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Completely Appauling!

by Kelz | November 19, 2009

An isincere cheat who has tarnished his image, hopefully for good.

A insincere cheat who has tarnished his image, hopefully for good.

The win by France over Ireland in the do or die world cup¬†qualifier has just about summed up the problems with soccer today. No honor, too many cheaters and divers, poor refereeing, the lack of tv replays, jumped up players who don’t play for the shirt and lack pride; too many moaners, big games decided by controversy rather than brilliant football. Unless something is done football will become a more predictable and pointless sport. Ireland will go down among the many football teams that have been robbed by elementary refereeing decisions. Even our own Lynn Fighting Knights fell victim to the refs throughout the entire season. Apart from the ref in the France-Ireland game, Thiery Henry’s act of blatant cheating should go down as one of the worst plays ever in the history¬†of sport. Shame on you Ti ti!!! I feel sorry for all the Irish people and the neutral football fans that were exposed to such shameful play and officiating.

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Stefano 11/23/09 10:12 am

Kelvin…. I hear you. Tsis is totally shameful. Some people say it is part of the game, but most people are disgusted. With today’s technology nothing like this should ever be allowed to happen. Funny that it happened to France :)

Kelz 11/30/09 2:25 pm

That is true.. I read a comment by Cannavaro earlier where he stated that if his team were in Ireland’s position, the game would not have been comleted at all. I think football is slowly heading towards that direction concidering Platini’s comments on technological advancements in the game. Very soon will be witnessing incomplete games if nothing is done to address this.