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Lynn Soccer pulls a Baseball

by Kelz | October 12, 2009

I am sure those of you follow my blog are aware that I went with the men’s soccer team to Tampa last weekend. We unfortunately succumbed to the Spartans in double overtime. The final goal from Tampa was as painful to watch as it was watching the baseball team lose their first game last year. But here is the overlooked irony that is associated with this first loss and dip in form by the Men’s soccer team. The baseball team was consistently ranked number 1 last year for the first half of the season and then they unbelievably sunk into oblivion on the rankings. Call me crazy, but figure this one out: The baseball team dropped to 14th after their first bad weekend which was followed by a couple of forgettable series which left the knights unranked nationally. We all know how they picked up their socks at the business end of the season and brought back the much needed silverwear. The Soccer team lost to Tampa last weekend and we went down to 14th and we followed that up with a loss to St Leo which will probably drop us even further after the rankings are refreshed. Sports logic would suggest this is all going according to the script. So let’s look on the bright side; there really is no need to panic. The National Championship is returning to Lynn this year.

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Professor Kassar 10/12/09 9:41 am

Well said Kelvin!

The power of positive thinking goes a long way!

Kelz 10/13/09 2:12 pm

Thank you Prof. Kassar.

Stefano 10/16/09 4:06 pm

All right kelvin.. if your prediction turns into reality you have dinner paid!!!! Let’s go Knights.