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Christmas Break

by Gene | December 28, 2008

So my Christmas break is a little bit different from the typical Lynn student’s. First off mine didn’t start Friday the 19th, rather it started on the 22nd. We had games on the 20th and 21st, which we won. My break won’t end January 6th, rather it ends on December 30th. I was supposed to be back the 26th, but Coach allowed me to stay home a couple extra days. During these days, I have caught up wit friends, family, and on my relaxation.

But also, I am using two of these days to watch some basketball of two of the programs I worked for this summer. Tomorrow, the 28th, I’m going to watch the University of Arkansas-Little play against Rice. I’m excited about this game, because I enjoyed working with UALR’s staff. They were extremely nice to me and I think this is a program on the rise. Monday, I’m going to watch Memphis play Cincinnati. This is going to be a very good match-up of two high profile programs. Memphis also was very pleasent towards me this summer and is a program that is at the top of the college basketball world.

This break has been really benefical to me because I am really figuring what I need to do and what I want in life. Now, I need to act upon this and continue to get better in everything I do.


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Missing People/Things from Home

by Gene | September 18, 2008

So I’ve been gone from home for just under three weeks and I miss a couple of things and people.

I miss my parents first off. I love them with all my heart and it was great this summer walking into the store and joking around with them. This summer I learned so much from them about the store and why they make certain decisions and how they handle certain situations. Also, their support they gave me with the different camps I went to this summer.

I miss my brother Ben as well. He cracked me up so much this summer. He and I bonded a couple times this summer. I love him so much, he’s a great brother.

I miss the employees at the store. They made going to the store everyday fun. Just joking around with them kept me from going crazy. I can’t wait to see every single one of them again.

I miss Lauren. That girl is my sister. While not biological, I consider her my little sister and would do anything for her and want to be there for her for anything she needs. I have a picture on my desk here at school of her and I from her graduation, and it makes me miss her. I miss going to lunch with her everyday and having someone at the store who is my age.

I miss my dogs. My golden retriever, Candy, is 15 and I know a phone call is coming soon from my mom and I’m not looking forward to that. She will always be my princess and baby girl. She’s the only dog I’ve really known for a long time. We got here when I was in 2nd grade, so right about 14 years. My dad’s schnoodle, Shaggy, is just funny. He’s like 4 but the laziest little dog you’ll ever meet. All he does at the store is lay in his chair and eat. Then when he gets home he runs around for about 10 minutes then lays down again. But I do have to say he is a cute dog and I love him.

I miss my cousin, Andrew. He moved in June out to Utah and now is at the University of Denver, but when we hung out we had fun. He was there for so much in my life. I love him. He’s my best friend and brother. It’s going to be different when I go home and he’s not there.

I miss all my family in New Orleans. It was fun going to visit them for a week over 4th of July. We had fun just hanging out and being around each other. I hope they come down here sometime and visit.

I just miss my city. I miss driving into town and seeing everything and everybody.


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What I’ve Learned This Summer

by Gene | August 5, 2008

In basketball, the summer is when a lot of players get better. They have more time to concentrate on basketball and get in a lot of work in this time. Well, even though I’m not a player, I’ve gotten better. Not as much in the actual playing side, but as far as my experiences and what I’ve learned.

I always known that in athletics, a lot of times its not what you know, but who you know. This summer I found out just how correct this is. The main reason I was able to work the Memphis camp was not because I work hard or have any kind of knowledge. While these help, it was mainly because my uncle is the Travel Coordinator and told me who to talk to as well as mention that I’m his nephew. When I got to Memphis, I was known as DooDa’s nephew (DooDa is my uncle’s nickname). Once I got into the camp, I showed them that they made a good decision in letting me work, as I showed up early every day and worked my tail off the entire time. I did anything that was asked of me and my aunt said the staff talks highly of me. (Maybe I could turn that into a Graduate Assitant job, we’ll see what happens).

The reason I got into the Clemson camp was because the coach in charge of hiring is the brother of one of our current players and knows Coach Heskett. Again once I got in their, I showed them how hard I work and that they made a good decision in letting me come work for them. But I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if I didn’t know the right people.

I also took the time to learn more about my parent’s business. I have tried to be more active with them in learning about why they make certain decisions or in just how certain things work. One of our employees just bought a house and has been renovating it. I have been working closely with him, learning how to install some of the lighting and how to install tile. He has taught me a lot and I am very grateful.

