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New Tennis Season Holds Great Promise

by Kelz | February 3, 2010

With the soccer season having ended on a disappointing note, the Lynn community will now look to the ever so consistent tennis team to deliver the goods. As the men kick off with a light warm up game against the alumni to inaugurate the courts on Saturday, they will keep in mind how a home loss to Barry sent us to the nationals with a tough draw. The team which boasts a couple of new faces should be interesting to watch how they progress. The women on the other side managed to retain the entire team that lost out to the eventual winners of last year’s national tournament. If their performances last year are anything to go by, the championships will be 20 in counting by the end of this season. Hopefully the rain stays away for the most part of this season. Once again a big thank you to the Pepper family and all the sponsors; we will definitely enjoy watching the night games, and shade wont be a problem anymore during the sunny days.

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Stefano 2/5/10 6:57 pm

Light Warm against the Alumni? Watch for a big disappointment coming their way!!!! ahahahahaha