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A Little Bit About Me!

by auracruz | October 10, 2012

I would have never imagined that from playing in the streets of my small town to then playing in the snow in Colorado, my life would flourish under the radiant sun of Boca Raton.

I was born in Ibagué, Colombia and lived in Mariquita, a small town located in the heart of the nation. Mariquita is a tropical place full of culture, flavor, music, and the liveliest people I have ever met. I lived there for a few years and then moved to Denver, Colorado. Talk about the biggest culture shock ever! Not to mention that I set foot in Denver in the midst of winter.

December 1999 with my parents at Keystone Resort in Colorado

I moved to the states with my parents and little by little we established our new home. Although I was just an eight-year-old girl, assimilating to a new culture was quite the experience. Close to two years after my arrival my life completely changed. My sister Mariana was born. She is the greatest person on earth!

My sister Mariana in 2003. She is adorable!

To my surprise, Denver had bilingual schools that offered full-time education in Spanish. I continued my education in Spanish until middle school, and somewhere in there I learned English. I don’t remember when or how, I just did!

I grew a love for music at a very young age. I played the violin for four years and joined my school’s choir when I was nine. I later attended Denver School of the Arts from sixth to twelve grade. My major there was vocal music.  That school is a wonderful place.

The poster for my senior recital at Denver School of the Arts. My cousin Julian is on the left. He is an amazing singer.

I now am a junior, multimedia journalism major with a minor in public relations at Lynn. You are probably wondering how my journey brought me to Lynn, but to tell you the truth I’m still trying to figure that out. However, coming to Lynn has changed my life significantly. Especially because it was here where I met my best friend, partner in crime and now boyfriend, Alan. I have had a wonderful experience at this university and I look forward to the rest of my time here.

With my boyfriend Alan. 2012.
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Alan G Rodriguez(THE BOYFRIEND) 10/10/12 2:17 am

Inspiring and beautiful your story is. I love you!!

Taryn Hamill 10/10/12 3:11 am

What a beautiful story! I learned so much about you…I didn’t know you sing!? We’re so lucky to have you at Lynn, you’re a phenomenal advocate for your alma mater!

auracruz 10/10/12 4:46 am

Aww Thank you Taryn and Alan!
Taryn, I love to sing! :) I will sing for you some day!

Mariana Cruz 10/11/12 2:36 am

Hi Aura i love the picture of me and this almost made me cry!!!! i love the way the way you describe your life in a short way! i love you so much bye

auracruz 10/11/12 2:24 pm

Thank you Mari! Love you!!!! muaaa

Nirvana 10/12/12 10:52 am

Learning to use a different language is one way that we can more easily understand the language. I think the younger you learn what could be one of the precious things in the future.

Omegle 10/22/12 2:10 am

Hola, very sweet story. I love Boca Raton, I live in West Palm Beach which is not far at all. Cute pic of you and your boyfriend. Keep up the good work. :)