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Knight Writers: And then there was one

by Debbie | October 18, 2013

Knight  Writers Laura, Joshua and Debbie

Knight Writers Laura, Joshua and Debbie

For the past several  years, I have been part of a team that wrote this Knight Writer blog. Last spring, we retooled Knight Writer giving it a new focus and format as an internal communication vehicle to impart information in a more personal, casual style. As much as I enjoyed writing the blog posts, we’ve decided to retire Knight Writer. Sad, I know. But my writing partners have moved on … Laura Stephens to the Country Music Capital of the World – Nashville – where she continues her good work at a major PR firm there. And Joshua Glanzer, who remains here at Lynn, but has relinquished his role as a Knight Writer to concentrate on his many other important duties as Lynn’s intrepid public relations director. The Knight Writer blog with all the posts since its inception will be archived and will be available on our Social at Lynn page, so if you ever want to re-read any or refer to them, you’ll find them there.



So, that leaves – MOI – Debbie Stern. Though my official title is internal communication specialist, most of you know me as the “myLynn maven.” I have been “editor” of myLynn since I came to Lynn 9 years ago concentrating my efforts on learning and informing you – my internal audience – about all there is to know about what’s happening here at Lynn.

So, each week I will be writing a weekly as-yet-to-be-named column, giving you my take on all things internal, that is, things I’ve seen and heard around the Lynn community; shout outs to students, faculty and staff; a look inside the rest of myLynn (for those of you who might not venture too far from home); and a heads up on the week in preview (rather than in review). I will also be moving to some very primo real estate on myLynn (top right hand corner of the home page).

So, think of my new column as a personal glimpse into the world of Lynn. It will make its debut on Monday, Oct. 28. And as always, I welcome any “hot tips” about anything or anyone Lynn-related. Just send news and/or photos to

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Students work on real-world projects; Glee star comes to Lynn

by Debbie | October 2, 2013


College of Ed class received AVID training.

College of Ed class received AVID training.

Teach your children well … Kelly Burlison’s College of Education ESL 300 class (Second Language and Literacy for Development for English Language Learners) partnered with Palm Beach County recently. The AVID program planner and district trainer came to Lynn and trained the students in AVID, a college readiness system that is implemented in 20 Title 1 Schools K-12 throughout the district. That means these students will have the opportunity to become AVID tutors by being placed in an AVID school and working hands-on with students that need remediation, extra support across curriculum, as well as learning effective teaching techniques.


Piano students to perform "Music for the Mind."

Piano students to perform “Music for the Mind.”

Mind bending music … Roberta Rust’s piano students Stephen Seto, Heqing Huang, Winnie Soekojo, Hsin-Hui Liu and Vladislav Kosminov will perform in the Harriet Kretzer Piano “Music for the Mind” Series at the Harriet Himmel Theatre at City Place in West Palm Beach on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. Rust provides commentary about the music throughout the program. Tickets are $10 (adults) and $5 (children) and are available at 1-866-449-2489 or at the door. All ticket sales will go into the “Lynn University Piano Studio Fund” which helps conservatory students with extra-curricular projects.


Business students promoted sweepstakes for Baggage Claim movie.

Business students promoted sweepstakes for Baggage Claim movie.

At the movies … Students in Professor Andrew Burnstine’s marketing classes worked with Travelpro, a Boca Raton-based luggage company, and Fox Searchlight Pictures and created a social media campaign promoting a nationwide “Win a Trip to Hollywood Sweepstakes” for the new movie, Baggage Claim, which opened in theaters last weekend. So, when you see Travelpro luggage throughout the film, think of our own students, who gained real-world marketing experience from this assignment.

Watch a Robert Watson lecture on American History TV.

Watch a Robert Watson lecture on American History TV.


History comes to life … Any student who has been in one of Robert Watson’s class or anyone who has gone to one of his lectures, knows how dynamic and interesting he can make history. So, if you haven’t heard him speak on his specialty or you just want to get a dose of history, you can get a peek at him in all his glory in his lecture, “The Unconventional Andrew Jackson” on the C-SPAN3 American History TV channel right here.

