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#Lynndebate goes social

by Laura | September 13, 2012

On Oct. 22, less than six weeks and a mere 39 days from today, more eyes will be on Lynn University than ever before. Approximately 50-60 million viewers will tune in to watch the third and final presidential debate in Lynn’s Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, and between 2,000-3,000 media personnel will be camped out on campus – that’s nearly double Lynn’s student population.

Lynn, the youngest school in modern history to host a presidential debate, will welcome the future president of the United States of America to our campus, and our students, staff and faculty will be in the middle of the hype. In addition to the physical transformations around campus – including the temporary buildings and fences that seemingly appear overnight – Lynn’s Office of Marketing and Communication has been busy creating, populating and fine-tuning our social channels.

At Lynn, we are proud of our dedication to social media. StudentAdvisor consistently ranks us as a top social media college, and with the debate around the corner, we decided to step up our game. Although Facebook (and other platforms) existed in 2008, the importance of social media to 2012 election will be more prominent than ever before. Today, most people have smart phones, and more moments, more stories and more multimedia will be shared this election season than ever before.

So, what has Lynn upgraded? Well, here’s a list of what’s new. 


This summer, we created a special Tumblr blog specific to the #lynndebate. This is where we will archive Lynn’s debate-related social postings – and where the community can post their favorite Lynn debate moments.

  • Share from the web: Go to and click “share” to post photos, links, videos and comments directly to the blog.
  • Share from your phone: If you’re on the go, you can post directly from your phone too. Just e-mail your debate-related photos to, and type your caption into the subject line.


We also decided foursquare would be a great place for the Lynn community to share their experiences at the numerous debate-related events. So if you’re attending a debate related event on campus – or any event on campus for that matter – be sure to check-in and let us know you’re there. Volunteering for the debate? Stay tuned for special ways you can get involved.


We love sharing our photos on the go through Instagram. Are you a member? Follow us at Be sure to tag @lynnuniversity and use #lynndebate for your debate-related photos.

What’s improved? 


Although @LynnUniversity has been active on Twitter for several years, we are encouraging our tweeps to use #lynndebate when tweeting about debate-related happenings – both on campus and off. Soon, all of our #lynndebate tweets will be displayed chronologically on We want to know what the #lynndebate means to you.


Lynn loves Facebook, but how will the debate play a roll? Other than housing interactive debate-related multimedia, we’ve added a #lynndebate Tumblr tab, and are featuring YouTube, Instagram and Twitter as tabs too. (FYI – tabs are the thumbnail images found underneath Lynn’s cover photo.)


Interested in Lynn’s debate-related videos – including my favorite, Big LU’s training day set to the tune of Rocky? We made a special playlist just for that: Check out what Lynn’s videographers, Justin Hearn and Zack Caplan, have been producing this summer. Many more debate videos and campaigns are in the pipeline for the next 50 days, including a special 48-hour video contest. Stay tuned for details.


Want to download high-resolution photos from #lynndebate activities – or download marketing logos and Facebook cover images? Visit our debate collection at:


Since I kicked off Lynn’s blogging initiative in 2005, the Lynn U blog squad has grown more robust each year. This year our bloggers will be more involved than ever before. They’ll be volunteering for the debate, attending debate-related activities and writing about what the #lynndebate means to real-life students. Check for the latest updates.


Remember when Google came to map our campus this summer and we proudly wore our #lynndebate t-shirts? Well, the Streetview maps are finally up! Can you find yourself? In October, we’ll be using Google Hangouts to host dialogues – both locally and internationally – about the importance of the #lynndebate.

Little LU 

In case you haven’t been following him, Little LU has attended both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Check out what he learned – and the various places he explored on Facebook, Twitter and foursquare.

Happy socializing! Don’t forget to share your favorite #lynndebate moments online!

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