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What Women Should Know About Men

by Gene | March 5, 2010

I saw an article on Yahoo! that got me thinking, do women truly know what men want. We all know men know nothing about women, but do women truly know men?

Well here is a list of 10 things I have gathered in my short life:

1. Compliment us every know and then. We like to know you care about us. And I’m not saying compliment us on looks or physical stuff, I’m saying on something we’ve done that you don’t think we realized you noticed.

2. If you ask us a question, we will be honest. If we truly care about you, there is no need to lie, because we want there to be honesty. You will be mad at us longer if we lie so there is no need to lie.

3. We don’t want to hear about how your past boyfriend treated you poorly. The only and I mean ONLY time to do this is when you feel you need to cheer us up. We liked our egos stroked at that time.

4. We don’t need you attached at our hip. You know we care about you and want to spend time with you, but we also care about our friends. When we are away from you, we will probably be happier to see you the next time and will want to spend longer with you.

5. Guys don’t smell like girls. Sorry, we have more of a sporty smell to us while you have the flowery smell to you. We try to smell nice, but we normally don’t smell nearly as good as you.

6. Take control at times. If you have something you want to do, tell us, don’t make us guess. If we go out on a date and we ask what you want to do and you say you don’t care, then don’t get upset at our suggestion. You just said you don’t care. This goes for the bedroom too. You know what you like, we don’t. We are as simple as can be in this aspect.

7. You will not come between us and our families or us and ourselves. If you don’t like our mother, sorry, she’s not going anywhere. If you don’t like our chosen career, sorry, it’s what we love.

8. Show us you mean what you say. If you say you love us, don’t just say it, show it in your actions. This can be different for every guy. Some guys its just a random text message when we aren’t expecting it, randomly showing up at work with lunch, or just doing something with us you normally wouldn’t.

9. We know we aren’t perfect, so you don’t need to remind us. If you send us to the store to get stuff and we forget one item, we apologize but at least we got everything else. If we cleaned the house, but didn’t make the bed, we apologize. If we leave the toilet seat up, you’re a big girl, simply push it down.

10. Not everything is our fault. We take the blame to avoid fights and because we know you are going to blame us anyways, but it gets tiring.


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Cara 4/3/10 2:20 pm

Thanks for letting us know what guys like and want. Hearing straight from the horse’s mouth really helps because lots of guys just aren’t good at telling us this! In regards to #3, women don’t want guys telling us about their past gf’s either. Makes us think that as soon as we’re out of earshot, you’ll start talking about us.

Sarah 4/7/10 9:23 pm

Hey Gene,

Wow, great list! Thanks for taking the time to compile it. Some of the things you mentioned were definitely refreshing. Would you ever consider doing a list of things men could learn from women (maybe as a complement to this)?