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A Day of Basketball

by Gene | April 6, 2008

Today was a day that any basketball fan would love. We met back up with Prime Sport, the Official secondary ticket outlet of the NCAA. We got with them about what they wanted people to do for the Fan Experience. Michael Woo and I were running the on-court activities for it, while Andy Heid and Pete Gladstone were doing the same at the Elite Experience. Woo and I got people playing knockout, three-point contest, and Hot Shot. DanielSilverstein was the Production Manager, which meant he was helping coordinate what was going on on the stage and on the court. Jesse Kopp and Jesse Redstone were in charge of managing the interactive games around the court. There were four people in charge of the school parties, Emily Lipman (Memphis), Lindsay Ploshnick (UNC), Derrick Barenboim (UCLA), and Evan Ruderman (Kansas). Kristin Grey was in charge of making sure people were going where they were supposed to.

After the Fan Experience, we all walked over to the games. When we got in, I went and sat with my Aunt Harriet 32 rows up from the floor. We watched Memphis beat UCLA. We were in the Memphis section. This was a lot of fun. Derrick Rose scored 25 points, but most impressive to me, 9 rebounds. He is a better player to watch in person, rather than on TV. He showed me that he is a game-changing point guard. Chris Douglas Roberts scored 28 and was just as impressive as Rose. Jowy Dorsey didn’t score a single point, but he pulled down 15 rebounds, which was just as important to the Tigers’ victory.

After that game was over, I headed up to where the rest of the group was, in the third tier. I was impressed with Brandon Rush, who scored 25 points, but he also let his teammates help lead the Jayhawks. Cole Aldrich really impressed me as well. He gave Bill Self a fourth reliable big man to go to. Tyler Hansborough from North Carolina also impressed me. Some scouts don’t think he would make a good pro, but with the way he plays, I don’t think I could pass him up in a draft.

Monday we will do the Fan Experience again, with a few changes to make it more fun, and then go watch a champion be crowned.

I’ll let you know what we do tomorrow.


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A day to promote Lynn

by Gene | April 4, 2008

Well, today wasn’t to bad. We started by being at the Convention Center at 7 am for the College Tip-Off, where we guided kids to where they were supposed to go. During this process, I got to see our head manager from last year, Pete Gash. This guy helped get me to where I am today. He gave me responsibilities in my first year with the team. This is a guy who works his ass off and is deserving of every good thing that happens to him. During the Tip-Off, we went around trying to get kids to go talk to the Admissions representative from Lynn.

After we finished this, we went and watched UCLA practice. I didn’t like the way they ran it, but I can’t argue with it since they have been to 3 consecutive Final Fours. We then met with the Executive Director of the San Antonio Sports Foundation. She told us all about how they get involved and do things to make San Antonio healthier.

We then went and collected surveys for the NCAA. We gave out about 2,000 Lynn University pens. The surveys were all about tickets.

Then later, I got a call from my Aunt, asking if I wanted to sit with her at the Memphis/UCLA game.

We will see what tomorrow holds.


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Another Exciting Day

by Gene | April 4, 2008

Well, each day just gets more exciting! Today we started off by meeting with Judge Nelson Wolf. He is a very powerful man in San Antonio. He is trying to get 13 more facilities built in San Antonio. He is trying to raise funds by raising taxes on hotels and rental cars. This is actually a very normal thing. Judge Wolf doesn’t see a pro franchise in San Antonio for another 10-20 years.

After this, we went to meet with 4 of the 6 people in charge of the Valero Alamodome. They have a very well run bowl game. They gave us great advice while we met them. They told us that its ok to work lower jobs, because it helps get you in the door and can lead to big opportunities.

A little bit later, Andy Heid, Peter Gladstone, Jesse Kopp, Dr. Barr, and myself went to the NABC Welcome Dinner. We saw Oliver Purnell of Clemson, Lorenzo Romar of the University of Washington, and many others. The rest of the group went to meet with executives with the San Antonio Missions and Texas League.