Lauren Potter aka Becky of TV show Glee comes to Boca.

Lauren Potter aka Becky of TV show Glee comes to Boca.

Glee-ful … Disability Awareness Month kicks off this week and in addition to our annual events of Wheels to the Net, Different Abilities Dinner and Panel, a special guest will be on campus: Lauren Potter who plays Sue Sylvester’s loyal assistant Becky. She will share her story including challenges and successes, tell anecdotes from her work in Hollywood and host a meet and greet. You won’t want to miss it, so mark your calendars for Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.

Lynn’s got talent … We can’t guarantee you a role in the aforementioned Glee, but there is a much greater chance you’ll get a part in Lynn’s Celebration of the Arts – if you are a talented singer, musician, dancer or actor – and if you audition on Friday (Oct. 4).

J-Term deadlines loom; students attend Channel 12 town hall meeting

by Debbie | September 23, 2013


No colorful autumn leaves here, but we do have pink birds.

Happy fall … although you wouldn’t really know it here in South Florida. But for those of you coming from places where fall means crisp air and falling leaves, well, not so much here. But we do have pink egrets – or Roseate Spoonbills, to be exact (spotted right here on campus). But wait until the winter when you can post those “teaser” photos of yourself basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean while your counterparts don their winter coats, shovel snow and de-ice windows.

These students studied in South Africa this summer.

These students studied in South Africa this summer.

Deadlines looming … Oct. 1 is the big J-Term deadline  to sign up for a study abroad program through the CLA (you could be winging your way to Brazil; The Dominican Republic; New Zealand; South Africa; Aspen, Colo.; or Las Vegas, Nev.), and Oct. 4 is the deadline to apply to be a peer mentor assigned to a J-Term course. So don’t delay, get your app(s) in today. (Oct. 1 is also the deadline to sign up for Spring study abroad programs).

Students participated in Channel 12 town hall meeting.

Students participated in Channel 12 town hall meeting.

Class trip Professor Priscilla Boerger brought her class to the Channel 12 town hall meeting on education Sept. 5. The trip was a grand success. And everyone knew Lynn was “in the house” when they walked in sporting their colors.

Students escorted Haiti official on campus tour.

Students escorted Haiti officials on campus tour.

Taking a tour … Haiti’s Consulate General visited Lynn last week and students Gwendoline Darguste, Rebecca Cantave, Fabienne Moleon and Ruth Augustin spoke to him about Lynn University and accompanied him on a tour of campus, including the Remembrance Plaza.

Lisette Villegas awarded the UPS Scholarship.

Lisette Villegas awarded the UPS Scholarship.

On a roll … Last year Lisette Villegas represented Lynn in the Hispanic College Quiz. She got to fly out to Chicago and tape the shows which aired this time last year during Hispanic Heritage Month. Though she didn’t come out a winner, Villegas says, “I loved it! It was a great experience. My major is multimedia journalism and I hope to be a clubhouse reporter, so it just felt as if I belonged on TV.”  Now, this year Lisette was selected to receive a $2,400 UPS Scholarship provided through the Florida Independent College Fund. She is one of 31 students to receive the award and the first in her family to attend college in the U.S.

A shout out to our new peer mentors and KOR members

by Debbie | August 27, 2013

So, now that move-in day, new student orientation and the first day of classes are behind us, things should start to quiet down around here. But wait … this is Lynn, where there is NEVER a dull moment. With buildings going up, the iPad mini revolution taking place and even dining taking on a whole new “flavor” (pun intended), life at Lynn has never been more exciting. So, hold on to your hats and get ready for a great year.

You know the song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon? Or maybe you don’t, but that’s what I thought of when I saw the awesome list the students put together called 50 Things to Do at Lynn. Check it out: everything from lazing around in a hammock, to paddleboarding with the president to high fiving Dr. Phil to getting to know your mentor.

peer mentors

Say hello to Lynn’s peer mentors, a new addition this year.

