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Jack (Lynn’s oldest undergrad) turns 85

by Laura | November 17, 2010

Jack cutting the cake after his Quantative Reasoning class (see the math problems on the board)!

Jack cutting the cake after his Quantitative Reasoning class (see the math problems on the board)!

Jack Slotnick, Lynn’s oldest undergraduate student, has made waves in the media appearing on NBC’s Today Show, on Fox’s America’s Newsroom, on CNN, in the Sun-Sentinel saying “you really are a dumb-dumb” for not going back to school, and in the Palm Beach Post as the “Octogenarian refuses to ’stagnate’.”

And just yesterday (Nov. 16), Jack celebrated his 85th birthday! What did he do to celebrate this milestone? “Study,” said Jack.

The day before Jack’s birthday (Nov. 15), Professor Jim Kassar, Jack’s Quantitative Reasoning teacher, decided to throw Jack a mini-surprise party at the end of class with a delicious cake and birthday cards from Jack’s peers and fellow students. Professor Kassar was kind enough to invite members of the marketing team so we could celebrate with the class, take pictures and of course wish Jack a very happy birthday!

Jack's Quantitative Reasoning class

Jack's Quantitative Reasoning class

Professor Kassar said he doesn’t typically order a cake for his students on their birthdays, but “how often do you get a celebrate one of your student’s 85th birthdays?” asked Kassar. “What Jack is doing is amazing. He’s an inspiration to us all!”

Professor Jim Kassar, Jack and a fellow student with Jack's 85th birthday cake!

Professor Jim Kassar, Jack and a fellow student with Jack's 85th birthday cake!

If you see Jack around campus (he can typically be found eating lunch in the caf or studying at the library – I see him all the time!) be sure to wish him a very happy 85th birthday. As professor Kassar said, he’s an inspiration to us all.

As for a recent rumor I heard, Jack has been studying very hard (and taking more than a full load of classes) at Lynn for the past year and a half. In fact, rumor has is that Jack is set to walk at graduation in May 2011! Congrats Jack!

Stay tuned to Knight Writer – I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on Jack’s projected graduation date.

After graduation, Jack plans to attend graduate school at Lynn and major in psychology so he can help mentor fellow veterans who have come back from war.

Keep up the great work Jack!


Deborah Grayson 11/19/10 2:24 am

Jack, you are delight to us all. Part wizard, part wise guy, you keep us in good humor with your positive reflections and passionate ponderings. I look foward to our exchanges, whether they be pontifications on politics, chronic illnesses or the latest antics from your “staff” of typists, managers and card-carrying members. You are a jewel to all of Lynn, students and staff alike- keep shining. Happy every day!
Professor Grayson

Paula Tannebring 11/25/10 1:25 am

Awwww I see Jack all around campus and whenever I see him I smile(: Good for him! Hope to introduce myself to him at somepoint…

Jim Kassar 11/29/10 8:44 pm

Jack Slotnick is one of those “unforgetable characters” that you read about in the Readers Digest. If you’ve never met Jack, just go up to him and introduce yourself. To know Jack is to love him. I am looking forward to celebrating Jack’s graduation in May.