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Will you be the next to “Get Knighted”?

by Laura | February 17, 2012

Each summer, the PR team here at Lynn gets together for an annual “brainstorm” session to go over our social media platforms, discuss what’s working, what’s not working and what we can do to make them better. Well, this year, we were inspired by one of our favorite resources in marketing for higher education – BlueFuego.

BlueFuego decided to “ambush” their 1,000th Facebook fan with a 10 foot trophy (that doesn’t even fit inside an office with 8 foot ceilings). It was hilarious, and we wondered, how can we make this Lynn? Well.. the brainstorming commenced and out flowed “Get Knighted.”

Playing off of Lynn’s mascot (the fighting knight) while keeping civility and citizenship at the backbone of the project, we decided to set up a scene where any member of the Lynn community – student, staff or faculty – would be commended (aka “knighted”) for doing a good deed. In the first case of knighting, David Lewis, an adjunct professor in the College of Liberal Education and a tutor in the Institute for Achievement and Learning, was the poor guy who was ambushed for helping keep Lynn’s campus beautiful by picking up a can.

We couldn’t have casted a better person. Sir Lewis (his official title following the knighting ceremony) was such a good sport about the whole thing!

In planning for the ambush, we wanted our first one to be perfect. Tammy Reyes (our dedicated student employee) was charged with leading and executing the project. First, we needed a time a place. We decided Multicultural Day was perfect because there would already be a big crowd gathered outside for the festivities. Plus, it was the first major event following the completion of Lynn’s inaugural Citizenship Project, where all first-year students took a course during J-Term that focused on a civic issue, problem or topic.

After we had the date locked in, Tammy casted king Adam Simpson, Lynn’s drama professor, and squire Kayla Golladay, a drama student, who put on AMAZING performances! Tammy found the materials to make the costumes (which included two hobby horses, an extra large sword, blue felt for the capes, royal crowns and parchment paper for the scroll). She wrote the scroll and prepared an official “Get Knighted” certificate with the help of our design team. Needless to say, it was a group effort, but the ambush and the ceremony went off without a hitch!

This won’t be our last Get Knighted ambush. Keep doing good deeds and you could be next! Stay tuned…

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