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“Survivor: Nicaragua” celebrity has close ties to Lynn

by Laura | September 22, 2010

Kelly Bruno – the daughter of Lynn University’s late Dr. Richard Bruno – was coined a “True Survivor” in last week’s Sun-Sentinel.

Why is she a true survivor? For starters, Kelly (who is 26 years old and attended Lynn’s neighboring institution, Pope John Paul II High School) is a member of La Flor Tribe in this season of “Survivor” in Nicaragua.

Kelly Bruno on "Survivor"

Kelly Bruno on "Survivor"

The show airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS – the first episode ran last week, Sept. 15, and the second episode airs tonight. Not only is Kelly competing on “Survivor,” but she is doing it with an artificial leg. According to the Sentinel, “A birth defect caused her right leg to be amputated before her first birthday.” However, Kelly doesn’t see herself as different from the other cast members. In fact, she is an Ironman triathlete and holds the record for people with a disability.

Competing in the reality show, which creates difficult challenges the players must overcome by design, is especially meaningful to Kelly. “A big part of this is for my dad,” said Kelly in her biography interview on “Survivor’s” website.

Kelly’s dad, Dr. Bruno, was one of the six Lynn family members to loose their lives following the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti. He was supervising a humanitarian class called the Journey of Hope to Haiti. Dr. Bruno, an assistant professor in the College of Liberal Education, taught at Lynn for 4 years.

Dr. Bruno was described as socially outgoing and determined. He always wanted to convey to every student the message that “you can do it!” Obviously, he also conveyed the same message to his own daughters – and especially Kelly who is proving to the world that she can do anything.

Be sure to root for Kelly B. and tune into “Survivor” on CBS. The show airs Wednesday’s at 8 p.m.