Keeping Score


by Gene | July 22, 2009

So recently, ESPN has been running a great commercial aimed at dad’s and I think its a great commercial. Here is the link from YouTube:

But it also got me thinking about my dad. A common quote about dads is “Anybody can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Well, if thats the case, then I guess my father is the most special man in the world. He has taught me not only how to play sports and about small things in life, but he has taught me how to be a man. He has taught me to love my mother and both of my brothers even though they can be goofy and hard on me at times. He’s taught me how to deal with different people and to do what makes me happy, not what everyone wants.

He spent time with me when I was younger. He coached my teams when I was younger, but wasn’t the dad who was adement that I was the best athlete. He never treated me like I was either. He treated me like just another player. But when we walked off the field or court, he put his arm around me and told me I did a good job. He offered criticism when necessary but never yelled at me when it came to sports. He would show me what I did wrong and how to improve.

But one thing my dad did recently shows what kind of dad he is. It was the same day my cardiologist told me I might have a hole in my heart. I was outside shooting free throws just trying to clear my mind and relax, when all of a sudden he comes up and starts to rebound for me. I didn’t ask him to, he just did it.

The scariest moment in my life was not when my cardiologist said I might have a hole in my heart, or anything that happened to me personally, but when I got a call from my mom and she said they thought my dad had a heart attack. I immediately start crying because I didn’t want to think about life without him. I like to think of my dad as superman, he’s invincible. He’s made me the man I am today. No offense to my mom (who has done just as incridible job raising me), but my dad helped make me a man. Luckily he is fine. That way when I need advice I can still pick up the phone and call him.

I love you Dad.


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Carolina Gonzalez 7/23/09 12:24 am

Very moving post Gene.

Christina 7/23/09 2:50 pm

It sounds like you are very lucky to have such an amazing father! This was a very touching post, glad you shared.