice President Greg Malfitano and none other then Big LU himself and headed to the Chris Evert’s Children’s Hospital in Davie to deliver Easter Eggs and stuffed animals. We did this trip in memory of Christine Gianaci’s Children’s Outreach. Christine Gianaci was one of the six Lynn University students and faculty lost in the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti while on a mission trip for the Food for the Poor. Food for the poor was also known on campus as Journey of Hope which brought food, supplies, and heart-filled students and faculty to different suffering countries to help the children and families.

Some of us athletes had the chance to spend time with Christine two years ago after she bought the Big LU party at Lynn’s Blue and White Sports Auction in her initiative to help under privileged children. We brought Christine with us on one of our trips that year to this same children’s hospital and felt that we would do it again this year in the name of Christine, her family, and her foundation.

It really was an amazing experience. Seeing these children and spending time with the families is just another way that Lynn has taught me how to be a good citizen and respectable community leader. It was great to see the HUGE smiles on these children’s faces when we delivered stuffed animals and eggs full of candy. The children ranged anywhere from new born to about 16 years old. We even enjoyed sharing the candy with the staff! Outings like these with my fellow student-athletes is yet another way that Lynn has expanded my college experience beyond words.

Please continue to pray for those we lost in the tragic earthquake and thank you to all who continue to show your support to Lynn University!!


Yours Truly,



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Ora Phillips 4/14/10 11:25 am

I would like to commend the students of Lynn University for such admirable acts of kindness. This lets us know that Christine did not do her works in vine. God bless you all for carrying on the legacy. It only takes one to make a difference!