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A Personal Situation

by Gene | July 2, 2009

I normally don’t share very personal things, but I’m going to change that here.

Today, I went for a physical with my doctor. I had been having chest pains when I ran so I thought I would ask him about it. He did some tests and took some x-rays. He thought it might be asthma, so while we were waiting for the x-rays, he had the nurse do some breathing tests and do an ekg (which basically just monitors your heart rate from what I gathered). They both turned up perfect, so throw asthma out. Well we got the x-rays, and he looked at them. He said everything seemed normal, except my heart. He said it was a little big. And the only reason he was concerned was because I had been having chest pains, so I am going to see a cardiologist here in a few days.

Now, if you know me, I make jokes, even about myself. Well, my joke for this was, I guess I can no longer be called an asshole because of the fact that I have such a big heart. I know its stupid, but for me it gives me a smile because I am nervous about this whole situation. I don’t know what to expect or what they are going to tell me. I am going to try to be positive because then everybody around me will be positive. And that in turn will keep me positive.

I didn’t write this for the sympathy. I wrote this because I want you (my valued readers) to know more about what is going on in my life. I greatly appreciate each and everyone of you reading my blog and especially those who take the time to comment.

I will give you an update when I find out more about what is going on. Again, thank you.


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