When we got back from the dinner, I got a phone call from my Aunt Harriet asking if I wanted to go over to her hotel. Her husband is the Travel Coordinator for the University of Memphis. When I got to the hotel, I had to wait in the lobby for a minute. When she came down the escalator, I saw a familiar figure with her. When they got closer I realized that figure was none other than Memphis coach John Calipari. When they got downstairs she introduced us. This alone made this trip memorable. But I also met DaJuan Wagner’s dad Milton, who played at Louisville, the athletic director at Austin Peay, and was just feet away from Joey Dorsey and Antonio Anderson.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


Live from San Antonio

by Gene | April 3, 2008


So today we didn’t have to get up as early, but we got up at 8 o’clock and started our trek to San Antonio. We went to the La Cantera Golf Course and met with executives from the Valero Texas Open. We learned that in two years they will be moving to a new course to fit their needs. The Texas Open is a non-profit tournament and raises millions of dollars every year. They also help organize local golf tournaments for fundraising. They have been in the same location since 1922 and are one of the longest tenured golf tournaments that have been at the same venue.

When we left there we went on an accidental tour of Downtown San Antonio. We passed places about 2 or 3 times looking for the AT&T Center. When we finally found it, we met with the Director of Sales and learned that there is a huge difference in the way to do in-game promotions for the Spurs, Silverstars, and Rampage. We also learned that for the basketball games, the floor actually goes over the ice. They put an insulator under the court 1st. After we took a tour of the AT&T Center, we got lunch at Whataburger. Then we went to the Alamo Dome to meet with the Facility Director. The Alamo Dome can hold 66,000 people, but for the Final Four it will hold 44,500 people. The Alamo Dome is the host for the Valero Alamo Bowl, the 1998 and 2004 Final Fours. TIt has no main tenant. Because of this, it’s easier to book events, and it’s critical for them to host big events. We also learned that over the 4 days of the Final Four, Friday – Monday, San Antonio will make 70 million new dollars. The Alamo Dome is currently bidding on Final Fours from 2012-2016.

We are staying at the Residence Inn just about 6 blocks from the Alamo Dome. My roommates are Woo again, and Daniel Silverstein.

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The Road to the Final Four Starts

by Gene | April 1, 2008

The Road to the Final Four doesn’t start in October when practice starts, suprisingly it starts at 5 in the morning in the parking lot of the Hospitality Office at Lynn University. That is when 12 students and 2 faculty members, Professor Ted Curtis and Dr. Charles Barr, met to head to the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Our flight left at 7:30 and we got to Houston, Texas at 9:30, then flew to Austin 30 minutes later and landed another 30 minutes later.

When we got to Austin, we headed to the University of Texas to have a lunch meeting with the Women’s Athletic Director, Chris Plonsky. She showed us the football facilities. We saw just about everything. We saw the suites, the weight room, the players lounge, training facility, and trophy room. Their facilities are top notch.

After the football facilities, we went to the Texas Swimming Center. This is also top notch. We watched a couple of people practicing their dives. That was really cool. After that we went and toured the Frank C. Erwin, Jr., Special Events Center, which hosts all men’s and women’s basketball games, an arena football team, concerts, and many other events. The film room for the teams looks like a movie theatre, and the practice courts are top notch. Not only do they have the college 3-point line, but also the NBA 3-point line in order to allow guys who were thinking about going to the next level could practice.

From the Erwin Center, we went to the UFCU Disch-Falk Field, the home of the Longhorn baseball team. They are currently renovating the grand stand. The suites are top notch, as is the lockerroom. We then watched the Texas-Rice baseball game. The first 2 plays were pop flys to left field, which the left fielder proceeded to drop both of them. We left after the 2nd inning and came to the hotel. The 3 girls are in 1 room, Professor Curtis are in 2 seperate rooms. 1 guy has a single, and I’m rooming with Michael Woo, who if you followed the Lynn University Fighting Knight basketball season know, is on the basketball team.

