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Appreciate Everyday

by auracruz | December 2, 2012

I truly believe there are signs that are randomly thrown out at you to give you reality checks. Today I was having “one of those days.” I took my car to the dealership to get its oil changed, and as I was sitting in the waiting lounge a very old lady approached me.

She began to talk to me about her life, and eventually told me that her and her husband were once teachers.  She said, “that didn’t go well though, he had cancer and passed away,” then she said “I have cancer too and I don’t even think ill make it to Christmas.” We conversed for a bit more, and before she left she said to me “I wish you the best, it was very nice meeting you.”

At that moment I realized that had been a sign that was thrown out at me. Sometimes we become so blind that we don’t see the value of life. We complain and take the things we have for granted, and forget how valuable life really is. So take a moment and think about how wonderful it is to be alive.

I ordered chinese food today and this was the fortune inside my fortune cookie

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Maria V 12/2/12 3:28 pm

What a touching story! Thanks for reminding me how important everyday is. I’m very lucky because I have a wonderful family, great friends and a generous God in my life. Como dice la cancion “gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto”