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The bikes are here!

by Laura | February 10, 2011

I recently got an e-mail with a photo of a few brand-new, awesomely-stylish Lynn University bikes that said “The bikes are here!!” (which immediately made me think of Pauly D from the Jersey Shore announcing: “Cabs are here!” … For my fellow Shore lovers, I admit, watching the Jersey Shore is definitely one of those train wreck type shows – you know you shouldn’t watch, but you can’t stop). Well, enough of the Jersey Shore and onto the real story… I was on a mission to find out what the bikes were all about – including how they got here and who was going to be using them.

Yesterday, the mystery was solved and Lynn’s “Green-Ride” Bike Share Program was unveiled!

Lynn University bikes!

I sat down with Dean Turner and Dr. Riordan to find out what the bikes were all about. Basically, Student Life and Lynn’s Student Government Association (SGA) wanted to bring an initiative to campus that encouraged students to get fit, provided them access to local hot spots – like the beach, Town Center Mall and Publix – and supported our sustainability plan. And what was the solution?

Lynn beach cruisers!

The cruisers will be available for checkout just in time for Valentine’s Day! Guys – just in case you forgot to buy your girlfriend roses, you can check out a bike, take it down to the local CVS, buy a dozen roses and a nice card, and cruise back to campus before she even misses you!

Here’s the skinny:

  • 4 beach cruisers – equipped with a headlight, a bell and reflectors – are available (just for students) to check out 7 days a week between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • When you check out the bike, you will be given a helmet, bike lock and key to protect yourself – and the bike.
  • Students can take the bikes anywhere their legs can pedal – from the beach, to the mall, or even Starbucks, McDonald’s and Bank of America. Or if you just want to take a spin around campus for some exercise, that’s okay too!
  • The bikes will be available beginning Monday morning (Feb. 14)  at 8 a.m.
  • To check out a bike, visit the Security Shack or call security at 561-237-7226.
Doesn't that look fun!

Doesn't that look fun!?

So, “the bikes are here!” Happy pedaling! Where will you take your first bike trip – on or off campus?