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My Summer Plans

by Gene | May 8, 2009

So every college student gets asked at this time of the year, “What do you have planned this summer?” Well, my plans are simple but good.

In a couple days, I start summer school. I am taking two classes, Hospitality Industry Seminar and Sports Skills I: Golf. I don’t really know what to expect from the first one, but the Golf class, I’ve heard that its just a how-to class. This may sound like a joke class, but it is actually a great concept since that is where most business deals are made and where a lot of coaches go in their off-time, so this would be a great skill for me to have.

After summer school ends, I am heading up to Gainesville, Florida to go work the University of Florida Men’s Basketball Camp. From there, I will head up to Clemson, South Carolina to work Clemson University’s Camp. After that I will go to Memphis, Tennessee to work¬†two of the¬†Unviersity of Memphis’ Camp.

After I’m done with the camps, I’m going to go home for a couple days, then back down here to Boca. When I get back I’ll start working on Orientation stuff, as well as working with Coach McMillin to learn more about coaching and getting more experience.

It’s gonna be a busy summer!


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Lauren 5/9/09 10:30 am

busy…but GOOD summer. don’t forget about mama! lol