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The Holi-daze are coming

by Debbie | November 27, 2012

No sooner do you take your last forkful of turkey than, just like that, the holiday season hits. For those who make Black Friday a tradition, well, there wasn’t much breathing space between the dinner table and the shopping mall. There was a lot of grumbling and snickering over the record early opening times of the stores this year. And I for one make it my own rite of passage never to go anywhere near the malls during Black Friday – or Thursday, if you prefer – craziness. 

A lot of people were complaining that the Thanksgiving holiday has been ruined by the greedy retailers. But, just like the Hollywood gossip trade, they only do what the market will bear. In other words, if you don’t like it, don’t go or read or watch! But unfortunately, just as we can’t seem to turn our eyes away from the accident scenes, so we can’t help honing in on the latest reality gossip mongers or in this case, for many, a real good bargain. As one of those incessant cartoons/photos that show up on Facebook said, isn’t it ironic (as Alanis Morissette would say) that we spend the day giving thanks for what we have and then run to the stores to buy what we don’t have.  Well, yes, it is ironic.

'Tis the season: The Schmidt lobby is decked out for the holidays.

On a more positive – and less ironic – note, it was wonderful to have a few days off to rest, relax, spend time with friends and family – and all without the pressure of a presidential debate hanging over our heads. And the good news for us at Lynn is that it is only a few short weeks until our next nice long and lovely break. But before everyone heads off into the Winter Break sunset, Lynn will, as always, ring in the holidays in style with several of our traditional holiday events: Winterfaith: The Festival of Light on Dec. 3 (with ice skating in Perper Plaza a la Rockefeller Plaza), Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 8 (employees bring their little ones to meet and greet Santa), The Gingerbread Concert on Dec. 9 (celebrating its 10th year of making memorable music for old and young alike), and the Holiday Gala (another seasonal tradition for students) on Dec. 10.

So, although there will always be the bah humbuggers among us, there is plenty to enjoy this holiday season regardless of crowds, traffic jams, long lines, commercialism and materialism. I will be heading up north for a gift that money can’t buy: the gift of life in the form of my soon-to-be born grandson.  Enjoy the holidays!

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