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Life at Lynn goes on

by Debbie | November 9, 2012

Now that everyone has caught up on their sleep (hopefully) and gotten back to a semi-normal routine, it’s almost hard to imagine the mammoth event -  aka the third and final presidential debate – that took place here on campus a scant week and a half ago. And I hate to even bring this up given the devastation and hardship going on in the northeast courtesy of Sandy (my poor mother didn’t have power for 10 days!), but Sandy actually gave us a bit of a reprieve. The university was closed as were all the public schools in the area and we were able to enjoy the day off without much inclement weather. And boy did we ever need it – the day off, I mean.

Fried Oreos are always a Founders Day favorite.

But we didn’t have too long to rest on our laurels for little more than a week later, we somehow managed to pull off one of our major annual events – and especially important this year on our 50th anniversary – Founders Day. When I say “we” pulled it off, I mean  our awesome events department did – with spirited and competitive canoe races, the family picnic with amazing food (including the ever popular fried Oreos), fun for kids of all ages (bounce houses, a zip line), a live band, etc. and even a new “glowing” event for students.

Sgt. Pepper was the inspiration for this Lynn Founders Day poster.

It was one of the best Founders Day ever – and I’ve been around since we started having them eight years ago. I, of course, loved the theme, which included plenty of back in the day references since Lynn was “born” in 1962. So, there was plenty of ‘60s pop culture – hippie costumes, a vintage Beetle bus and car, a psychedelic glow tent, and music to match. There was even a poster made that replicated Sgt. Pepper’s album with members of the Lynn community plugged in to the rock icons’ spots. Plus we dedicated our new front entrance with long-awaited traffic light and the new plaques commemorating Founders Day and the 50th anniversary. More Founders Day photos.

A Founders Day canoe race team came dressed in appropriate hippie attire.

And that’s not all:  Disabilities Awareness Month activities are going on this month, along with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. And next week we have the annual Veterans Day celebration, the Red, White & Blue BBQ and the State of the University address.
So, though we hosted the mother of all events a few short weeks ago, we’re not stopping there. Beyond the most recent past and upcoming events, we also have some major initiatives rolling out: a brand new soccer stadium and International Business Center.
We will all be able to take a collective breath to celebrate Thanksgiving and a few weeks later comes our holiday break. But I can guarantee that come spring semester, it all revs up again. 
As you can see, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – life goes on (another ‘60s reference) – at Lynn University. 


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