Speaking of mentors, there are a bunch of students that need a huge shout out: the new peer mentors who have already been such a huge help in getting our students acclimated: to Elisa Pisana, Jori Reid-Dodick, Hannah Springer, Vivalda Patin, Danielle Hawkins, Lori Reynolds, Edward Obssuth, CJ Jacobs, Laura Gilli, Jade Sparks, Morgan Goldstein, Ann Marie Van Casteren, Jacqueline Mcallister, Mike Cronin, Ashley Caciedo, Paige Miller, Christelle Mehu, Aura Cruz, Zara Applestein, Samantha Martin and Malik Fatalah.  And let’s not forget the staff mentors (of which I am proud to be one this year).

These are your student leaders: the 2013-14 Knights of the Roundtable (KOR)

These are your student leaders: the 2013-14 Knights of the Roundtable (KOR)

Some other people you need to know: your student government and members of the Knights of the Roundtable (KOR): Carli Hornik, Casie Binkowski, Edward Obssuth, Energy Maburutse, Gary Pelletier (nice speech at Freshman Convocation, by the way), Michelle Misas, Mickyle De Las, Mike Cronin, Phil Allison, Teddy Babanao, Tyne Potgieter and Zara Applestein.  You’ll notice some duplicate names in there – now those are involved students.

The Class of 2017 at the Welcome Convocation

The Class of 2017 at the Welcome Convocation

And finally, I can’t list them by name, but to our Class of 2017, the largest enrollment in many years. We’re happy to welcome you to the Lynn family.

Have you noticed that our myLynn intranet is sporting a new look? Check out the spiffy new header.  And it has a new “cousin” - myLynn Mobile, an app for the iPad. If you don’t have it on your phone or iPad, you can download it.

We have incredibly talented and accomplished people here at Lynn and we like to let everyone know about it, give you a shout out, a high five or a mention. So, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn by sending your information to  news at and you may see your name in “lights” or at least “highlighted” right here in Knight Writer.


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See what’s new and exciting this year at Lynn

by Debbie | August 16, 2013

We may not be having a debate or even celebrating our 50th anniversary, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exciting changes, brand new initiatives (can you say iPad Mini?) and interesting programs this year. All you have to do is look around campus and you can see the times they are a changin’ – from new structures literally rising from the ground to a new 24/7 dining lifestyle which even includes a new soft drink vendor (no Pepsi – Coke!) to a whole lot of new faces (cabinet members, staff and faculty and the largest incoming class since 2007). So, hold on to your hats. The fun is about to begin …

Below is a breakdown of “what’s new” separated into PEOPLE, PLACES and (BIG) THINGS (some items have links you can click on to learn more). And you can be sure you’ll be hearing much more about all of them in the coming months.


Shaun Exsteen, who was named the new executive director of the institute, with Dylan Kendrick in South Africa

Shaun Exsteen, who was named the new executive director of the institute, with Dylan Kendrick in South Africa


We are welcoming a lot of new faces this year as well as old faces in new positions, and some in new locations from all areas of the university community.

  • New faces: A warm welcome to new cabinet member Sherrie Weldon, VP for Marketing and Communication;  to Amy Filatreau, director of the library and Larry Rickard, chief of campus safety and security (who starts at the end of Sept.). Athletics filled a few key coaching positions: Jeff Price, men’s basketball coach; Kevin Johnson, assistant coach women’s basketball; and Michael Wilus, assistant men’s lacrosse coach whose team will inaugurate the new stadium next semester.
  • New faculty faces: New professors this fall are Bonnie Bonincontri and Thomas Ferstle in the College of Arts & Sciences; Marc Del Pezzo, Joseph Ingles, Matteo Peroni in the College of Business and Mangement; Korryne Taylor-Dunlop, College of Education and Guillermo Figueroa, our new Philharmonia Music director, in the Conservatory.
  • Familiar faces in new positions: Congratulations to Shaun Exsteen, executive director of the Institute for Achievement and Learning; Gary Martin, dean of students; Anthony Altieri, associate dean of students; and Meghan Elsberry, director of housing and residence life; Paul Turner and Diane DiCerbo have taken on new roles in the mentor program as coordinators of student success.
  • Familiar faculty faces with new titles and/or promotions: Congrats to Ralph Norcio, senior associate dean; David Schapiro, assistant dean; Michael Petroski, Ted CurtisPriscilla Boerger and Carmeta Blake, associate professors; and Brian Sommer, Gary Carlin, Kip Miller, E.K. Morice, Matthew Claiborne and Darren Allen,  assistant professors.
  • Lots of faces in new places: Lots of Student Life folks have been relocated: the above-mentioned Anthony Altieri; Morayma James, Multicultural Affairs; Meghan Elsberry, HRL, Brian Siliquini and the new chief of security (when he gets here) now reside on the second floor of the Student Center; and Charlotte Muriel takes up residence in the Career Services area in Trinity.


