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The Time Has Come!!!

by Kelz | June 2, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, this is it! If the last few weeks of the semester were anything to go by, we are all in for the time of our lives. Soccer fan or not, just keep your eyes and ears open over the next month as the world will come to a stand still and focus on South Africa. The World Cup has arrived! On June 11 the world’s most beautiful game will kick off its quadrennial showpiece, and believe me, it will be the best one yet, as always is with each new one.

After months of debate on who will be crowned champions of the world, absolutely no one has a clue on who it will be. All the favorites have given everyone a reason to doubt their tags. This is exactly why it is the greatest show on the planet; held once every four years, but talked about for much longer, if not everyday. As the debates rage on, the days are surely gone. What is now left is for us is to just sit back and save energy for the arguments that will arise with each game. I am keeping my lips tight on calling this one. I had my money on Italy last time around, and it paid off. However, this tournament is more than just a summer world cup for me; it is being held literally in my backyard, and all logic demands that I root for my fellow African brothers. Which ever African country makes it to the second round will get my backing. If all else fails, I will stand with my man Wazza and his English boys. Even if that fails, the cause will not be lost. This is when the beauty of going to Lynn comes into perspective. I know that no matter who wins this year’s tournament, I will have still someone to celebrate with when we all get back to school because of the unbelievable diversity we have on our campus.

Truth be told, my main reason for not picking a a specific team is merely to avoid the controversial arguments that come with calling out. In order to keep my blog and especially myself safe, I will just say, “May the best team win.”

Wave your Flags!!!

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Kelz 6/3/10 2:08 pm

I guess you are both calling it safe. I’m surprised you mentioned France and left out the Spaniards. I can’t see Germany going past the second round without Ballack.

Kelz 6/3/10 7:42 pm

It’s a pleasure, and thank you too.. Keep checking, there will be more articles throughout the world cup.

Wilson Onu 6/4/10 10:50 pm

Good article, Kelvin. Some folk in the office have already started talking smack (freddy)! This should be an interesting tournament. Take care, wherever you are.

Yanatha 6/12/10 12:19 am

Great article’s on like Voltron and it’s exciting you are 100% correct no matter who wins at Lynn University there is most likely someone that country whom we all can celebrate with.