Well, tomorrow, we get to San Antonio and I will write tomorrow about it. Talk to you later.


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Final Four

by Gene | March 18, 2008

Wow, the Final Four is fast approaching and that means it’s about time for the Sports Management’s second annual “Final Four Experience.”

This is my first year going but Professor Curtis and Dr. Barr already have a full schedule for us, more than last years. Not only will be attending the semi-final games and championship game, but before we even get to San Antonio, we are going to Austin, Texas to visit the University of Texas on Tuesday. Being from Arkansas, I was raised to not like the University of Texas, but this won’t keep me from going in with an open mind. We are going to meet with the Director of Women’s Athletics, Chris Plonsky, tour the stadiums, and then cap it off by watching a UT- Rice baseball game, which is a big rivalry in college baseball.

The next day we are going to go to San Antonio, where we will go to the LaCantera Golf Club, where the PGA Tour Valero Texas Open is held. After that we are going to Spurs Sports & Entertainment, the on a tour of the AT&T Center. Then we will go to the San Antonio Office of Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities. Then we are going to meet with the director of sales with the San Antonio Rampage, a minor league hockey team. After the meeting, we are going to watch the Rampage take on the Milwaukee Admirals.

Then Thursday, we are going to meet Judge Nelson W. Wolff, head of San Antonio’s Major League Baseball efforts. Judge Wolff was pivotal in trying to lure the Marlins to San Antonio. After meeting with Judge Wolff, we are going to meet with the President of the Valero Alamo Bowl. Then we will go to meet with officials with the University of Texas- San Antonio, followed by meeting the President of the Texas League, a Class AA minor league baseball league, and the marketing director of marketing with the San Antonio Missions, then to watch them play the N.W. Arkansas Naturals on Opening Day.

Friday, we are going to volunteer with the 2008 College Tip-off College Fair, which is just what it sounds like, a college fair for high school students. After we eat lunch, we are going to meet with the executive director of the San Antonio Sports Foundation, and watch a little bit of a shoot around, which I will enjoy. Then to do more volunteering, but this one is doing a survey for the NCAA.

On Saturday, we will go to the National Association of Basketball Coaches Expo, where every company who makes basketball products will be trying to sell items to coaches. Then we will go to NCAA Hoop City as well as meet with David Barrett, who wrote “One Shining Moment” which is the theme song for the Final Four. Then we will go meet with the sales director and special events Vice President of RazorGator, which is the official ticket outlet of the NCAA Tournament. Then after that we will relax and watch the semi-finals.

On Sunday, we will be helping with the NCAA Dome Dribblers’. We will be making sure kids stay where they are supposed to be, as well as showing them how to dribble if they need help. Then we will be able to attend the My CokeFest at The Big Dance™.

Monday, we will go see the Alamo, which in the words of Professor Curtis, “It will take about 5 minutes at most.” Then later we will do some more work with RazorGator. Then that night we will relax and watch the Championship Game. Then fly back to school on Tuesday.

And just remember, just because its not in the classroom, doesn’t mean its not a class.  Gene

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End of Semester

by Gene | December 5, 2007

Well, the year is just about half over and its been interesting.

I started the year off by getting to school early for Orientation Assistant. That was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of freshman, and have made long-term friendships with a lot of those.

Then came the start of classes. I had a great schedule filled with fun and interesting teachers.

Then came the start of basketball. Basketball has been great, except the fact that we have lost three straight, but I have a good feeling about Saturday against Eckerd. I have a personal rivalry against Eckerd, becuase my brother went there and before I visited the Lynn campus, I was pretty sure I was going to Eckerd.

This past weekend I was in Valdosta, Georgia for basketball and it reminded me of Arkansas. The leaves were the orange, yellow, and brown you see in the fall and everybody was so nice. The only downside was we lost both games.