The campus has literally been “under construction” this summer and from the dust will rise:

The Central Energy Plant

The Central Energy Plant

  • The Central Energy Plant which – as part of our Going Green efforts – will provide A/C for the university for years to come and help conserve energy schedule, to be completed this fall.
  • Bobby Campbell Stadium, a lighted soccer/lacrosse facility to include covered stands with a plaza area and seating for 500 spectators, scheduled to be completed by January 2014, in time for Lynn’s inaugural lacrosse season;
  • International Business Center (IBC) – a new 3-story, state-of-the-art building, home of Lynn’s College of Business and Management, scheduled to be completed by October 2014.


Filled to capacity

Although Lynn’s final enrollment numbers will not be in until drop/add is complete in early September, we are projecting approximately 600 students will start classes this fall – making this the largest incoming class since 2007.

Join the mini revolution

ipad mini 2

Freshmen receive an iPad mini.

Lynn is now an iPad campus! All incoming freshmen and transfer students with less than 30 credit hours receive a brand new iPad mini to learn on, study with, upgrade and keep forever. Use it to enhance your classroom discussions through interactive lessons, instant access to information, study guides and productivity tools. It’s a whole new style of teaching and learning.

Let’s eat!

Lynn’s culinary experience is getting a major makeover. Sodexo has been selected to provide dining and catering services for the campus and you will see the full range of their culinary, wellness and sustainability expertise in action. Check out our newly remodeled:

  • Elmore Dining Commons (formerly known as the “caf”) which will be open 24/7 during the academic year and has features you’ll come to know and love: separate cuisine stations, vegetarian/vegan area; deli and bakery with fresh-baked bread, cakes and pies; international food; a “diner” with traditional favorites, soups and rotisserie items; and later this year, the lakeside patio will sport a permanent outdoor grill.
  • Christine’s has expanded and been transformed into a market-fresh bistro with a focus on sustainability and local food options with an array of food choices including made to order sandwiches, salads, international fare and mocktails.

And coming soon: The library’s Perper Study Lounge will take on a new persona as a “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks café ideal for the quick grab-n-go coffee, cold drink, smoothies, snacks or desserts.

I’m sure I’ve even missed someone or something. It’s hard to keep up since we’re a school on the move. That’s it for now, but stay tuned right here for more news.

Lazy (not so much), hazy days of summer are upon us

by Debbie | June 19, 2013


Puddles, puddles everywhere

Weather woes … For several days last week, many of us had to negotiate a few impromptu lakes aka puddles that sprung up around campus due to a week of “monsoon-like” weather which included torrential rains. I thought we’d never see the sun again, but now that it’s out, the walk across campus will include some serious sweat as the temperature seems to be soaring to new heights these days.

Watch your step … So, in addition to weather-related obstacles, we also have several other “obstacles” to contend with this summer.


