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Year in Review: Top 10 Lynn newsmakers of 2012

by Debbie | January 3, 2013

In keeping with my Knight Writer tradition of the past three years, here are my picks for Lynn’s top 10 stories of 2012. The number one pick is just a “little event” you may have heard about …

1.   Lynn hosts the final 2012 presidential debate. 

And  even though it seemed like we did nothing but eat, sleep and drink debate,  there were some other amazing achievements and initiatives throughout the year including:

We are the champions: men's soccer team takes the national title this year.

2.   Awesome athletics
Men’s soccer gave Lynn its 20th national championship title.
Lynn received a gift to help build a new soccer/lacrosse stadium

3.   Great green machine
Lynn launched the largest sustainability effort of its kind in Florida,
and kicked it into gear throughout the year.

4.   Raking in the rankings
U.S. News ranked Lynn 4th  in international students.
StudentAdvisor ranked Lynn in the top 50 in the nation and 4th in Florida in social media.

5.   Not business as usual
Lynn received a $6 million gift  to construct the new International Business Center.
The College of Hospitality Management merged with the College of Business and Management.
Ralph Norcio was named senior associate dean of the College of Business and Management.

6.   New and expanded
A new office to oversee international education was launched.
The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life was established.


The Remembrance Plaza is a fitting tribute to those we lost in Haiti.

7.   A fitting tribute: The Remembrance Plaza was dedicated.

8.   3+1 =:
accelerated path to a graduate degree at Lynn.

9.   Making an entrance:
Lynn got 2 new entrances and a long-awaited traffic light.

Billy Joel made a special appearance at Lynn.

10.   In concert: The Piano Man came to Lynn for a special performance.

I know there is probably even more in all areas that are worth mentioning, so please feel free to add your own picks to this list. 

And one final non-Lynn personal pick for 2012: The birth of my grandson Benjamin.

Happy New Year to all!

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