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Graduation: Mission Accomplished

by Ryan | May 14, 2011

Thanks to movies like Animal House and Old School people have this skewed interpretation of college life. Now I was going to write that life at Lynn is different, but then I started to remember the past four years.

Remember the time you hid someone in the trunk of your car to sneak them on to campus after hours? Remember freshman year when you had to pick someone up off the bathroom floor knowing they would take care of you next weekend? Remember the Halloween when the ninja turtle urinated on Dan Hennessey’s neighbor’s door? Remember when Katie Black grabbed his butt?

Each of us have our own stories, but the stories we’ve created together is what makes us the Class of 2011.

My time at Lynn has not only been shaped by the social scene I’ve indulged myself in, but also the time I’ve spent in the classroom. The professors in the Communications program did not just teach me about journalism or public relations, but educated me on how to be the best.

Whether it was Professor Jackson not accepting work late, Dr. Fabj’s motivational lectures on social movements, or even being scared of Dr. Blake’s reaction if I came to class unprepared; all of their dedication contributed to my success. And I thank them for that.

At Lynn success goes much further than in the classroom. Success in Housing and Residence Life can be determined by reaching out to a resident, in Student Involvement it’s organizing a week of events designed to strengthen a community, in Admissions it’s providing an individualized tour, in Marketing it’s posting a new blog.

It took me my time at Lynn to realize success is not determined by the results of an election or having a 4.0 GPA, but by what you accomplished getting there and thanks to all the Fighting Knights that helped me get there.

For most students we came to this campus four years ago with our family by our side. We were nervous, excited and anxious about what the next several years would entail. Thank you to my parents for supporting me in more ways than one – including with their wallet; I’ll pay you back I promise! Thank you for all the care packages I received, all the phone calls that started with “Where have you been?” And even for letting me fail, but being there to pick me up. Mom, I hated that you were always right – even when I never admitted to being wrong. You bring a whole new meaning to “mother knows best.” I love you for everything.

As our Undergraduate career commences today let us remember that even if some of us are Alpha Betas and some are Tri Lambdas it is never ok to go streaking through the Quad to the gymnasium at any age. See you at Alumni Weekend 2012, Congratulations!

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“See you next weekend?”

by Ryan | May 5, 2011

As of 10:56AM on May 5, 2011 I have completed all of my undergraduate course work at Lynn University (insert sigh of relief). There is no better feeling than to know that your school work is complete and the final stretch to Graduation is an easy one…

Over the years as a blogger I’ve talked a lot about the comraderie amongst students and faculty and when I turned in my final final exam today Professor Stephanie Jackson solidified the fact that community is strong at LU.

When I woke up this morning I hoped that the rainy weather (only about 360 days of sunshine/yr in FL) was not foreshadowing the doom and gloom of a final exam, but luckily I think I did pretty well.

As I turned in my test and I’m leaving the classroom, Professor Jackson says “See you next weekend?!” I turned and replied “ofcourse!” Now, most people might say so what? Well, I left that classroom feeling so accomplished and to know that one of my favorite professors is just as excited to see me walk on Graduation Day as I am was very fulfilling.

I’ve also been very fortunate to see the transformation of community first hand at Lynn. Strengthening community at Lynn was once just something that Student Government talked about, then along with other students like Henry Edelstein and Leslie Marin, we founded Civility Week. Civility Week turned into Civility Days and now community is a main focus of our QEP here at Lynn.

Civility Week 2009: "Community Service Program of the Year" at the Leadership Celebration!

Civility Week 2009: "Community Service Program of the Year" at the Leadership Celebration!

Next weekend is the capstone community event of the year: Graduation. Will I see you next weekend?

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Why You Should Care About the Royal Wedding

by Ryan | April 29, 2011

It is not surprising that some people are not interested in the Royal Wedding and in fact are confused as to why so many other people care. Specifically, why people in the United States care.

Personally, I look at the Royal Wedding as the first positive news-worthy story in a very long time that makes people feel good (and as a media practitioner thats very important). The Wedding pulls people away from high gas prices, tough economic times, natural disasters including tornados and nuclear meltdowns. It’s actually surprising that someone would be more likely to post a Facebook status about how no one should care about the Royal Wedding, but that same person would never post an update hoping that the people of Alabama are safe from the Tornado earlier this week.