“Kinder care” at de Hoernle

  • Pine Tree campers are back on campus in force and you’ll have to clear the way or get trampled by those little feet marching to the beat of their counselor up and down the sidewalks of Lynn. The campus is taking on a decidedly pre-schoolish aura. Even the de Hoernle Residence Hall lawn has been transformed into a children’s playground area. 

sidewalk detour

  • And speaking of those sidewalks, there are plenty of those in a state of disarray due to the chilled water loop installation for the Central Energy Plant. It’s all for a good cause, mind you. When that plant is finished, we’ll enjoy some major energy savings.
ditch witch

It’s a “Ditch Witch.”


Up on the roof …

  • It seems the cranes, construction vehicles and machinery are everywhere. I came upon something appropriately called a Ditch Witch. And there has been lots of digging, digging and more digging. Ongoing work is happening on the International Business Center and the Bobby Campbell Stadium. And look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s a roofer patching the top of the de Hoernle International Center. If you want to finish that familiar sentence differently, take in the new Superman movie in a nice, cool movie theater.


It’s official … The main road as you enter the campus from Military Trail is now “officially” Kelleher Drive. Signs were installed a few weeks ago. The road is named in honor of Helen Kelleher, archivist Kathleen Clunan’s mother and a former member of the Marymount (Tarrytown, N.Y.) board of trustees who voted to approve building a new Marymount College in Boca Raton (now Lynn). Kathleen was one of the original nuns on staff at Lynn who celebrated her 50 years at Lynn during our 50th anniversary.

Hunger games … Finally, there is much news on the food front. Lynn’s culinary experience is getting a major makeover.  We have a new provider and there are changes afoot, both in our food service venues and offerings. There will be much more to come on that. Just wanted to whet your appetite and get you all salivating a bit.

So, while we may all have to endure a little inconvenience this summer, it’s the price we pay for progress – and it’s ALL good.

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Changes afoot, new initiatives in the works

by Debbie | May 22, 2013

There may be very few students here, but the campus is buzzing with activity of a different kind. There are lots of changes afoot, new initiatives in the works and facilities being upgraded including those tied to our Going Green program. We’ll try to keep you abreast of all that is happening to help you negotiate your way around campus. So here’s what is going on this week:

Construction on the Central Energy Plant has started with the chilled water loop pipes.

Construction on the Central Energy Plant has started with the chilled water loop pipes.

  • Construction has begun on the Central Energy Plant as you’ve probably noticed. Crews will be working over the summer months and different parts of campus will be affected. This week, the underground chilled water loop is being installed. Laying of the pipe began Monday between the library and the Green Center and will work its way west along the sidewalk between the Green Center and Assaf over the next few weeks. Not to worry, you’ll be able to get from here to there as temporary walk areas will be put in place around the construction areas. You’ll also see plenty of heavy equipment preparing the site for the new plant, located to the west of the gym. These minor inconveniences are all for a good cause. The chilled water loop will help to distribute the cool water from the plant to all the buildings on campus and help reduce the amount of energy we use to cool our offices – and we know how much energy we can use in the sweltering summer months!

    The International Center gets a new roof.

    The International Center gets a new roof.

  • The de Hoernle International Center roof is being replaced starting this week and it will take approximately two weeks. Heavy equipment will operate around the building, so exercise caution when you’re around the building. But you won’t smell that obnoxious tar smell since that is not part of the process. If you’re on the third floor, you’ll probably hear some banging and a few ceiling tile “crumbs” may fall on your desk, but no need to panic.
  • Lynn and Freiburger residence halls are receiving new boilers and hot water heaters this week.


    front entrance

    Campus traffic patterns will change once camp starts.

  • Traffic patterns will change just prior to the pitter patter of camper’s feet on June 6 through Aug. 9. Basically, there will be no automobile traffic allowed on the road from the Wold to the pool, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Check your entrance, exit and parking options here.


    Christine’s and Knights’ Court are closed for the summer.

  • Remember, you can no longer get a cup of Joe at Christine’s or a quick bite at the Knights’ Court. Both are closed for the summer. There will be some big changes to all our food service outlets, so stay tuned for that. 