I’m also doing more to start becoming more independant from my parents. I wanted to get an apartment with my roommate and both of our parents had their reasons for why we needed to wait. He and I talked about it and decided to see if instead of waiting for our senior year, if we could get one at Christmas break. Both of our parents said we’ll see. This summer with the work I’ve been doing for my parents, between camps, I came up with the idea that if I took all that money and handed it to my parents to help off-set their cost. They felt that that was a very mature decision and have decided they are on board for getting the apartment in December. We are now just waiting to hear about my roommate’s parents.

Well, I think I’ve had a successful summer and have grown in ways that will help me not only in my coaching future, but in life as well.


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Bye to My Cousin

by Gene | July 1, 2008

Last week, I went to a party for my cousin. It had two purposes, the first being his birthday and the second being a going away party.

I first met my cousin, Andrew Collins, when I was in the 7th grade when my family and I decided that it would be best for me to be Bar Mitzvahed at the Conservadox synagogue. Conservadox is a term meaning half conservative and half orthodox. He and I became best friends. About a year later, we found out that the woman his grandfather married after his divorce was my cousin’s grandmother. He and I were so happy when we found this out.

My 8th grade year,  he was going out with this girl and I tagged along to a movie with them and we told her I was his cousin, this was all before we found out we were. About 6 months later, he and I got back from Colorado, where we went skiing for Winter Break. That night he threw a New Year’s Eve party and she was there, so since that had broken up already, we decided to break the news to her. She wasn’t too happy about it.

Tuesday was when he left to go to Utah with his parents. I texted him after I got done with camp to ask if he had left and he told me he was about to. I wasn’t going to get to see him since I had to go pick up my brother from work. When I got back to my parents store, I looked at my mom and just broke down. I hated the face that he was gone. I felt like I lost a part of me. He was my 1st true best friend. He and I are brothers. We talk about everything, from our friends to our families to girls to sports. He is one person that has always been there for me.

I’m going to miss going over to his house and playing knee hockey, making fun of our moms, and just being around each other.

Tuba, you’re my boy!

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My Parents

by Gene | June 22, 2008

There have always been two people who have always been by my side, through the good and the bad. Through my first years playing sports through my first girlfriends. My parents have always tried to make it better for me than they had it. I can only hope that when and if I become a parent I can be half as good of one as they are.

The most recent example of this is them allowing me to be away from home for 3 weeks driving to three different stops, two of which I didn’t have somebody to go stay with. They knew this was something I wanted to do in order to help get me into my chosen career path of coaching. I would call them and tell them what I was doing and the phrase that I kept hearing from them was “We are so proud of everything you are doing.” If I didn’t feel that I had my parents support I probably wouldn’t pursue it. My parents support means the world to me, and they have always wanted me to do what makes me happy.

The fact that my parents have always been there for me and put me in situations to succeed is why when I get my first coaching job, they will be the first to know and I will want them by my side and sharing in my success. The success they helped in making.

Remeber, parents are the reason for your success, whether they are like my parents or not. They gave birth to you and without them you wouldn’t be here.

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Summer Plans

by Gene | April 23, 2008

Every year people make plans for what to do over the summer. Vacations, working, visiting family and friends, and much more.

Well, I’m no different. My plans are a little different. I’m leaving Boca May 7th and will drive back to Little Rock with my brothers and maybe Mom and Grandma. I might then drive to New Orleans to go see some friends and family. In June, I am planning on going to work a couple of basketball camps. Its already set that I’m going to work at Clemson University’s camp, and I’m still working on getting into the University of Memphis’, Southern Methodist University’s, and the University of Oklahoma’s camps.

In the coaching business, its not what you know, its who you know. This is how I got into Clemson’s and hope to get into the others. At Clemson, one of the basketball players here has a brother that works for them, and he helped me out. My Uncle is the travel coordinator so I’m hoping he can help me get into the camp. And one of our coaches here went to Oklahoma and worked at SMU, so he’s trying to help get me into those camps.

In July, I’m hoping to spend 2 weeks rigth outside Pittsburgh working the Five-Star Basketball Camp which is a national showcase camp, where a lot of high school and college coaches are at.

The times that I’m not working camps, I plan on being in Little Rock with my family and friends, who are some of the most important people to me.

Well, I’ll update you soon on how the plans develop.


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My Parents

by Gene | March 21, 2008

Everybody has the people that they say they owe everything to, whether it be a teacher, mentor, parent, or other family member. I owe everything that I have and ever will ever have to my parents, Charlene and Paul “Chuck” Prousnitzer.

