Keeping Score


by Gene | July 6, 2009

So this morning I went to the cardiologist and he ran some tests on my heart. He said I appear to have a small hole in my heart, so tomorrow I have to go in for additional tests so he can make 100% sure. He also said that I should be fine, but he wants to run the tests so I don’t walk around unsure of what is going on inside of me.

My family and friends that I have talked to have been very supportive and helpful to me. They have helped keep me positive which has been great, especially with the fact that I am scared and not sure what is going on. My mom and Mama (yes Lauren Fry, thats you :-P ) have been with me the whole way and its helped me tremendously.

Again, I am not writing this blog for sympathy or anything, I just need a place to let my emotions out and this is a great place for me to do it.

This is just a small bump in the road, but with the love and support of my family and friends, I know I’ll make it through with no problems that I can’t overcome.


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Lauren 7/6/09 10:08 pm

gene, you know i’m there for you all the time :) call/txt me if you need ANYTHING!

Morgan 7/7/09 10:58 am

Gene, I’m sorry. This must be a rough time for you, but I’m glad you have the support that you need.

I hope everything goes well.