New KOR slate announced; survey takers win big

by Debbie | May 7, 2013

Sound the trumpet … Announcing ye new Knights of the Roundtable: Phil Allison, Zara Applestein, Teddy Babanao, Casie Binkowski, Mike Cronin, Mickyle De Las, Carli Hornik, Energy Maburutse, Michelle Misas, Edward Obsssuth, Gary Pelletier and Tyne Potgieter. So, Lynn’s ball is now in their “court,” so to speak. This fine group will be our new student leaders for the 2013-2014 academic year.

PR Director Joshua Glanzer made some new friends at the Providencia Awards luncheon.

PR Director Joshua Glanzer made some new friends at the Providencia Awards luncheon.

It was an honor just to be nominated …. Well, we made it as one of the top 3 finalists, but alas we didn’t win the 2013 Providencia award. We do, however, have plenty of other awards under our belt: including an AVA Digital Platinum award and CASE III Award for our debate social media campaign, as well as the prestigious President’s Award and two others for our debate PR from the Gold Coast PR Council.  Thanks to all who voted! And PR Director Joshua Glanzer made a few friends in the process.

Reffle winner Erica Manteiga

Reffle winner Erica Manteiga

Survey says … Congratulations to the five winners of $100 visa gift cards for completing the Division of Student Life Survey: Morgan Taubman, Erica Manteiga, Heather Held, Ruth Augustin and Tom Wootson. The survey was sent to all currently enrolled students to assess their satisfaction and perception about their student life experience. The Division of Student Life values the students’ opinions and information regarding the effectiveness of services, and will use the results to enhance the programs and services. 

I know summer is almost upon us, but please continue to share your Lynn news/anecdotes/stories, etc., or any of your summer adventures. Send to and then check back often to see if you’re in the Knight Writer news.

Congratulations to student-athletes and student leaders

by Debbie | May 1, 2013

Happy May … Only one week left until the semester is over. That means graduation is almost here for many of you and travel, vacation and relaxation for others. To all the graduates, good luck in your future endeavors and to those departing students and faculty … see you next fall!

Seniors Kira Harvey and Matt DiCerbo took home top honor of Blue & White Athlete of the Year.

Seniors Kira Harvey and Matt DiCerbo took home top honor of Blue & White Athlete of the Year.

Congratulations to our star student-athletes … 37 student athletes were honored at the second annual Student-Athlete Recognition Awards Show last week: Seniors Kira Harvey and Matt DiCerbo took home top honor of Blue & White Athlete of the Year. Male and female Scholar-Athlete of the Year was awarded to men’s soccer player Joey Maxson and women’s soccer goal keeper Kelsey Butler. Roberto Francioni of the men’s golf team was awarded Mr. Fighting Knight while Tashina Bailey, a four-year member of the women’s basketball program took home Mrs. Fighting Knight. Freshman Thalie Carmigniani was presented with the 2013 Newcomer of the Year award. Play of the Year was awarded to baseball players Mike DiOrio, Jason Matusik and Kyle Radziewski for a play that was featured on ESPN’s top plays of the day and week in the 2012 spring season. Baseball player Anthony Boza also took home an individual award for Best Game Performance when he hit three home runs in a game against nationally-ranked Alabama-Huntsville, including the game-winning walk-off home run. Best Championship Performance went to men’s soccer’s Jack Winter, who recorded three goals and three assists for nine points during the team’s national championship run. Individual sports award winners listed here.

The Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority received the Knights Cup at the Leadership Awards.

The Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority received the Knights Cup at the Leadership Awards.

Congratulations to Leadership Award winners … Student Employee of the Year – Justin Deering; HRL RA of the Year – Phil Allison; HRL CA of the Year – Gabby Regalado; Rec-EE Awards - Ashley Nazario and Chad Habig; Shining Stars – Miguel Antunes,,Aura Cruz,Yasser Farha, Dylan Graves Mohamed Khomeis, Katie Lemmon, Christelle Mehu, Charles Michelson, Loise Pimentel, Elisa Pisana Lori Reynolds, Mimi Trinh, You Yu and Bel Zelaya;  Silent Leader – Phil Allison; LU Spirit Award – Lizzy Raffa;  Knights Cup – Sigma Sigma Sigma;  Most Improved Organization of the Year – Best Buddies; Organization of the Year – Law and Justice Club; Knight Award (Outstanding New Student) – Kevin Studer; Male Student Leader of the Year – Gary Pelletier; Female Student Leader of the Year – Ashley Cacicedo; Snyder Schloar Award – Anne Marie Van Casteren.