My parents have always put my brothers and I in a position to succeed in whatever we do. This summer, the coaches want me go work different basketball camps in order to gain experience, as well as contacts. My parents have been giving me suggestions on where I could go. I assumed my parents wouldn’t want me to go too far, but my mom recommended I try to go Knoxville, Tennessee and try to work at the University of Tennessee. Coach Bruce Pearl and I have a little bit in common. We both are Jewish and in college, he was a manager at Boston College. I’m also going to be trying to work at SMU in Dallas; the University of Arkansas-Little Rock; the University of Arkansas; the University of Memphis, where one of my uncles is the Travel Coordinator; the University of Central Arkansas; the University of Oklahoma; the University of Tulsa; Mississipi State University; Louisiana State University; and my high school, Catholic High for Boys.

When I was growing up, and played a bunch of different sports, my parents where the one’s taking me to practice and games, even when I had to leave one game at halftime, in order to make it in time for another one. My dad would coach my teams, but never gave me preferential treatment. In fact, he was actually harder on me, but I know its because he wanted me to succeed. My dad even taught me a move in basketball that is one of the best hustle plays, the charge. When I play, I’m known to take charges, and I love it. In fact, in a game in high school, I was guarding a guy who was bigger than me, and my dad told me he looked to another parent and said he thought I was in a mismatch, then he heard a whistle and he looked and the ref called a charge on the other player.

My mom has always been there for me to have someone to talk to and offer advice. She is one person who I could always trust, and I felt was not only my mom, but my friend.

I love my parents and would do anything to repay them for everything they’ve given me. My friend asked me if I had a million dollars whats the first thing I’d buy and my response is the same as what I’d say anything “A nice house for my parents.”

Remember, always love those who sacrificed to put you in a position to succeed.


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Family/ Friends

by Gene | February 28, 2008

Its hard to find friends who you can depend on to be there and listen when you need an ear, when you need a shoulder to cry on, and when you need someone to celebrate a victory with. Well, I have been lucky enough to find such people. I don’t know where I would be without these people. They have all forgiven me when I get mad when I shouldn’t have. They have all seen me break down, as well as on top of the world.

The person that has always been there for me, mainly because he is my brother, is Philip. I love him. He has talked me out of stupid decisions many times. That is the person, that, besides my parents, I owe everything to. I will always be here for him, like he is there for me.

There are two people that I feel like I can talk to about anything here at school. They are my roommate Anthony and my friend John. The three have a lot in common and are all brothers. I tell everybody that when I get married I want them to plan my bachelor party.

The two most important people in my life though are my parents, Chuck & Charlene Prousnitzer. I owe them everything. They have done everything to help my brothers and I get ahead in life. They are the two most important people and I don’t ever want to do anything to disappoint them. I will always be in debt to them.

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A 4 Day Break

by Gene | December 25, 2007

Well i got into Little Rock on Saturday at about 1:30. My dad picked me up and we went and met my mom at their store. We went to lunch at my favorite BBQ place, Chip’s. My mom and I went to the store called Perisan’s, a clothing store, and I got a new suit for basketball. After that we went to Men’s Warehouse for me to get another suit. I got a couple shirts and ties so I will look good for next semester’s games. Later that night, my parents and Lauren, a girl that works for my parents, went to my favorite steakhouse, Arthur’s. I call Lauren my little sister. Lauren and I then went to the mall so we could get our mom’s gifts. I got my mom a robe and some body lotion. After I dropped Lauren off, I went to meet Sophia for a movie. We went to see National Treasure, SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!

The next day I hung out with my parents and went to dinner with them, my brother Ben, my grandmother, and my great-Uncle Jim. Then we went home and my brother and I played a little bit of Nitendo Wii and then I went to go meet my friend Erin. Today, I went and met my friend Lauren to catch up with her. Then I went to dinner with my family and my Aunt Harriet, whose husband is the Travel Coordinator and the University of Memphis. Tomorrow we are going to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant, FuLin’s, then I will head back to school Wensday morning at 6:40. 

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Staying on campus during Christmas Break

by Gene | December 14, 2007

Well, today everybody finished exams today and most people have left for a month, until next semester. However there are a few small groups that are staying on campus. The Conservatory of Music students are, as well as both Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are staying here. The men’s team is here until the 22nd, and we come back the 26th for practice. While the time we get with our families is short, it will be great. The one thing I learned from last year is that when your away from your family for a good while, you realize exactly how much you love them and miss them.

Tonight we had our first game over the break. We played at Palm Beach Atlantic. The game was a tight game the whole time and our whole team stepped up. Corey Lewis got his first Lynn career points, and had a couple of big boards. Greg Boxell came in off the bench and provided a huge spark, crashing the offensive boards and playing extremely hard. I was extremely proud of our whole team because if something started to go wrong, they banded together and played strong. I hope that our team takes this momentum and run with it.

You said we’re a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph.- from Coach Carter

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