Other than every little girls dream of becoming a princess and a Disney-esque escape to a happier place there are a lot of reasons why we should care about the Royal Wedding:

  • IT’S THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN’S HISTORY BOOKS. Remember reading about England, the Queen, King George in school? Well, you’re watching the pages come to life.
  • HE’S PRINCESS DIANA’S SON. Princess Diana was known for her philanthropic attitude and passion for helping others. Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997. Prince William is her eldest son and many are looking to him (or kate) to continue Diana’s dream of helping others.
  • THEY’RE MODERN. Both the bride and groom are educated, almost 30 years old and they are already living together. Many young people today can admire their courage for taking on the Queen and breaking the traditional style of life.

So, congratulations Prince William and Princess Katherine. Keep doing what you’ve been doing because here in America, we’ll be watching.

The things I have (and haven’t) learned

by Ryan | April 25, 2011

Graduation is just a couple of weeks away, only a few more classes and that’s it. While I try to foreshadow and plan ‘what’s next,’ I always end up reflecting on the past four years so I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned at Lynn and some things I’m still learning….

  • Know more people than people who know you. Yes, there is a difference. By expanding your network you can accomplish more and those people can help you do it. When people know you before you know them it’s probably because they caught you swimming in the fountains in Mizner Park after a long night of karaoke (on a monday) at the Dubliner….
  • Higher education is empowering. When in college it’s your chance to question the unquestionable and challenge the unchallengable. History tells us that college is the time to speak up and speak out – you should feel empowered to make a difference.
  • Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness. I was given this advice when I was a freshman and I’m pretty sure anyone who has worked with me has experienced this in some capacity. My best and most impactful actions came from doing what I thought was right even if others thought it was wrong.
  • Work hard, but play harder. Yes it’s cliche (and I hate the word cliche), but it’s the truth. Your best memories are not going to come from the classroom. In 10 years from now you’re not going to remember that paper on Communication Theories, but you’ll remember the name of the bar that was open until 5:00am….Nippers.
  • Be Humble. This is still a work in progress for me as anyone can tell you. Luckily, I’ve had a number of humbling experiences in the past six months that have contributed to adding this to the list. So check your celebrity at the door, but know your value.

The list could go on, but in working to become more ‘humble’ I want to hear about you. Reflect on the last four years – what have you learned?

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Admitted Students – Take Some Tips!

by Ryan | April 10, 2011

The Admission’s team has worked extremely hard preparing for the Admitted Student Weekend – which is only a few days away! So I thought I’d give our ‘admitted students’ some pointers for when they get to campus….

1. There is no better place than South Florida… Live it up and go crazy, but not too crazy (after the weekend is over you still want to be considered an admitted student – believe me, I know).

2. It’s HOT here – leave the Ugg boots at home and pack plenty of flip flops (booty shorts and ugg boots – even though they can be a typical scene across campus, everyone will still be laughing at you, not with you).

3. EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING. Organizations and offices all across campus have been planning for your weekend for months – check everything out and try everything at least once (See you all Relay)!

4. Ask questions. This weekend is all about your experience – get as much information as possible and come August you’ll already be prepared! (When pre-registering for classes ask other students about Professors – we all have our favorites).

5. In the cafeteria remember: enter on the left, exit on the right. (You’ll thank me later).

Lastly, have fun! Remember this weekend is all about YOU! Get to know each other and current students. If you enjoy this weekend (or couldn’t make it) consider the Adirondack (ADK) Trip this summer – it’s AWESOME!!!

See you soon and welcome to the family!! Ps. Don’t forget to pack plenty of Blue & White!

Finding a Job is Hardwork!

by Ryan | April 1, 2011

Well….no one said it was going to be easy. For the past few months I’ve been browsing through different websites and different companies looking to apply for jobs all around the world, but it’s hard work!

Each resume and cover letter has to be so unique to that position and who even knows if they’ll even look at it after you spend hours tweeking your skill set to meet their needs!

Well, the great people in the Career Center have the answer (or at least can help). On Wednesday April 6 from 11AM to 2PM in the Green Center is the annual Career and Internship Fair!

