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So much to do so little time=)

by Joey | October 23, 2012

While the countdown to the 3rd and final presidential debate at Lynn University steadily moved toward its conclusion, excitement on campus continued to rise. It’s hard to picture a better example of the old addage,”time flys fast when your having fun,” than the atmosphere seen here at Lynn. Im the kind of person who stares at the microwave waiting for the beep, so patience is clearly not a virtue that I possess, but lynn has made what would have been an unbearable wait into a weekend full of fun for all who were involved.

On saturday my roommate made me participate in lynns 5k, wittily named the red white and zoom. The best time was less than 18 minutes, while i finished 42 places back at a slightly less impressive 39:16. Being that I’m asthmatic I consider even finishing an acomplishment, because i honestly didnt even think I would. Quite frankly, if it was’nt for Lynn i never would have gotten the chance to prove myself wrong or gotten the free teeshirt, which I say as a beautiful segway to my next point.

Free stuff! you love it. I love it. Everyone loves it and that’s simply fact. Free shirts! Free Food! running may not be my favorite thing to do, But getting free ribs from 4 of the best rib joints Boca has to offer was the perfect reward to counter-balance the hundreds of calories burned during my 3.2 mile run. This was all part of Lynn’s Red White and Que(kudos to the marketing department for all the little wittisisms) Live music, free food, performances by our school’s talented cheerleaders and dance team. I Even got a picture with Shane’s(one of the before mentioned rib joints) pig mascot, now thats default worthy haha but seriously, Saturday was the perfect build up for sundays big ticket lottery.

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