On the day after Thanksgiving, Arkansas beat LSU in football. I was so happy, since this was the first time since 1961, I think, that Arkansas has beat a Number 1 team in the nation. Then on the following Monday, Houston Nutt resigned as coach and signed onto coach at Ole Miss, who is a divisional rival. This infuriated me. The main rumor flying around Arkansas is that Lane Kiffin, the Oakland Raiders coach, might come to Arkansas and the old Ole Miss coach would come with him, which would be great, because he is known as a great recruiting, helping recruit such players as Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, and Mike Williams.

Now, its time to study for finals and work until the 22nd when I’ll go home for 4 days, then come back for more basketball.


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Schedule for 2nd Semester

by Gene | November 14, 2007

So today I met with my advisor, Professor Curtis, to schedule my classes for next semester. I have a great schedule. On Monday’s my first class is from 10-10:50 A.M. This is the classroom section of my internship. From 11-11:50, I have Fundamentals of Communications. On Tuesday and Thursday, I have Sports and Recreation Facilities from 8-915 A.M., Then Accounting from 9:30-10:45 A.M., then Organization Management in Amateur and Intercollegiate Sports from 11-12:15. My two sports classes are with Professor Curtis, who is a great teacher and makes things relate to what the students watch. Basketball practice will be later in the afternoon so I’ll have the early afternoon to relax or get stuff done.

Next semester will also be more fun in basketball because we will be playing games every week and then we will go to the post-season, which I hope we will go very far in.

 Have a great day and see you on Thursday at 7 pm!!

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Scheduling Classes

by Gene | November 10, 2007

Well, its advising week here at Lynn, and I have been picking classes. Right now im planning on taking 18-21 credits. 12-15 are classes that I would take for my major and one class would be an elective. 6 credits are for my internship. 6 credits is equal to 300 hours of working, which will be easy for me to do, since with practice alone, I work 18 hours a week, then I have laundry which is an extra 2 hours every few days. Fall of 08 ill take the last three internship credits, which will be another 150 hours. The class I am most looking forward to is Front Office Operation. I think it will be interesting cause then I can learn what goes into running/working in the front office of a sports team.

My internship is going to be the job I currently do, Manager of the Men’s Basketball Team. Now, I’m getting credits toward graduation. Speaking of basketball, the first game is on Thursday at 7 in the DeHornle Cultrual Center against Saint Thomas, located in Miami. I hope everybody reading this comes to the game to support the basketball team. This is your 1st chance to see the Fighting Knights in action at Lynn.

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Getting Hectic

by Gene | September 28, 2007

Whew! It is getting hectic here. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting up for basketball at about 5:30-6:00 in the morning. The team starts individuals, a small version of practice with about four players, or conditions, then I go back to my room about 7:30. On Monday, Wensday, and Friday, I get to sleep for about an hour, but a lot of times its hard to go back to sleep since I’m already awake, then I’m in my Marketing class at 9:00. That class is so fun. I guess its also a little easier for me since I’ve grown up in a business so I was involved in marketing and talked to my Mom about marketing a lot. Then at 10:00, I’m in Spanish class which is very intresting. I’ve taken Spanish before so I get some of it. On Tuesday and Thursday I’m in Intro to Sports Management at 8:15, American History at 9:30 and Computer Applications at 11. Sports Management is a lot of fun. We talk about sports (obviously), but Professor Curtis makes it so fun when we do. American History is rather boring since we watch a video the whole time. Computer is easy since I took a computer class in high school.

After classes, I go eat lunch with my friends in the cafeteria. Some people complain that the food isn’t good, but I like it. I can always find something to eat. Basketball practice comes next.  We practice from 12:30 until 3:30. We are actually about to start two a days where we condition in both the morning and afternoon. After practice I normally go to my room and just relax since thats about the only time I get to haha. Later I normally hang out with my friends, go eat dinner, and do my homework. I normally go to sleep about 11 or so, and then the day starts all over. It’s a long day but I love it.


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