In order to keep things fun and exciting (as exciting as job searching can be) the fair will feature jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, Lynn graduate school programs and local law school and medical school graduate programs – some great opportunities for first year students to job hungry alumni!

LU Career

Anyone who is interested in finding a job or internship (which is the reason we’re all in school anyway) should definitely go and at least speak with someone from the Career Center!

See you at the fair!!

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Find a Cure in 15 Days!

by Ryan | March 31, 2011

Relay For Life at Lynn University if only 15 days away! On April 15 hundreds of Fighting Knights will work towards the same goal – finding a cure for cancer. This year Lynn University has pledged to raise $30,000 for the American Cancer Society and we’ve already made great progress towards that goal raising nearly $20,000 dollars to date.

Relay For Life

This year’s theme is I Love to Relay! (a play on Vh1′s hit TV show I Love the 90s. This year team themes include Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Barbie World, Dr. Seuss, N’SAAC (the token boy band theme of course), and much more!!

Music, carnival games (and rides) plus great food will help teams reach their fundraising goals as well as provide exceptional entertainment all night long!

If you have not yet registered for the 2011 Relay For Life at Lynn University it’s not too late! Log on to our relay website and select sign up! If you’d like to make a donation please click Donate.

Looking forward to seeing the Lynn community come together for another successful Relay For Life!! Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook too!

Will Work For Gas

by Ryan | March 21, 2011

All around the world gas prices are on the rise and Boca is no exception. Maybe high gas prices are due to our lack of sustainable enery alternatives (although Lynn University is very sustainable!) or our friends in the middle east are holding out on us (*cough Gaddaffi *cough), but whatever the reason may be it’s really putting a strain on my college student budget!

$55 for 15 gallons of gas in my tiny little VW Jetta is a little ridiculous let alone those of us with trucks or gas-guzzlers. But until I get my job in the White House or lobbying congress I’ll be working for gas.

The question for many first-year students has (and is) should I bring a car freshman year? Well, if your wallet can handle it then bring it – if not leave the car with mom and dad and take advantage of the Lynn Shuttle (riding in style of course) or bum a ride off a friend – about half of the freshman class will bring cars (so chances are your roommate will have theirs).


Do you think cars are a necessity in Boca?

It Finally Pays Off

by Ryan | March 14, 2011

Everyone knows that at some point during their college career they are going to obtain an internship somewhere – if not for the experience, but for the sheer purpose of not having to take another class where you are forced to sit in a classroom.

In spring of 2010 I interned with Peak Seven Advertising in Deerfield Beach - I learned so much and developed some great relationships within the advertising industry.

Peak Seven Logo

Well, about a week or so ago I started freelancing special projects with the agency (which is the perfect for right now since I already have a full time job and go to school). Currently, I’m working with a client who is the 2nd largest yacht broker – providing services all around the world!!

It’s rewarding to know that through my internship I proved to the big wigs at the ad agency they can trust me (and pay me) to do real world projects – like all the SEO (search engine optimization) and copy (all the print on a website)  for new client websites.

On top of SEO and writing copy I’ll also be handing the public/media relations for the Agency – can’t prospect to new clients if they don’t know what you’re capable of!

Some very exciting things (and things that have kept me very busy) have been happening which is why there was such a delay in my posts. Now that I have things under control again (at least for now) – happy reading!

To my media people – any advice on SEO??

When in college…

by Ryan | February 13, 2011

When in college you’ll find any reason to celebrate in order to break up the monotony of your typical South Florida weekend. AND A BIRTHDAY IS THE PERFECT (AND TOKEN) REASON TO CELEBRATE!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating the 24th year of my roommate Jen! A few of her friends from Boston tore up South Florida this weekend venturing to Delray Beach on Thursday, West Palm Beach on Friday and sealed the deal at America’s Backyard in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday!

Thursday Night on Atlantic Ave in Delray

Thursday Night on Atlantic Ave in Delray

Preparing for our night out!

Preparing for our night out!

But when in college – birthdays are just about every other weekend – giving us plenty of reasons to teach someone how to douggie, spend more money than we should and, overall, do bad things :)

Happy Birthday Jenny!