Priscilla Boerger and education majors Nicolas Betancourt and Sarah Aitchison at the 2013 Future Educators of America conference

Priscilla Boerger and education majors Nicolas Betancourt and Sarah Aitchison at the 2013 Future Educators of America conference

The place to be … Professor Priscilla Boerger and education majors Nicolas Betancourt and Sarah Aitchison were at the 2013 Future Educators of America (FE) conference in Orlando last weekend on a recruiting mission selling Lynn as the place to be. With 850 high school students from across the country there, that was a good move!

CIC students on the set WPTV's To the Point show.

CIC students on the set WPTV’s To the Point show.

To the Point … 15 CIC students of Professor Denise Belafonte-Young recently visited a live taping of  Professor Robert Watson’ show “To The Point” with veteran anchor Michael Williams aired on Sunday mornings on WPTV news channel 5 at 10 a.m. Students were given a tour of the facility were exposed to the “real world” of programming from program director Bernadette O’Grady, who herself was a graduate of Lynn when it was the College of Boca Raton. Questions about how to move from the classroom to the newsroom in all aspects from production to journalism were explored from the anchors, production team, personnel and engineers.

Continue to share your Lynn news/anecdotes/stories, etc., including your summer adventures and activities. Send to and then check back often to see if you’re in the Knight Writer news.

POWs visit class; Speech and Debate team dominates

by Debbie | April 24, 2013

WWII POWs spoke in Robert Watson's class.

WWII POWs spoke in Robert Watson’s class.

Veteran visit … Three World War II Prisoners of War who were in Nazi POW camps came to Robert Watson’s class last week. The blockbuster movie, The Great Escape, which had an amazing cast including Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough and James Garner was about a real escape from a Nazi prison in Poland and one of the POWs was actually there! Where do you find these people, Robert? 

Speech and Debate team winners: (l-r): Mimi Trinh, Colin Lewis, N'Quavah Velasquez

Speech and Debate team winners: (l-r): Mimi Trinh, Colin Lewis and N’Quavah Velasquez

Debate domination … The College of International Communication Speech and Debate team won 6 out of 10 top speaker awards and 3 in the top 5 earned certificates when they competed in an all-day policy debate scrimmage tournament at Miami-Dade College Kendall campus on April 20. Students dominated the “Best Speaker” category with 26 speakers in the running:
10th place -Mimi Trinh
9th place – Colin Lewis
6th place -N’Quavah Velazquez
5th place -Skylar Scoggins
4th place –Mark Spiro
1st place- Alden Ashby
Professors Denise Belafonte-Young and Harry Murphy judged non-Lynn debate rounds to ensure impartiality.


Meghan Studer found herself in this photo on the Smithsonian website.

Surprise … Meghan Studer went to the Smithsonian website to look up information about internships and a photo with her in it popped up much to her surprise! She’s second on the left.

Law and Justice Club members help out with neighborhood project.

Law and Justice Club members help out with neighborhood project.

House beautiful … The Law and Justice Club joined forces with the Delray Beach Police Department, Criminal Justice Academy at Atlantic Community High School and Marine Corps to paint and landscape a home on April 13 as part of a neighborhood renovation project organized by the City of Delray Beach to beautify nine homes in the neighborhood.

Last chance … We need your help! We have been chosen as one of 3 finalists for the 2013 Providencia Award to recognize a top tourism contributor in Palm Beach County. Awarded annually by the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Providencia Award includes a three-week public weigh-in on the winner and we’re down to the wire. Voting ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t already, vote for Lynn NOW!