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Final Day at the Final Four

by Gene | April 12, 2009

Today we left the hotel at 8:15 and went downtown. After walking into the convention center, looking for the WBCA Assistant’s Roundtable, I asked “Isn’t it at the Hyatt?” And Professor Curtis started laughing and went, “good job you passed the test” and started laughing. He put it on our pre-tour test and then forgot. Haha.

So, after walking to the Hyatt, we found the room and our job was to hand binders to the coaches as they walked in, then if they needed an extra chair getting one for them. After working for about an hour, we went back to Busch Stadium for a tour. We went just about everywhere, in the pressbox, dugout, the special clubs, it was really cool.

We then went to lunch with former Lynn women’s basketball player Megan Osmer. She works for former Lynn Women’s Basketball Coach Pam DeCosta at San Jose State University. We then walked back to the Hyatt, where our job was to make sure if the coaches needed more copies of their handouts we took a handout to the appropriate person to get more copies. My coach was Danielle O’Banion of the University of Memphis. I walked up to her and said Doo-Dah and she started laughing asking how I knew him. I told her he was my uncle, so we talked for a minute then she started her presentation to the coaches.

After this, we went to the Women’s Basketball National Championship game between UCONN and Louisville. The game started out going back and forth, then UCONN pulled away. So we left not too long into the second half, since we have to be in the lobby at 4:00 am for our flight.

Overall, this was a very unique trip. It was much diferent from the men’s last year. Last year it seemed like we did more, but that might be since we were there two extra days last year. Well later.



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