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The Final Four Wrap-up

by Gene | April 10, 2008

On Monday, we got up and went to the Alamo. Here we looked around and filmed a little bit more of our project. After here, we went to the Convention Center to do work the last day of the Fan Experience. UCLA, Kansas, and Memphis were having their parties as well during the Fan Experience. UNC’s alumni decided to go back home. During the Fan Experience, I got to meet Denny Crum, the former coach at Louisville who won a national championship. My dad told me that he knows my uncle, and when I asked him about him, he remembered him. After it was over I was in charge of staying with the National Championship trophy until someone came to pick it up. When I was done with that, I hurried over to the Alamodome for the game, where we watched a great game. Neither team could ever pull too far away from the either. One thing that caused Memphis to let it get away, was Memphis’ free throw shooting, even though they shot really well the rest of the tournament. Kansas played a great game. I hope that Chris Douglas-Roberts, Derrick Rose, and the rest of the underclassmen at Memphis come back next year to fight for a National Title.

We got up at 6:30 yesterday to catch a 9:00 flight back here. We flew to Houston and then on to Fort Lauderdale. When we landed in Fort Lauderdale, we saw rapper Fat Joe in the terminal. We got back to campus at about 3 o’clock. I have been hounded by people asking how the trip was, and all I can say is amazing! I hope that I get to go again next year!

When I checked my e-mail, I had an email from the Director of Marketing, Jason Hughes telling me that a local writer from Little Rock wanted to interview me about the trip. I gave him my phone number. I hope he calls me for this, because I want people from Little Rock to know what an amazing time I had and to encourage more Arkansas high school students to come to South Florida for school.


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